Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apartment warming party

Twitter ordered me to have one. So... I am. If you can read this? Your invited. Just rsvp to me by 12/1 thru Facebook, text, email, or twitter. It's not hard to get a hold of me.
DETAILS: 12/10 @ 7 pm. At my apt. With the after-party around 10:00pm at Tramps. (412 greentree rd) Let's admit it... I have a small place even with the little patio, hence the other location for later. You CAN smoke at tramps. I request that smoking be taken out to the patio while at my place please.
I was told to post a list of things I needed still. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET ME STUFF. SRSLY.
I feel ... Weird... Asking, because I've had so much help already. In moving, emotional support, stuff people gave me.... It's been so much. 
As of today, I kinda need :
Potholders (the catalyst behind this all. I don't have any)
Canister set (sugar, flour, etc type.)
A full set of measuring cups
A blender (I don't have one. Do I need one? I don't know?)
I really want a little charcoal grill for my patio and the charcoal chimney. But I'm probably not grilling anything till spring.
Bread pan (promised a friend meatloaf)
Cake pans. (Round, square, whatever. I have none. And I have a mini stove.)
Small coffee maker (for the handful of visitors who may drink coffee)
Someone mentioned a tool set. I lack hammer, pliers, level measuring tape, stuff to hang pictures...  maybe a little box for it to go in. You may decide if I should really own a hammer or not LOL
Gift cards to target and walmart are always good.
I don't know what else. I can't think of anything.
You don't have to get me stuff. Just come over, hang out. Good friends and family are all I really need.

NO fainting

I took a break from blogging here. An extended vacation... Since then Facebook has effed itself up so bad that I pretty much give up on it.
I've decided that Klout is the most ridiculous waste of time EVER.  And people who think the real world actually cares about their Klout scores need smacked.
Really hard.
Upside the of their heads.
Did I mention hard?
I'm giving myself 100,000,000 points in FakeKlout for rants.  There. I rule the #fakesquare and and Fakeklout world. Fake getglue can kiss my ass. I don't have cable or satellite. It annoys the shit out of me too. Let's make them all 1 effing tweet for my amusement.
Checking in on my sofa, while checking in at watching a tv show on getglue and giving klout points to myself for being a jag off?
Not that I'm angry about it or anything. I love my time line being littered with automated useless posts.
I love you my friends, really. I do.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never forget.

It should not take a 10 year anniversary to remind us.
We should remember EVERY DAY.
LOVE your family.
STOP being petty.
LIVE *your* life.
HUG all your friends.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shit I wanna do: Some Damn Day Edition

I know its been a while. I had a post in draft for weeks and its just not meaningful anymore, so I trashed it. I looked at my posts for inspiration to get back in the groove. Nothing like a list mostly unchanged to piss me off enough to write. heh.

Shit I wanna do: Some Damn Day Edition
  • Go to the Ocean (Probably not till next yr. BOO)
  • Go to see Falling Water (AFTER DARK TOUR too)
  • Go to Kennywood for phantom fright nights (adult day is planned for 8/9 YAY)
  • Heinz History Center
  • The PGH Glass Center
  • Phipps Conservatory (DONE!!!WOOO But I wanna go back with an adult lol)
  • Visit PGH Marshmallow (I ate some. From the man who makes them. Does that count???)
  • Visit PGH Popcorn

I am hoping that my vacation week, I can mark some shit off this stupid list, so I get less sporky.I have also come to the conclusion there are places I probably never get to go see. I envy those who get to travel to other states and see cool stuff.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A life worth living.

[Mom blog post]
At the last minute last week, I decided that I was taking Julia to kennywood. Just the 2 of us. It was a great afternoon. I have some adorable pics that I will put up on Facebook soon. We got there later than I wanted, but we rode everything we could ride. And a couple things, we rode twice.
She was pure joy and so well behaved.... And I left behind all that has been stressing me out.
I try to make all my time with her count.
I think about all I have gone thru in the last year. How I have survived thru it an become a stronger person. How its helped me to have her. How its helped me to be a better mom.
I hope it has.
My job maybe a pain in the ass. But it pays me enough money that I can do things like that with her. What is life worth living without love, laughter, and someone (even just a 4 1/2 yr old) to hold your hand? Something we should all strive for... Maybe then... This world would be a less angry place.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

#PoolTour2011 South Park Wave Pool

Last week I decided we were going swimming damn it.
My sister suggested the south park wave pool since she was over that way.
Admission is the same price as north park.
DAYTIME Adult 5.00
Senior Citizen 3.00
Junior 4.00
Youth 3.00
Children 1.00
The changing area was fairly clean. The concession stand was pretty extensive, but chaotic... Because it was kinda of self serve, if they were out of something you had to wait. This caused a bit of confusion. The prices were not too bad and the food was pretty good.
There was a good bit of seating though outside the concession area, thought not a lot of it was shaded with table umbrellas. There is a reasonable sized play area for toddlers and a larger tree just inside the gates. But there is no baby pool.
The wave pool was clean, has a sloped entry and the waves seemed to be turned on randomly. A bell would ring as warning. The towel area was covered in indoor/outdoor grass carpet and rafts could be rented for $4 + $1 deposit.
Over all we had fun. It was Julia's first wave pool experience. She got a pretty big kick out of it. The water was a bit cold. But at 90* you tend to welcome the numbness from the cold. And waves tend to take care of getting you wet fast.
I would give it a B. Because the tables were missing their umbrellas and lack of kiddie pool

Monday, May 30, 2011


Before I start, I would to say that the way I use really long hashtags has evolved after seeing how @sheepthemoon starting doing it. Capitalizing the first letter of the word makes it so much easier to read.

On to the story.

A couple weeks ago I got to help celebrate @chilla's birthday weekend with @mindbling, @cc_0920 and @wildthang412. Our venue of choice?? The Linden Grove on RT 88 in the south hills.

I can't take credit for the tag. That was all @cc_0920's doing after the first time she was there.

To start off the night in true Angie fashion, I was late because I got food on myself. This required me to run to Walmart and buy a clean shirt. At ten pm on a Saturday night. That my friends? #scary
Once I make it back, I spend 20 min looking for parking. Apparently, that is THE PLACE TO BE in the south hills. It's been about 12-13 yrs since I was last in the grove. I will say the front entrance has seen better days.
The "bouncer" cards me. And for a moment I'm not sure he is gonna let me in. Really? Really. This has become a new trend. I know people say I don't look 34. But I know I don't look under 21. This happened in cranberry once, when I wanted to purchase a small bottle of wine. The cashier studied my id to the point that I was sure he was gonna make me leave with out it. But I digress.

When I step inside the main area, it is like meeting 1995 while 1995 was tripping on acid. The music is loud. The place is *packed* with the wildest assortment of people I have ever seen crammed in to a dance club. The music was fast, slow, older and some newer. Everyone could find something to dance to there.
There were barely 21, faux Bohemian chicks (aka the dance floor drink police) all the way up to 85 yr old grannies. Frat boys and old men. Cougars and cowboys. I saw suits, dresses, jeans, animal prints on people who should never ever wear animal print and just plain old fashion fail.
Turns out. I could have worn the swimsuit top I bought that day instead of buying a clean shirt. Nobody would have noticed. LOL. It took me a bit to find my friends in the massive crowd. I am pretty sure an older man grabbed my ass. It took forever just to get a drink too. The place was packed. It was also hot as Hell in there.

I have decided that every organized dance is just a rip off of the OG, the electric slide. It stalks me and haunts me every place I go for music and dancing. At least this place? Warns you. So you can run to the bar for a drink while everybody rushes to the dance floor.

I could spend all afternoon talking about it. Honestly, you have to experience it.
I hope to see you next time I set foot in #TheGrave.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sometimes it's educational

A lesson In Hashtags...

Recently, I made a new friend on twitter. He is very new to twitter and decided I was a good person to learn something from when it comes to tweeting. *flattered* I have over 21,000 tweets. But there are people out there who have more. Maybe it is because once upon a time I did not like twitter. (Only he couldn't possibly know that since we just met.)

Pick yourself up off the floor. It's ok. That was like...2008ish.

I started 2/21/2009 (thanks to my friends who could see the date even though I can't.) It took 6 months to write this post:
Dear Twitter, I'm Sorry

Its been all down hill from there. LOL. Most of my tweets started rolling in around early 2010, when I finally had interwebs on my phone. Anyway, the reason I post, is a lesson in Hashtags. My new friend asked me what they were, I wasn't prepared for the question. I answered it as best I could.
It got me thinking about them.

Hashtags are Twitter's way of connecting tweets, to put it simply.  A utility in its purest sense. Search Twitter for #pirates and you may see a lot of weeping as our baseball team gets killed by opposing Major League teams. Search Twitter for #gosharks and you will find some hilarious, possibly untranslatable tweets from @superfro432.
There are no real rules. We make the tags up. If enough people use the same tag, then it becomes a twitter trending topic.
My fellow hashtag addicts and I use it that way. We use it to get a point across when squeezing something in to 140 characters. (#StillSoWorthIt) We use it to honor an icon. (#MyronCope) We make it up as we go along. (#GoodDayDammit) We hashtag our texts and IM's too. Because... it just makes sense to us. It took me a very long time to understand hashtags. Honestly, its an organic thing. As you get into twitter more, you will eventually start tagging shit. It's a fact of life.

Tags I have used:
#saveme, #stab, #thegrave (that is another blog post), #fakesquare, #WTFSnow, #lifewitha4yrold #CauseIm14 #nerd
We use it for games too. This is how I got immersed in them. Twitter games.
To see the games we play, go to twitter and search #FakeMarathonTweets

I really, really wish I had screen caps of the #FakeLifetimeMovies and #BadKidsMovieSequals that we did a while back. Oh that? Was some funny shit. The point is to have fun with it. Make up your own. You are allowed. :-)

Any questions? ask away on comment or on twitter of course. :-)

Here is a sneak peak at my next blog post topic:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The List. UPDATED... heh

First, sorry for lack of posting.... oops. I didn't realize I hadn't posted since 4/18.

I got to use my Groupon. Took Julia to Phipps to see the butterfly room. Oh she loves that and the kid garden. Facebook has tons of new pics uploaded... We will go again. :-) Today, I am adding a couple of new things for my next 12 months....

Shit I wanna do: May Edition
  • Go to the Ocean
  • Go to see Falling Water 
  • Go to see Falling Water AFTER DARK TOUR
  • Go to Kennywood for phantom fright nights
  • Heinz History Center
  • The PGH Glass Center
  • Phipps Conservatory (DONE!!!WOOO But I wanna go back with an adult lol)
  • Visit PGH Marshmallow
  • Visit PGH Popcorn
So... WHO wants to help me check some shit off this LIST???

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Damn Highway "Police"

Ok. So. Everyone who knows me knows that I, more often than not, never drive the speed limit. In the interest of @beaglehq not tracking my ass down and writing me tickets... I'm not saying how fast I drive. LOL.

What drives this post (see that? Made a pun Hahahaha) today is a new thing I have noticed on the highways recently. It's become very very aggravating. I call them "speed police." These are people who see you rolling up the highway doing *cough* mph and decide your going too fast. So, what they do is shoot out in to the passing lane and refuse to move back or pick up the effing pace. In some cases, I have seen them slow to below the speed limit or matching speeds with a car in the right lane so that everyone is stuck behind them. Thus causing a traffic jam on the damn highway at rush hour when we are all in a damn hurry. I always end up stuck behind 3-4 cars who are being held up by someone who woke up on the Jagoff side of the bed.

We are in a hurry for a REASON.
It's called the wexford exit of agony construction.

So please, "speed police," stop being assholes. We weren't bothering you in the slow lane. We weren't tailgating anyone. We are just trying to get to work for goodness sake.
If some of us want to drive *cough*, then that is on us if we get a ticket.
Don't glare with anger at the people who decided to pass you on the right side because you refused to get in the NON-passing lane. They followed you for a couple miles while you did [much slower speed] intentionally. You put everyone in foul moods because we know its gonna be at least 15-20 minutes just to get thru that small work zone.

Also when getting on 79 from 228 there is almost NO EXCUSE to not be doing 65 (the speed limit there) at the end of the 4 mile long on ramp.  Jez!!! I have almost been nailed by people while trying to merge because they are not even CLOSE to the highway speeds at the end of the ramp. Or they slam on their brakes just as they merge.

So that you can MERGE with traffic. Not so you can attempt to cause a pile up there.

Stop being rude. Stop almost causing accidents. Please. (See that? I was nice and said please.)

Ps. I hate 4square. I loathe 4square day and how it blew up my Twitter feed with over 100 of that same damn mother effing post in the span of a couple hours.  Please, my dear Twitter friends.... I love you. But you guys are killing me here. Does it really need to be posted to Twitter that you unlocked 4sq day???? 100 times?

This is why fakesquare is returning with my own brand of twistedness.

Pps. Get glue? You are cruising to end up on my shit list too. But your not there yet.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Suck it PennDOT.

Tis the season traffic and gas prices make me want to weep with despair. Looks like I'm going to have to cancel my trip to Georgia this summer. I can't afford to drive there now and I'm not brave enough to take Julia on a plane myself for the first time ever, for both of us.
So...  Closer to home it is. :-(

Liberty tunnels of doom.

I will call them that until they put some Gawd damn lights back in there. I really REALLY have no clue what they are doing. Other than being dumb. I've been at current job for almost 2 yrs. They have been working on the tunnels that long. I saw the resurfacing of the walls. I saw some washing of ceiling and walls.
What gets me are the lights. On both sides, they spent WEEKS cleaning the lights on one side of the each tunnel.
Guess what???
The effers took down the lights they cleaned!!!! Weeks wasted. To removed the clean lights and leave the filthy ones. So its still like doom in there while they install new lights in the now dirty (again) and UNPAINTED tunnels.
Isn't it easier to clean and paint BEFORE you put up new lights????

Wexford Exit of Agony.

I don't think I can better describe the bridge reconstruction any better. Really.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eff PATransit

There are several reasons I am thankful I don't ride buses anymore.... Even when I complain about the shit on 79 north. It is ALWAYS better than a bus. Over the last few days... I have felt compelled to write about this.
A tweet from PGHtraffic on 3/28. When it was like 20*
Early word is most @ svc running smoothly but trips missed on some routes. Dress warm and be patient.
Angie's Translation:
Dear riders, We cut service and decided to EFF some more of you over by not effing SHOWING UP. Hope you didn't need to go to work.
Signed, Assholes who work at PAT

From this article in the PG Onorato: No deal better than bad deal with Port Authority workers
Mr. Onorato acknowledged that the proposals were "tough" but said he was disappointed neither was put to a union vote. "The drivers never got to see it. They have no idea what's in there," he said.
He said the authority currently is paying $31.5 million a year for health care for 3,300 retirees -- more than the 2,700 active employees who get it. By contrast, the much bigger SEPTA transit agency in Philadelphia spends $8 million, he said.
Angie Translation:
We pay more people more money to  people who are *not* employees than we have actually working. And by working we include the ones who are habitually late or skip trips and never can be fired cause the union nedz moneyz 4 duez.

Headline I saw in the PG today
 Port Authority union willing to restart talks
Angie Translation:
OMG they called our service cut bluff FINALLY!!!! AHHHH !!! The union nedz those moneyz from duez but we have to lay paying members off!!!

I can attest there are decent drivers, and they put up with tons of shit including nut cases and buses that are literally falling apart. As for PAT and the union?  I say... let them go bankrupt. Eff it. They did this to themselves by being damn greedy.  
$31.5 million a year for health care for 3,300 retirees????
So, yeah. Let them go bankrupt. Lose all their benefits. Crumble to bits. Creditors will fight over the parts. Debit will be written off.  Retirees will find themselves like the rest of the effing US economy. There would be hardly any service for a while and traffic will be hideous.

Hopefully, from it would rise a leaner less bullshit heavy transit system. The current one is such a damn mess. Its almost pointless to try and save it. We go thru this shit EVERY YEAR. The transit system should be growing with the cost of gas (AGAIN) being so high. Not shrinking and being less and less useful. Maybe it is time to shut the whole effing thing down and rebuild it from the trolley lines and bus ways...out. How about we have a rule that if your a terrible driver, terrible at your job, you get effing fired? You know, LIKE THE REST OF US.

I'm sure one of my 100 readers will disagree with me, but I think union are mostly bullshit these days. They had their place, but in today's world, I don't believe they do any real good. They create bullshit and take your money for their damn dues. Oh, they keep bad employees from getting fired and/or staying that way. Yeah... cause that is a good thing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's my blog. I'll bitch if I want to.

Before anyone goes all Pittsburgh on me.... This is my place to rant. So today, I'm ranting about weather.

This has felt like the longest winter EVER. I'm sick of the cold. Of heavy winter coats. Of sweaters. I don't give a shit if this is normal for Pittsburgh in March. As far as I am concerned... As soon as the first day of spring hit, all snow and frost became forbidden.

Maybe its the two winters of terrifying, epically long commutes, shoveling shit loads snow, bitter cold temperatures early and relentless in their staying power, the mother effing stink bugs that some how still appear or that liar groundhog.

What ever it is... I'm sick of winter.
Yeah, I could move. But I probably never will despite an urge to do so this winter more than any other. Why? Well, despite its flaws, I love Pittsburgh very much. It's not Pittsburgh's fault that it's located in weather bullshit central of Pa. I would point out all the weather and earth bullshit that doesn't happen here, except I don't want to jinx us. Also, my family and friends.... They would ALL have to move with me. That's not happening. They love Pittsburgh too. You're stuck with me.

So, I will bitch and moan about winter. But as I did last year, I will make you a promise.... I will not utter a word of complaint about 90 and holy hawt. Cause I can always go swimming. You didn't hear a peep last year either. Go look. Look at my archives, look at my 17,000+ tweets. (OMG, do I ever shut up???) There are no complaints. Not one.

Bring it on already. Also, someone needs to do something about that lying effing groundhog. Srsly.

My next post will be called "suck it, penndot." I'll write it tomorrow as I sit in epic bullshit traffic on northbound 279/79 as I desperately try to get to Cranberry in less than an hour and half.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Open letter to my car. And ode to my dad.

Dear Impala,
Yes, I know you don't have a name or even a car gender. I tend to name my computers... not my cars... But your gonna earn the name Bitch if you don't knock your shit off.
I put mid grade gas in you. I listen to good music in you. I make sure that your oil is changed, your tires are correctly inflated. You get regular baths even in winter... I get the damn good wash too. The list goes on. I know you have boo-boos, some are my fault. Some aren't. I am working on fixing those, so cut me some slack.
Lately... you have fish-tailed and spun out on me. I'll blame part of that on the effing snow. The cigarette lighter socket quit working for no damn reason leaving me to chose between charging my phone or listening to my Zen w the other port.  But this wiper arm? On the driver's side?
It is on my last damn nerve.
The first time it came loose I thought I was screwed. It flopped all over the windshield like a fish out of water. Thankfully my dad got my frantic voicemail an knew exactly what was wrong after talking to me. He fixed it. In like 3 damn minutes.
It was fine for about month. Then I noticed it was out of position the night of snowhell. It was going too far again. And I adjusted it. Then I woke up to more effing snow Sunday morning. While I cursed the whole way to the car, I wasn't counting on you being a bitch.
As soon as I switched on the wiper and saw it flop off the side of the CAR, I invented new curse words... I repositioned the arm. AGAIN. On my way to cranberry I called my dad, (thank you daddy, for answering the phone at 830 am on a Sunday) and ask in my rant mode voice, what the eff tool should I buy to fix my effing wiper arm. Why? Because the damn thing is flopping on the side of my damn car AGAIN!! It looks like its trying to reach the door window!!!
Tonight after work, my dad was out in the cold and dark putting a locking washer and some locktite on there. I put the arm in the right position. This better be the last time we talk about this. I don't want to have to replace the whole effing arm. If you don't knock your shit off, I'll put more princess band aids on you!
I'll start calling you "the bitch."
[Mom voice]
I mean it.Enough.
Love, me.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


First... it has been a Grrrr kind of week. The last 7 days have spent their time tormenting me.
Some days have been giant fail:
8.5 inches of snow last Monday, and a nerve shredding 4 hr commute home from cranberry.
Arguments with a friend.
Sleep battles w the kid.
Plans to go out being canceled or falling thru last minute.
The insane calling in at work that makes my brain hurt.

Some days were really good:
Scoring my new area rug cheaply.
Hanging out, having a great time with @v_rock and having some beers.
The kid snuggled with me at night watching a movie.
Good meetings with my supervisor.

But the biggest thing to piss me off has been State farm. It was decided that it would be a better deal to have them for auto since the house had them for insurance there. That choice, which was not mine entirely... has done nothing but aggravate me to no end.

First off, their website is in the effing dark ages. You're lucky if you can figure out how much you owe. That is after you wait for them to ENABLE the ability to view it online. Can't pay, can't get quotes or make changes. Sad, sad, sad.

Last July some shit got messed up on the policy when we tried to add a vehicle. It was changed for one of their stupid reasons and then we were given a quote that was $30 a month off.
Yes. $30.
Somehow they sent a cancel notice to effing Penndot. After going rounds w them about the policy and then the cost... I was pretty pissed to get the "letter" from Penndot.
I called my idiot agents, who promised to fix it.
Now its time to register my car again. Guess what I can't do? Guess what I need? A fuckin letter from statefarm saying I have had insurance since August. Guess who did not fix this?
I can't find the Penndot letter now... all these months later. Guess who won't give me or Penndot a letter saying I have been PAYING them for my car car insurance with out the damn Penndot letter?
That's right... state effing farm.
So what if I have had car insurance all this time. So what if I'm paying them. They aren't gonna do SHIT for me to fix THEIR screw up with out PROOF that Penndot wants a letter.
Are you shitting me?

What kind of "good neighbor" bullshit is this? It this the "good neighbor" who borrows shit, like tools or money, and never gives it back? It this the "good neighbor" who parties till 3am in the middle of week on a regular basis?
EFF this... "Good neighbor" my ass.

Now tomorrow... I have to find a way to get a copy of the letter that says Penndot needs a letter. So that my sf agent can fax Penndot a letter that says I have their damn insurance.
Yeah, wrap your brain around THAT.


Monday, February 7, 2011


Well, we didn't win. It sucks.
At the same time...  I can tell you there were quite a few of my own friends who were sure that we would not even make the playoffs. So? I'll take it. Train wreck and all.
There will be tons of game break downs. I will skip that part.
Julia cheered like a little trooper all the way to the bitter end.
Twitter provided me with the most hilarious feed last night. Between the commercials, fail half time show, fail during the game, and the relative whom tried very hard to get smacked in the head with my beloved Droid.... Twitter saves.
I even had non-Twitter people laughing with some of the posts I quoted.
Thank you steelers.
Thank you Twitter.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Why I loathe politics

They anger me.
I rarely ever talk about them because they piss me off so badly.
I actually refuse to declare a party because both side piss me off to no end.
This was a tweet I saw today.
I just had to post.  (so much for cutting back on the F word.)
And if you ignore every other link I ever post, at least read this one. It was summed up best in one sentence.

@gwenix  "In short: Fertilized eggs are people; women are not."
A quote:
They want to "protect life" so much that they have written into the bill a new amendment that would override the requirement that emergency room doctors save every patient, regardless of status or ability to pay.  The law would carve out an exception for pregnant women; doctors and hospitals will be allowed to let pregnant women die if interventions to save them will kill the fetus.
I think my brain just fucking exploded because I DON'T GET IT.

First of all. IT IS 2011. WHY THE FUCK do women still have to fight to be considered PEOPLE??  If you want to get fucking ignorant, then men shouldn't be allowed to wack off because they are committing genocide every time. This is bullshit. 
Another quote to sum up the legal bullshit:
But for good measure and just to make sure we all understood the deeply misogynistic underpinning of today's Republican party, the new language would allow hospitals to refuse to provide abortion care when necessary to save a woman’s life.
WHY would I have NO RIGHT to live? What the fuck kind of mothers did these lawmakers have that they want to kill us all anyway they can in the name of the unborn? Why Am I worth LESS?
I will say it right now, don't bother to argue with me. You will never win. Never.
I have just as much right to LIVE as a fucking man. Pregnant or not.

Here is a link to another asshole lawmaker who thinks rape is made up and us silly women should shut the fuck up and get in the kitchen.

rape victims arent victims according georgia

I bet if he actually KNEW a rape victim he would shut the hell up.
I loathe politics.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Letters to pgh drivers....

Dear People of Pittsburgh,

I do NOT want to spend 14 miles of my 27 mile commute getting my car assaulted with salt from the salt truck on 279/79. Do me a favor?

Pass the EFFING salt truck. Please. Pretty please?
Or get the hell out of my way so I can. I don't particularly care to have it slamming off car more than it already does on a regular damn basis. Really.

Love w bitchiness,

P.s. thank you to the people who for the first time in 17 yrs now plow my moms dead end hill. Not having to walk that hill in the winter is wonderful. Also the disabled residence love you too.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Updated "Shit I want to do" List

Updated List:
  • Go to the Ocean. 
  • Go to see Falling Water 
  • Go to Kennywood for phantom fright nights  (next year item)
  • Heinz History Center
  • The PGH Glass Center
  • Phipps Conservatory
And really... there are places on this list that I should have been to before... I grew up here for the love of Gawd.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Rants Have Returned.

Welcome 2011!!!!


Anyway. After spending a month with out land line internet to my PC... Big Yellow is now wireless. The land line running to the PC went bad. It was easier to spend $20 on a USB wireless than try to run a new line to my room. Lets just leave it that that
I have a post Christmas parent type rant. (cause it ain't Christmas unless I'm bitching)

Packaging. Toy Packaging.
And "directions."

First, directions. The tiny princess castle was Direction FAIL. There was a sticker sheet, cause apparently its TOO EXPENSIVE for the manufacturer to put stickers on... and the direction paper was seriously 2 little pages. The fail came to applying the stickers. It only showed about half the sticker placement.
Then it said this, "See product picture on box for sticker placement."
Here is the problem. SOMEBODY did not make sure the picture on the box was the SAME as the item IN THE BOX.
It wasn't.
Apparently they made the castle "bigger" on the box. Or they made it smaller later to fit in the box. I know this because I looked at the places where there were random stupid stickers in the picture... and then looked on the castle to see there was NO WAY POSSIBLE to fit an effing sticker in that spot. I improvised. I generally ignored the picture on the box. I was so pissed though.

Barbie's vacation home thing is also guilty. There are these clips to attach TV's and lights when the vacation house is opened up. The directions are so bad, I am still not sure I have the right clips on the right items. Also, it took me 10 minutes to figure out what these were:

That's a tiny remote and a tiny effing ipod/speakers. There was no mentions of the items. I thought the ipod thing was a part because there is no detailing on the back of either item like there is on the front. Stupid.
Even the damn barbie car. It had 2 sticker sheets and little side mirrors that needed attached. No directions at all. NONE.
Add an impatient 3 (almost 4 yr old) to the mix....

Now, we will talk about Barbie. Julia LOVES Barbies. The Tiny Disney Princesses, the Tinkerbell line (I'm always the bitchy black haired fairy), the Barbies themselves...  she loves them. I, on the other hand, HATE getting the Mother Effers out of the packaging. (yes. effers. I'm trying to say the F word Less. Don't judge me.)

WHY is the barbie hair SEWN to the box when she has 27 plastic tie things, (no, not the twist ties) and 20 tiny clear bands holding her in???!! Not to mention the shipping grade tape on the outside of the damn box. And she has the ties in her damn HEAD. So, when you do rip her out in frustration, you have to take small scissors, find them in her hair, cut the T shaped part sticking out, then shove the rest in her little plastic effing skull with out leaving a bald spot on the damn doll. How about you just put little effing bands in her hair so that I don't RIP OUT what hair I didn't cut???

I had several minor injuries from the damn packaging on my hands.
And a massive headache.
Merry Effing Christmas.