Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apartment warming party

Twitter ordered me to have one. So... I am. If you can read this? Your invited. Just rsvp to me by 12/1 thru Facebook, text, email, or twitter. It's not hard to get a hold of me.
DETAILS: 12/10 @ 7 pm. At my apt. With the after-party around 10:00pm at Tramps. (412 greentree rd) Let's admit it... I have a small place even with the little patio, hence the other location for later. You CAN smoke at tramps. I request that smoking be taken out to the patio while at my place please.
I was told to post a list of things I needed still. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET ME STUFF. SRSLY.
I feel ... Weird... Asking, because I've had so much help already. In moving, emotional support, stuff people gave me.... It's been so much. 
As of today, I kinda need :
Potholders (the catalyst behind this all. I don't have any)
Canister set (sugar, flour, etc type.)
A full set of measuring cups
A blender (I don't have one. Do I need one? I don't know?)
I really want a little charcoal grill for my patio and the charcoal chimney. But I'm probably not grilling anything till spring.
Bread pan (promised a friend meatloaf)
Cake pans. (Round, square, whatever. I have none. And I have a mini stove.)
Small coffee maker (for the handful of visitors who may drink coffee)
Someone mentioned a tool set. I lack hammer, pliers, level measuring tape, stuff to hang pictures...  maybe a little box for it to go in. You may decide if I should really own a hammer or not LOL
Gift cards to target and walmart are always good.
I don't know what else. I can't think of anything.
You don't have to get me stuff. Just come over, hang out. Good friends and family are all I really need.

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