Monday, August 6, 2012

Criminals Failing at Technology

Today at lunch, I read an article about crime and how Facebook, twitter, etc can be used against you.


The article on USAToday :  Facebook, MySpace social media musings used in court cases

Now, not all the idiots are criminals... My FAVORITE line is this :
...federal prosecutors alleged that a Hells Angels member threatened a witness via a Facebook "poke" — a trivial Facebook communications technique...

Thankfully, SOMEONE was smart enough to realize how much of nothing a standard "poke" is on fb.
 Federal prosecutors were not as successful with claims that a Facebook "poke" was an instance of threatening intimidation. They urged a judge to revoke the parole of a Hells Angel member, but the judge refused.
Now, if it had been a "super poke," they could have "thrown a cupcake at..." and this would be a whole different ballgame. #Snickering

My personal opinion is that if you still use MYSPACE in 2011 to organize your GANG? You are a failure as a GROUP.

Yes. you read that correctly.
In a July 2011 trial of Wolf Pack gang members, accused of terrorizing a Rochester neighborhood and violently chasing away drug-dealing competitors, federal prosecutors used MySpace postings to prove that the accused were part of a loosely knit gang.
I know!! MYSPACE... HAHAHA Did they all have AOL accounts too???
Glad you were all busted, LOSERS.

As a reminder, Posting to anything publicly is like talking to a crowded room. Post wisely, or lock it all down private. Even then... Think before you type. I don't want to make fun of you on my blog.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Random n Stuff

In an effort to start blogging again, I joined a facebook group for bloggers. Tonight, I was showing M the behind the scenes stuff of my blog. Like where traffic comes from.
Fun facts:
I still get like 100 hits a week. #goFigure
A quarter of my hits comes from people searching for the Penguins Tattoo Post of 2009... and also for information about South Park wave pool. I reviewed it once in 2010 for fun.

Huh. OK. Interesting.