Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Improved? Maybe

So, I refreshed the blog look. I figure with all the bitching I do here... It could at least be pretty and tranquil looking. You know, so your shocked when I start flipping a bitch about the Pirates and how much a minor team would do a better job. I am still tweaking it. So, things may still change.


P.P.S. I hate you  4Square.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To refresh or not?

Blogger has recently added new stuff to the blog designer part... I was thinking of updating the design. changing the look of the blog. so for the 53 people who read this blog... i am proposing a poll before i actually make changes.

Yes or no?? vote in the poll pretty please with sugar on top


(still hate 4square)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Open Letter to Pirates

Dear Management of the Pirates,

Step back and take a deep breath. Did you smell that? Do you feel that?


Do you know what that means?


Just to make this easier to understand for you.... I know there is only one language you idiots speak.


Do you understand that? Do see how excited people are that the pirates are in 2nd place? Look around. Smell the excitement and joy in the air. Note the large numbers of people who willing sit outside the arena to watch the hockey game on the big screen because the tickets are (wait for it) SOLD OUT.


And damn it Pirates, take notes and try to have a winning season. Please.

p.s. I still hate 4square.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Open Letter to Assholes

Dear Any Steeler Player who has run-ins with Police (and not in a nice way)

I would like all of you to enroll in the Mario Lemieux School of Conduct. To learn to Fucking BEHAVE like ADULTS. I am sick to death of this bullshit. WTF is wrong with you??? I LOVE my Steelers. But right now I am pissed at several of you. You are PEOPLE, not gods. You are NOT above laws and morals.

Ben? All that extra time you seem to have to get your ass in trouble could be well spent in the GYM working off all the FAT an LAZY you have acquired recently. For the love of gawd, get a freaking hair cut, you mullet wearing idiot. I don't care how many Superbowl rings you have. Your pissing me off. Your pissing Pittsburgh off. As a football crazy city, you don't really wanna piss us off do you? So, go to the gym. Do something fucking productive. then go home and watch TV instead of whore trolling. We clear?

Jeff? How about no more drinky for your dumb ass. You are another one who should do some productive shit and then stay the hell home after dark. I don't want to hear any more about paper towel dispenser fights or you defending Matt's honor to pee all over South Side. SRSLY.

I'd planned to talk to Holmes next, but seeing as His Assholeness has been traded, there is no point. See ya, asshole.

I hope that trades and suspensions send a nice message. You know the "Don't be a damn asshole" message to the team. All of you ruined the reputation the Steelers organization had for not having trouble making, low life assholes on the team. Now you have to fix it by acting like normal people. This isnt the Ravens, or the Bengals. We are better than that and you are pissing all over it. STOP IT.

The next interviews I want to see better have charities or training camp in them.