Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Rant

Christmas Fail= Awesome.

Part 1 of Christmas Fail started with my family eating dinner before I even got off work and then pretending the COLD food has JUST been eaten. I'm not a moron people. When I state that "I get done work at 6," I don't mean, "serve dinner at 530." So, I had the wonderfully UNCOMFORTABLE moment of microwaving Christmas dinner and standing in the kitchen to eat cause there was not a damn place to sit down. THANKS!!

I am just happy the death threats had ceased by the time I got there even if it would have made this post WAY more entertaining.

Then Kodak proceeded to make me HATE them to death. (Proof of that is forthcoming)

Christmas Fail Continued with Tim getting an EXACT SAME gift that he got last year, that he has never even taken out of the box. In the person's defense, they may not be aware that it was purchased last year. Still... fail for other family members who didn't speak up.

Santa brought me a new Nikon. (Proof of that is forthcoming)

More Christmas Fail didn't occur until Part 4. That's when CSIL brought the Bitchmosphere (Yes, I made it up) to Christmas, by declaring that she was taking all the gifts back for 3 of her 5 grand kids because her oldest daughter felt bad at not buying presents for the other kids and didn't want to come.
That's right.
Punish the grand kids for their mother's shortcomings. AWESOME. Thankfully, she didn't actually do that because I might have had to say something (not nicely) about it.

All in all it wasn't a bad Christmas. There were just parts where I wanted to strangle someone. Tomorrow I will Post Why I hate My Kodak Camera. 2 posts in one night might give someone of you a heart attack.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pre-Christmas Rant

(yay for a steelers win!! woohooo)

I hope that in 2 days I can take back everything I say now... but somehow I doubt it.

Recently I ranted about family members who continue to buy themselves stuff well into December, thwarting everyone else's attempts to get then Christmas gifts. It pisses me off.

Well my Christmas is celebrated in 4 parts over the 24th and 25th. (not in this order) At my house, my moms house, my dads house and his mom's house. This is because we just cant visit all these places in 1 day. It's not possible. (We tried. And my house its a bit too small to have EVERYONE come here.) Even more so now with a a nearly 3yr old child.

Sadly enough 1 of the 4 parts has become infamous for Christmas/Holiday Fail. Lost gifts, the completely wrong gifts, Clearly thoughtless gifts. (special edition Chinese checkers anyone??), non assembled gifts for small children who then burst out in tears when its taken away to put batteries in.... It doesn't matter, every year its something. And while I am hella excited to hear Julia say (again) "Thank you my present, I LOVE it!" I also quietly fear Christmas Fail because its the one time during the holiday that gets me srsly upset.

Also me and the Kodak are on non speaking terms because of its fuckin FAIL at taking a decent picture or even having the damn flash go off when it is supposed to. Also add to it, the new problem of it not holding a charge.. I am generally ready to kick it to the curb. So, who knows what kind of pics I will get out of this holiday. :-( I have been having more trouble with it lately and that translates to less pics of my Julia. (Though I don't take near as many as Burghbaby) Which leaves me rather pissed because this year Julia understands presents better even if the Santa Claus concept is still not being grasped yet.

I love the Kodak printers. HATE the Kodak cameras.... HATE.

Here is hoping there is NO Christmas Fail this year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who's Angry?

I saw this headline in the PG today:

Steelers trying to erase doubts

Really? How about not LOSING TO THE F&$%ING BROWNS!!?? I know that would go a long way towards erasing my doubts that the whole team caught varying degrees of "Pirates Syndrome." WTF is wrong with everyone? The BROWNS!?

I firmly believe this stops with the players. Hey guys? You DON'T GET PAID TO PLAY WORSE THAN THE BROWNS! I meant it! lately everyone has SUCKED. I can't even point out 1 failure because I would be here all NIGHT pointing out the bullshit. That is twice we won a superbowl and twice we have been hideous the following season. That isn't Tomlin's fault.

How about the 27 steelers with TV, radio, Internet, print media, CB radio, podcast, Morse code, and drunk jailhouse shows and appearances focus more on PLAYING and less on f&%$ing around in the spotlight. SRSLY. If you people would spend less time in the media, maybe you wouldn't SUCK so bad on the field. GAWD.
The motivation for the players this week comes in different forms.

"Play for pride"
"Play for the fans"
"Play for your family."

How about playing for the million dollar contracts you f&%$ing signed??? HUH??!! That's not motivation enough?

How about NOT letting the quarterback get sacked 8000 times a game?
How about the quarterback lose some fucking weight and get back it the shape you were in 2 yrs ago?
How about NOT letting opponents run kickoff and punts past the f&%$ing 30 yard line?

How about playing like you give a shit?


Monday, December 7, 2009

A Little Christmas Bitching

I want to say I love Christmas. Not the cold and snow shit so much, but the lights and gift giving shit? I love. I love finding that perfect gift for someone, whether I am shopping on (love ya) or my other favoritest store, Target (Yes, I know favoritest is not a word. It's my blog. I can say what I want.) I love sneaking out at 9pm and shopping during the extended hours cause I can get always get a close spot in the lot. I love hearing Julia in the back seat talking about how all the "pretty lights are wonderful, Mommy!!" It makes me happy.

But it seems that there is always one damn person who has to suck the FUN out of Christmas for me every year. This year it is Family Member A. (aka FMA) FMA buys themselves EVERYTHING. They have apparently never heard of the November Rule. (This rule states that as of Nov 1, you don't make any purchases for yourself without approval so that people can buy you stuff for the holidays) It seems simple enough right? WAIT a few weeks for non urgent items and someone ELSE will BUY it for YOU. Right????

FMA has this horrible habit of breaking the rule, EVERY YEAR. Going so far as to BUY the present themselves (!!) to make sure they would get it one year. After getting a reasonable idea for FMA who has EVERYTHING... We find out FMA went and bought the item Thursday night (!!!) and we were going shopping on Friday! December 3rd. FMA is buying themselves stuff December f&%$ing 3rd!!!


I was so pissed that FMA almost did not get a damn present this year.

Then you have the family members who wont give you ideas for themselves (or their kids) and you have to just guess what they might like or don't have already. FUN. It's especially helpful for those people you don't see and talk to on like a weekly basis. Makes you want to spork someone.

Almost as bad, are the ideas so vague that the person might as well have grunted at you.

"Sweaters." OK. What kind? What colors? What style? Personally, I detest turtle neck sweaters. DETEST. Unless you ask me, I don't run around professing my hate for clothing wrapped around my neck. I never ask for clothes. Cause I know I am picky. Hella picky.

"Perfume." Again... What brand? What kind of scent? Full strength? Watered down? Again, I am the kind of person who's body chemistry can destroy the scent of perfume the second it hits my skin. So, I have 2 maybe 3 scents I know I can wear and not smell hideous.

My absolute favorites are the lists that read like its from a rich kid in Fox Chapel:

What I want for Christmas:

A Treadmill.....

WHAT? A treadmill? Where the f*&% are you putting a $4000 piece of equipment? Who do you think is buying you THAT? SRSLY?

To end on a nicer note:
So, when I went shopping Friday I very annoyed and I was trying to live up to the "Bitch Train" Status on Blackberry Messenger. I was going to take all those people that pissed me off and just get some random gift cards and be done with it. Why put effort in to it when they are not making an effort? Gift cards are wonderful, I ask for them alot. But at least I ASKED for specific kinds of gift cards.

It was a nice, but exhausting day. Daytime shopping at the Mt Nebo/Camp Horne Rd Target rocked. The place wasn't hideously crowded, we found some very good deals and I got a ton of shopping done for almost the whole 20+ person list. The side note, is that I really wanted people to have something to open this year. Turns out, I changed my mind and bought them stuff, going out on a bit of a limb and I have to hope they like what I got them.

Bitch Train or not, I couldn't stay in that mood. I had fun picking out toys for the little ones on the list, including Julia. Christmas shopping CAN be fun. As long as you aren't going to the G20 Summit (aka Walmart on Black Friday) to do it.


PS I'm trying to post more. I promise.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

For your reading pleasure....A Classic Rant

I've decided that since CSIL has been causing drama around here lately, I would dust off an old rant I wrote before the existence of this blog... Its from April 2008 I was very angry the day I wrote this. It's long.... but funny.

BTW, all curse words are in play. I'm to lazy to change a damn thing

April 2008
Let me preface this rant by saying this. She is a drama queen. She is the queen of the drama queens. Drama Queens aspire to be this good. And today she stunk like a rum bottle. For the rest of this rant she will be called Crazy Ass Sister In Law or CSIL

So, the crazy ass sister in law called a "family meeting" this week. I thought to myself. "great. what have we (or anyone) done to her this time." HA! Little did I know what was in store.... I leave straight from work to go there. My husband picks me up from the bus stop. Everyone is there except her. We wait. For 40 minutes until she shows up. Remember ladies and gentlemen, CSIL *called* for this fucking thing. And she is staggering! (WHOOO!!) She is half crying already. I am thinking. "OK maybe she is sick" Oh, how that was an understatement of the century.

She starts directing people to stand or sit in a particular spot. She says: "Your all going to think I am crazy, and I don’t know if Dad has come to you, but he has come to me for the last month and he has messages for all of you." An I thought (in the words of the great Lewis Black) "WHAT the Fuck!?"

She now proceeds to say she will speak but it won’t her speaking (who the fuck is talking then??) and when its done we all have to go to the living room and she won’t remember this. (Of course not, that's why it’s called black out drunk) I am standing here wondering what episode of punk’d I walked into and how do I get out.

She starts the.... "channeling" of her dead (for over a year) father. (Are you fucking kidding me?) His "messages" to her 2 kids are things a mother should have been teaching her daughters years ago. Daughter 1 doesn’t want to go stand next to her mother because she has just realized that her mother is a fucking mental case. CSIL commands her: "He is getting angry, come over here." (WAIT! The enlightened, heavenly ghost of father past is getting pissed cause she doesn’t want to stand in a certain spot??!!!!) I don’t make it to the second kid. I am ready to bust out laughing at this absurd charade, so I leave the room and go to the (final destination) living room to play with my kid, who I haven’t seen all day.

This load of crap goes on for an hour! AN HOUR! She spends no more than 10 min giving "messages" to her own kids that she can’t get along with cause she needs PROZAC! Then I am commanded to bring Julia to the undead one so that she can give my husband his message of bullshit.

And yes, it is total BULLSHIT. (TV Psychics do better than this crap) He is sorry to have had such a short time with my daughter before he died. (Listen bitch, he has alot of other shit he needs to be sorry for and that’s not it) He wants my husband to stay on the path to recovery. (MS IS NOT CURABLE YOU MORON!) This is all the wisdom to be imparted on us because apparently she didn’t rehearse this part as much. (5 minutes. He is coming back from the dead and this is IT!?) I take my kid and leave the room before I back-hand her in the head.

At this point, I miss the messages for the other 2 brothers, because there are 3 kids under 3 years old in the (final destination) living room, that not a single person is paying attention to. 1 is mine. When I was able to get back to the doorway, I listen for the next 25 minutes about her. CSIL is referring to her self in the 3rd person and pretending to be in a trance. (A fucking trance... I can’t stand it.)

(Remember this is the undead one talking THRU HER) CSIL goes on to talk about herself, first saying she has no friends and can’t make friends because the undead one checked on her too much as a teenager, he is so sorry. (HEY my stepfather STALKED ME in high school, and I was a good kid! But I have no trouble making friends!) Later she contradicts the earlier statement by claiming the undead one is sorry for paying more attention to his biological sons and apparently this is why she doesn’t have friends. (WHAT?) She doesn’t know her bio-dad, she feels he rejected her (BOO fucking HOO. She never met the guy. EVER. My husband's father had always been there.) Then the undead one says "now she feels rejected because I left too" (WHAT? He died! I am sorry, how is his dying of a heart attack a rejection of her!!)

My brain is starting to feel like its gonna explode as the CSIL begins to unknowingly reveal that this is all a ploy to manipulate us in to feeling guilty or pity or something for her. I am just pissed off. His dying was not about her! And nothing she says is new information. There is not one single thing that is an intimate detail to make me believe that she had been talking to her dead father for a month. (That is just how long it took to practice the fake seance and plan) At one point the undead father (she) starts complaining that his ashes are still in the house. (Really? SRSLY? He cares that much about it?)

I can see on their faces that nobody is buying this thing anymore. At least I hope not anyway. Not after a 25 minute "message" about how hard her life is on her (anti-social ass) and how we need to love her (or something). My husband writes "crazy" on a mini Magna-doodle. I have to leave. I am literally at the point that if we don’t leave, I am going to cause serious trouble. Thankfully, Julia has had enough and we get the fuck out of there as its wrapping up (I missed the end cause I needed a potty break.)

Apparently, the undead one commanded CSIL to go in to the (final destination) living room and lay on the sofa where he died and do.... something. I think she passed out. And daughter 1 says "what are we supposed to do with her now?" (GOOD FUCKING QUESTION!!)

I spent the rest of the evening ranting about this crap, because holding it all in for an hour was a lot of FUCKING work. I have some Prozac left over from my post-baby depression. I think I should give the happy pills to her. (Here, take 2!!) She needs help. WHY oh WHY, would the undead father not "talk" to his wife he "loved so much" ?!!? She would be the more likely person. I mean, if I am gonna haunt someone cause I need to get a message across, I am gonna pick my sister or mom or my husband over anyone else. srsly.

To use a dead relative to manipulate people, complain and try to boss people around by telling them what you think they should be doing, is just fuckin ignorant. And rude. And WRONG. It makes me so so pissed off. Write a letter, talk to your mother in private, talk to a mental health professional, but don’t pretend you can channel dead spirits and ruin my afternoon by wasting my time as well as everyone else involved. Fuckin crazy ass....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I have learned..... and other shit

I am sorry for going so long between posts... It just has not been in the cards for me...

What I have learned:
Even though i wear my contacts 355 days a year, (I know! Bad bad... but I am practically blind and life is much easier this way.) Sleeping in contacts while being attacked by a wicked sinus cold is a BAD thing. So bad that I scratched my right eye and irritated the shit out of my left eye. I haven't worn glasses in FOREVER and when I pulled them out... I vowed to live with wearing 1 contact and just suffering. Anything to keep from looking like Harry Potter's sister. Srsly. As I write this, I still only have 1 contact in, but my eyes are not a new shade of red anymore... thank goodness.
I am hoping in the next couple days my eyeballs will stop hating me and my F&%$ing Halloween cold will clear the rest of the way out....

What I have learned:
That 7 weeks of classroom training still doesn't prepare you for the brain explosion of taking calls alone (sorta). All the shit you learned now needs to be more than just theory.... and that's a challenge in my new line of work...

What I have learned:
No matter what I try, my almost 3 year old kid refuses to stay potty trained. She will do it for my mom and sorta for me, but not at all for her daddy. She KNOWS. She just refuses, so if you got tips, tricks, ANYTHING, please share. I need HELP.

What I have learned:
That there is a real life Dennie the Menace and he has moved for a 40 acre farm in Virgina to 2 houses down from me. And while he appears to be destruction with feet, its my neighbor I feel for. He has become the unwitting "Mr Wilson" stuck in the role of giving the kid juice boxes to go away when he is working in the garage, dealing with him climbing and hitting the metal fence between the yards, and other annoying shit...
His dad is trying to adapt, but this is the city and your kid is 7. You just cant send him outside and NOT check on him for HOURS. SRSLY.

I'm gonna rest my eyeballs now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Penn DOT and Asshole Drivers

Penn DOT seems to be on a mission to piss me off. It's working. Now that I work for New Employer, I have to travel up 279 and 79. Two recent Friday afternoons we got stuck in traffic for miles going home. Why? I'll tell you why. Cause even though it was POURING rain both Friday's....
They decided to patch concrete.
Starting at 5PM on a FRIDAY EVENING.
5!!! Hello!!! You got bright f&%$ing lights, cant you start... I don't know... AFTER rush hour? Like 7??? What makes it worse is that the only concrete on 279 is on bridges, but they have it down to 1 lane from the 79 (aka The Highway that will NEVER be done) split to well past Camp Horne rd On Ramp. For 1 bridge that is closer to the Camp Horne ramps. Really? you need ALL that blocked? SRSLY?

Well it turns out that now they want to do this NIGHTLY. But starting a 6. OK. Fine. Except I had to stay till 630 for a work function tonight. It was bad enough that traffic was backed up for about 2 miles on 79 because Penn DOT workers felt the lane block needed to start 7 miles before the actual work site. (assholes)
Somehow, an ASSHOLE in a black Cadillac Escalade got in front of us. The driver had me so pissed off that I was about to call the police and report them for reckless driving. And I wasn't even driving. My husband was.
First, he/she cut us off to get in front of us at the merge point, then the SUV was weaving between the single lane and the shoulder of the highway. The driver would speed up and then slam on the breaks, causing us to do the same on several occasions. I thought about 10 times we were going to hit the caddy or be hit from behind. I also speculated that the driver was trying to cause an accident. At one point on 279, the SUV slowed down to about 30 mph, started riding the middle of the shoulder and lane. There was enough room for 3 semi's to fit between the SUV and the car in front of it. He/she hit their breaks for no reason and we almost plowed in to it. When we finally reached the area where actual work was happening, the asshole driver nearly STOPPED TO LOOK! At construction workers?! Then the ass floored it out of the work zone, which was only 1/2 a mile longer amazingly enough.

I am sure I dropped every swear word I know during that time. Thank goodness Julia was not there. There was another section of blocked lane and I could see the asshole 10 cars in front of us, still driving erratically. I was relieved when we got of of the work area. Relieved.

So, Penn Dot Do me a damn favor and really decide if you need 15 miles of highway blocked off for 1 bridge. I don't think I can take another asshole in front of me like that. The Friday work? Can't you start that later? Damn. People want to get the f&%$ home from work ya know....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Miss Unorganized n stuff...

Since starting my new job- I have just been a hawt mess when it comes to blogging. If it makes you feel any better... I have around 300 pictures that need organized into their folders and some uploaded to Julia's photo album.... And that is probably not happening tonight. But I am posting. So, I did half of what I wanted..... I kinda wish my laptop wasn't so big cause i would totally blog on my lunch at work since I have an hour. oh well...

In the meantime, feel free to follow me on twitter cause I post there frequently. My Name is @rantpittsburgh. All spammers will be blocked. I promise.

Chapter 2 Of Baltimore
Music has been sent away from our training class because Baltimore can't shut the hell up. Her singing is dreadfully annoying. Not paying attention in class has already come back to bite her. When we took our first calls, she nearly blew it. She was also scheduling cruises for February. Which would be fine, except we aren't allowed to used our first vacation days until March. I swear to god I heard her ask the travel agency if she needed a passport for Miami. MIAMI! She also ducked out of class to take non urgent phone calls. Wonderful. How the hell did she make it by the interviewers, I will never know. But I doubt she will make it 6 months. The bitch doesn't take her job seriously. At All.

I have to say, I really enjoyed watching Mr. I-cant-pronounce-my-name-right losing to our Steelers today. Despite Special Teams needing an NCIS Style smack upside the back of their collective heads for letting that Viking run all the way back for a touchdown on the kickoff. We are better than that! Damn it.

So, no stupid news tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I have pics to get in order....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stupid Hall of Fame: October

I love to showcase the fact the some people should never be allowed to drink on this blog. Its been a while since we had a SHoF Post... so enjoy:

From my favorite site

Cops: Drunk 21-year-old steals ambulance

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Police in the Kansas college town of Lawrence say they
have arrested a 21-year-old man who stole an ambulance to get home after a night
of drinking.

Apparently, there wasn't a tractor or a cab or ANY OTHER vehicle near by. Walking was just out of the question.
Lawrence Police Sgt. Susan Hadl says the ambulance crew parked it early
Sunday while responding to a medical emergency in an area filled with bars
and specialty shops. Hadl says the man was intoxicated and believed he had no other way home.
Nice. Steal the ambulance when its needed most. That's a WIN. Clearly the kid either had too much to drink or was just incredibly dumb. In either case- he is still a loser.

From the Stupid Criminal Files over at Yahoo Odd News:

Police say newlyweds robbed chapel after wedding

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. – Police said two Campbell County newlyweds were arrested on their wedding night for burglarizing the Sevierville chapel where they were married.

WATE-TV reported that Brian Dykes and Mindy McGhee were married Wednesday at the Angel's View Wedding Chapel at the Black Bear Ridge Resort. Following the wedding, the couple rented a cabin at the resort. According to the Sevier County Sheriff, an employee noticed the couple's car back outside the chapel around 1 a.m. and lockbox with cash was missing.

Deputies found the couple at a restaurant, where they confessed and turned over the missing $500. They are being held in jail on bonds of $10,000.

Sooooo, maybe robbing a church is a BAD BAD idea. First, its a CHURCH. Second, its a CHURCH. Exactly how much cash did they think they were gonna get? Really? This isn't a BANK! You needed to stay in the resort THAT BAD?

Which one of those idiots came up with the idea and which one agreed to it? Srsly? Two idiots made for each other right there. And the best part? $10,000 bond on a $500 theft. KARMA. Happy honeymoon, you morons.

And Finally...This woman... Well, lets just say some people should not have kids and this is why:

Police: Girl, 13, rode in cardboard box atop van
Mom allegedly said that's OK — coat hanger held it down

I am not making that shit up! She totally wins the Worst Parent of the Month Award for October.

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. - A woman has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child after she let her daughter ride in a cardboard box on top of their van, police said.
Albertville Police spokesman Sgt. Jamie Smith said the 37-year-old Alabama woman was arrested Sunday after police received a call about a minivan on a state highway with a child riding on top, The Huntsville Times reported.

Smith said the woman told police the box was too big to go inside the van, and that her daughter was inside the box to hold it down. Smith said the mother told officers it was safe because she had the box secured to the van with a clothes hanger.

The 13-year-old daughter wasn't harmed and was turned over to a relative. A jail worker said the mother was out on bond Monday.

THE STATE HIGHWAY?? WTF?! Are you serious? Their highway speed is what? 75? Thank God Mom used a f&%$ing COAT HANGER to hold it down! Yes. Read that again in case your head didn't explode the first time. I'll help you:
Smith said the mother told officers it was safe because she had the box secured to the van with a clothes hanger.

If the f&%$ing box was SO secure-- WHY in the hell was her kid RIDING in it??? Your honor? I motion that this mother never be allowed to reproduce again. Her Stupid Genes will kill off humanity if we allow it to spread further.

Go pick your brains up from all over the floor now.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

There is always one....(that pisses me off)

I am 2 weeks in to my job with New Employer and even in our tiny training class... There is one girl, we will call her "Baltimore" (Which is SO damn fitting if your a Steeler Fan), who has managed to annoy me to DEATH.

My co worker that sits next to me, says that things like this work themselves out, meaning she will either get with the f&%$ing program or she will fail out. Either way, I still need to bitch about her to keep my head from exploding.

The first (and worst) thing that Baltimore does is CONSTANTLY play with her iPhone. We are learning a TON of stuff on how to do our job and she is over there with 1 ear bud in listening to f&%$ing Pandora. ALWAYS. It's like she would not be able to *breathe* if her iPhone wasn't attached. I understand you need to stay awake in class, but you also have to PAY ATTENTION to class too. She really doesn't go ANYWHERE with out it attached to her ear. SRSLY.

We were giving mini presentations the other day and she completely ignored everyone and sent text messages almost non stop for 40 minutes. While listening to Pandora.

We watched a video and she spent the whole video, texting. While listening to Pandora.

A speaker from Quality came in for 2 hours to go over stuff with us and she did not participate even once the whole time. While listening to Pandora.

When the guy came back a few days later she practically harassed him for participation "gems" our trainer gives out. While listening to Pandora.

Our trainer talks about active listening. And this bitch is NOT actively listening to anything that's not coming thru the ear bud implanted in her f&%$ing ear. Anyone who has worked in call center customer service knows the term IVR. Interactive Voice Response system AKA That F&%$ing Automated System. But since Baltimore doesn't pay attention, she starts asking us all these stupid questions when we are all trying to work. I have a feeling she is not going to do well on the tests where we are not allowed to talk to the person beside us.

When we do research activities out trainer has started playing HR Appropriate Pandora (inside joke), which is nice. Well, Baltimore gave all these suggestions of shit she likes, but when the trainer puts the music on, BOTH ear buds go IN!! This wouldn't be so bad if she didn't f&%$ing SING ALONG to her own music, creating a distraction. I actually think our trainer told her to stop that Wednesday.

The other day, we had a 5 minute mini break, 1 minute before we start class she decides to call AT&T and bitch about the fact that she have overages on her bill. HELLO?! PUT THAT DAMN IPHONE DOWN FOR 5 MINUTES!! She then hung up on the rep at AT&T when class had to start back up. She did call them back a couple days later at the end of lunch and get the unlimited plan cause good lord, she needs it.

We had a fire drill the other day, she disappeared and then claimed she was "standing by the parked cars" near us. UH, No you weren't. There is a reason they tell us where to go, you idiot.

Her iPhone addiction has gotten to the point that she has been charging it at work now. And she skipped out early on class Friday cause she was "sick." I'm sure that the reason she got this job was because after the 4th try, she figured out what to say that would get her hired. She is young and stupid. She doesn't ever socialize with the rest of us, even though we are all cool and fun as hell. But that's okay with me. That means I am less likely to smash her stupid iPhone just to see if her heart stops when Pandora does.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What I learned...

I learned......
That I really really HATE protesters that destroy property- public and private- in the name of a "protest." I refuse to listen to a word your saying now. I have exactly NO respect for you. G-20 or not. I wish you assholes would go home and quit f&%$ing up the city. All the important people LEFT. Idiots. And Pitt Students- COME ON! You need to knock your shit off too. SRSLY.

I learned......
I fidget **endlessly** while sitting in a training room for like 8 hours a day. Really. I can NOT f&%$in sit still for more than 5 minutes. I get on my own nerves. But I can't help it. Sitting still and listening was never my strong suit. Show me and then let me do it.
If you didn't know, it turns I had to take Job B when they offered it to me because Job A called me with some bullshit about not being able to afford to hire new employees. I am pretty happy with Job B AKA New Employer at the moment. :-) I am glad Job A made my choice easier. I started monday which is why I have been MIA from twitter, blogging and facebook. Sorry about that, but the trainer frowns upon that while she tryin to teach some shit to us. lol

I learned......
That my internal clock really needs to adjust to me working again. I am still awake after 1:30am.... and I can't keep that up beyond this week. 1:30am is bedtime. Or I'll be a zombie.

I learned......
I really am a huge technology geek. And Technology can be complicated. And fun as hell. And damn addictive (read: blackberry). By mid next week, I will be carrying around two (what I call) "rent-a-phones" from New Employer, plus my own cell. That is damn ridiculous!! But I don't care. I don't care if I need a separate purse to carry my phones. Not one bit. Cause this is fun as hell.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Haters suck

Lately I have noticed that people leave the RUDEST comment on other blogs. I have never had a rude one, but since Ginny came out, they have been very mean on her blog. I just don't like that at all.

It pisses me off. ALOT.

They were mean before calling her a coward and other names for being anonymous and now- for some reason- even though they hate her blog even more- They STILL f&%$ing read it!!

STOP READING IT if you hate it so bad that you NEED to leave mean comments. Go find somewhere else to piss on. Why do you people think its OK to say things like::
"We get it! You hate pigeons! For each time you write about them I will
not vote to save a child. Fair?"
What? NO. MORON. Kids are way better than those rats with wings.
"I hate you. And your hair is ugly, too."
HUH? This must have been a 3rd grader. That's the lamest insult ever.

"I'm finding myself bored with your blog....."
Really? Then do us all a favor and GO AWAY LOSER.

Just a few samples of morons.... I am just amazed how people act. Would you say that to her face or do you just have PC Balls?? (You know- you only have the balls to say it on the computer.) I think these people have empty loser lives and that's why they post mean things. I also think that they are truly cowards in real life.

I'll tell you right now. Mean spirited comments here- will be met with a big giant F&%$ YOU. And I won't censor that. If you don't like my blog- quit f&%$in reading it. AKA GO AWAY.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open Letters....

I've decided to sum up my recent adventures in the form of Open Letters to those that annoyed me:

Dear Ghetto Kennywood Mom:
Matching your underwear to your outfit is cute- except when EVERYONE can see your BLUE polka dot underwear thru your WHITE shorts. ( I tried really really hard to get a pic.) Also, the $30 you spent buying food at McDonald's for your 3 kids (to eat cold later and fight with you about it), you could have spent on HOT food at Kennywood. They probably would have fought with you less.

Dear Ghetto Kennywood Mom #2:
Just cause my 2yr old kid doesn't stand quietly in a long ass line like your 8 yr old does, it doesn't give you the right to give me a dirty look when I send a text message. She isn't hurting anyone so, like I said: SHUT UP. Again.

Dear Kennywood Patron #1753 & #1754
When we ALL stand in the food line for 25 f&%$ing minutes and you STILL cant decide between the 5 choices, get the HELL out of my way. Or I will stab you with my fork. 2 year olds don't have patience for 35 yr old idiots who want meal 1 with side from meal 3 and a the gravy from meal 4. This isnt f&%$ing Burger King, pick something and MOVE IT.

Dear Random Drivers:
USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS! They are on EVERY CAR. I am sick of dodging assholes who cut me off, turn unexpectedly at me or in front of me, or drive like grandma on Sunday in her Blue Boat Cadillac. This pisses me off so badly I was ready to start sporking people the other day. Stop driving like ASSHOLES!! I don't give a shit what state your from or what they do there. srsly. IN PA YOU FAIL your driver's test if you DON'T use the damn things. 10 years later the rules HAVE NOT CHANGED.

Dear Rude Ghetto Pedestrian:
I know in PA you have the right of way. MOST of the time. However stepping out in a busy street- NOT in a crosswalk-and SLOWLY meandering your way across the road will you pretend ALL cars are invisible is F&%$ING RUDE and STUPID. Someday, I hope a car runs your ignorant ass over when you do that. 4 times this has happened to me recently. I hate all 4 of you.


Angie (aka that ranting bitch) :-)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Idiot Adventures In Parking

I was at Sam's club the other day when I saw parking retardness at its best. (Yes, I made that word up, it's my blog.)

This is how *this* Handicapped space should be used:

This is How NOT to use it:
The Buick on the right there with the door open? It was halfway out into the aisle. You could NOT drive around it. Realistically, there was plenty of room either side of the stupid Cavalier for that moron to park and not BLOCK the f&%$ing road. That's a van accessible space. It's f&%$ing HUGE.

And to the driver of the Cavalier- HELLO if you couldn't see the f&%$ing lines then you shouldn't be driving. At least have enough brains to re-park your car when you realized just how bad you f&%$ed up that parking job.

Then I spotted this gem of an idiot on the way out of Sam's Club:

Right outside the exit door. There is a HUGE BAY on the right of this picture where this moron could have parked, instead of 10 feet from the exit where I almost walking into your f&%$ing car. If you needed and handicapped spot:

SEE PLENTY OF SPOTS- just in the aisle we were parked in. And, as you can see the bay was empty too. I hate bad drivers. I hate idiot drivers. And finally, proof that they are everywhere and come in all ages:
This idiot was half on the regular driveway and half on the gravel extension. And he almost fell while getting out of his car.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Choices..... (A semi serious post)

So... I may have 2 possible choices ahead of me. I became unemployed back at the end of July. The "Why" doesn't matter. But I may have 2 job offers on the table and I might have to choose between them. I am getting unemployment so I have a little luxury of not NEEDING an immediate job. But still needing one.

The economy still generally sucks, all the 8-5 jobs are impossibly hard to find and since I lack a degree, I am generally screwed despite my ability and skills. The other thing that annoys me is that employers seem to want Harvard Quality Customer Service reps and only want to pay High School drop out prices. I had to turn down 1 offer and a couple interview requests simply because their base rate was absurdly low.

Seriously- Employers, when you look at my monster profile and my resume- that field called SALARY RANGE- its not a joke. I am not kidding. Don't call me with an offer $2-3 less than that. Please. And where it says type of work- I really mean FULL TIME and I really mean PERMANENT. Don't call me with a 3 month contract. If I wanted contract work, I would have selected that option. SRSLY. So, all that time I spent filling all that shit out on monster, why don't you take 5 freaking minutes to READ IT.


Job A is a lock.
I may have to work nights -till 11pm in downtown and at least 1 day every weekend. Job A is not being forth coming about my schedule, or other benefits because I have to go thru a STUPID temp agency to get it. Its a pay cut. I'd still have to pay for a $75 bus pass, worry about bus schedule and fare changes, the fact that it takes an hour to get to and from town on a bus when I live in freaking Brookline. Let's not forget $400 for cobra insurance for at least 90 days. If I take Job A, I could move up to a daylight shift, but possibly still have to work weekends and holidays. Who knows how long it would take to achieve the pay rate I had previously.

I interviewed for Job B today, and I go back Monday for interview 3. IF, IF I am offered Job B, I have a choice I have to make.

Job B is still a maybe.
Job B is not even in an industry that I have worked in before. Job B told me I would sure as hell be working nights till 11. I would probably start off on weekends too. I would surely work holidays. But then they followed it up with this: Health ins immediately, pay is starting at almost the exact same rate I had, 2 weeks vacation after 6 months, annual raises & performance bonuses, shift differentials and growth opportunities. The down side is I have a 2 yr old and working nights for a year would suck. But seniority shift bidding means I could eventually get off the night shift. I hope. They are also in Cranberry, about 45 min away with no traffic, with traffic probably an hour. No bus pass here, but more in gas. It was suggested I may find someone nearby to car pool with after training. It would also not be $400 a month to insure my family.

Job A & B both have good and bad points. If I have to chose between them, I am going to have to figure out what trade offs I can live with. Of course if Job B declines to offer me a position, this is all moot.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Retire? Who said I was retiring?

So Mr. "I need a dictionary to learn the meaning of RETIRE" played his first game. Let's look and see how it went:

Off-target Favre debuts for Vikes, who beat Chiefs

Cheered loudly by the same fans who used to loathe him when he played for
Green Bay, Favre played two series and went 1 for 4 for a whopping 4 yards. He
moved around all right and his passes had zip, just no direction.

Well, when you FAKE retire for the last 3 years so you can miss TRAINING CAMP, that tends to happen.

His first pass was off target.... Favre was off the mark twice more on the next
possession, misfiring toward Jaymar Johnson after an apparent route
miscommunication and then chucking one out of everyone's reach on the pressure
by Mays. The holder of every major NFL career passing record knows this version
of the West Coast offense well, but it will take the Vikings time to get in a
groove with the new guy.

Really? Well Training camp helps with that shit too. How many weeks will you suck while all your new team mates were busting ass in training camp, Hmmm?

BTW:: Pronounce your name right for goodness sake its not FAR-ve. What language pronounces a letter BEFORE it appears in the word? Tell me please. Cause until I get a reasonable explanation...
Its FAV-re.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What the Hell...???

This is all totally random shit today... Enjoy.

I saw this gem of a comment on someones facebook status today:

"wat ur landlord do to u"

OK. WHAT? Lets dissect this stupidness. First, you can write out the WHOLE word "landlord," But the H in "what" was too much of a f&%$ing stretch to type out? I can almost live with the "u" and some other minor text slang, like srsly... but I have seen "wat" in text messages, facebook status and twitter. And I just want to punch someone in the head every.single.time.

"....Dont keep them in the dark, until something else cums along... i dnt care wat the history is. if its ova, its ova leave it be....."

See???!!! AAAHHHH!!!!
It's in a facebook status that can be long as hell!!! There is the f&%$ing "wat" again!! "Cums"? Really? Was that easier than "Comes" 1 extra letter an 1 correct letter was too much? I can't even get started on the "ova" or my brain might explode. It's "OVER" damn it!!! O.V.E.R.

On to Strange Sightings...

In case you can't tell... There is 10 speed bike on TOP of this 10 foot high Hummer.

Was there NO room left inside for the f&%$ing bike after you put the ladder inside it that you needed to get the bike ON TOP of the hummer? SRSLY!!! H1's seat what? 14? You really could not get it in there? It's a damn Ladies 10 speed! Not even a mountain bike! Jez. You could put a quad in the back and still have room to put the bike inside. I know there wasn't 14 people in that stupid thing cause there would be more than ONE bike on top of it.


The winner of the Dumbass Criminal of the Month goes to this MORON:

(Thank you MSNBC)

FBI: Man gives teller ID before robbing bank
Thief in Alaska asks for his balance, then demands cash and flees

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A 34-year-old man [Jarell Paul Arnold of Anchorage] is
in custody after authorities say he gave a teller his account number and showed
her his picture ID before robbing an Anchorage bank.

I seriously can't make this shit up. What a moron.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Stubborn 2yr olds....

So, Saturday I was invited to a little thing at BurghBaby's Awesome new house. Yes, it is totally awesome. I baked some fresh zucchini bread, and after the kid took a nap, we (husband, kid and I) ventured out to her new place.

I confess I was nervous. These were mostly (I think) people I talk to on twitter, and I had never met anyone of them face to face. And I was bringing the Mistress of Destruction with me. Yeah. Nervous.

If adorable Alexis ever had a polar opposite - it was Julia on Saturday. Alexis seemed shy from all the people and kids. Julia, however, did not care. she dived right in to the play room with several other kids since we were the last to arrive. Tim settled in to keep an eye on her in the play room while I tried socialize. Its a little like being the new kid, striking up the conversation is the hardest part. I ventured downstairs and helped with peeling pizza dough off the wax paper (I held) and made small talk.
Not long after Julia came bursting out of the back door, my husband sends me a text "I cant find our kid" LOL. She played "park" and (sorta) with other kids.

But I know her. She finds trouble. It should be her middle name. My mom called me once to check on the splinter from hell situation, and i jinxed it all by saying julia was being pretty good...

I shadowed her the rest of the evening worried she would do something awful to BurghBaby's awesome house. Once she tried to go wandering around their 2nd floor. She climbed onto a water table (no water) and stuck her head through the kids sized basketball hoop. Twice. I am pretty sure she is partly responsible for the bomb that went off in the playroom.

The 2 worst moments of the evening went like this--
Moment # 1 was when she spotted the trampoline in the next yard. I had to chase after her and retrieve her from the damn thing. Immediately she brought out the child psych warfare. (It worked on her daddy in the dr's office once and this was the 3rd time recently she did this to me.) Julia began screaming stuff like: "ouch, it hurts, your hurting me" etc and crying. Loudly. All I was doing was herding her up the damn hill side. :-( I don't even want to think everyone there thought I was hurting her. But I pleaded silently for her to just go back to the party and she eventually did.

Later she discovered the trike in the basement and by the time I convinced her to come upstairs, everyone but 1 person had left. (of course) Finally at 9 came the 2nd moment. I had to make her leave. She wanted to be Alexis's new best friend and I don't think Alexis was feeling that at 9pm. I forewarned everyone still there. I knew what she would do. There is NOTHING I can do to stop it, but be MORE stubborn than her. (Just like the going to sleep in her bed thing. I won that round tonight, but that is another post)

Moment # 2 was when I forced her to leave. Practically tackling her, and picking her up and she screamed and cried right up to with in inches of the front door. I let her open the door. Then she left normally and we got in the car with out further incident. How is it, that ALL the other kids left with out a fight and my kid has to make a SCENE!!??

So, I am truly sorry for my little terrorist. I hope that I'll be invited back again despite my crazy ass kid. Next time, I'll wear a name tag that says "My twitter name is rantpittsburgh" on it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Songs (and singers) That Piss Me Off: Part 2

I did it again, I listened to the stupid radio today. And some shit pissed me off....

  • Katy Perry. I hate your "I kissed a girl" song (because little girls were singing it and should not have been) and I hate your "Vegas" song(cause i heard how bad you sound singing it live). I have heard it 4 times today while making zucchini bread (B94, HELLO? your play list needs to be BIGGER) and I have *hated* it all 4 times.

  • Any song with the words "disco stick" Really Lady Gaga? Was that the BEST dick metaphor you could come up with? My sister wants to spork you in the eye every time she hears one of your songs. BTW- your outfits are stupid.

  • Any song that the singer's voice is synthesized through the *whole* song. What that says to me is that your singing is SO BAD that the only way it can be marketable is by completely changing it. Remixing won't even help your sorry ass like it does Brittany and Katy. American Idol contestants that were in the top 24, sing better than you. Yes, better than Brittany and Katy too.

  • Any song called "Parton Tequila" with words like are "Imma have you drunk and throwing up..." or "Who wanna get fucked up" You know what ladies? It's called Alcoholics Anonymous. TRY IT. Sobering up will really go a long way towards helping you think of MORE WORDS and REAL SENTENCES. All that song is really about is how you ended up in a girls gone wild video or in web porn doing [insert vulgar terminology here]. I don't care how pretty your are, when you sing that song - you are all LOSERS.
Everyone make note of that?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Football? Where? Where!!!!????

So, now that I have been in a sports withdrawal sine the Pens won the Cup, (that's right pirates- minor league baseball DOESN'T count) I am excited to start football!!! Go Steelers!!! I am pulling out the Steeler purse i bought last year, cycling in the Steeler charm to give the Pens charm a rest, (tomorrow hopefully) trekking to Target for Steeler Clothing for Julia (she out grew everything we had here) before the game starts....

Yes. I am well aware it is technically Thursday already (WOOO) But in my calendar, its not Thursday till I go to bed for the night and wake up in the morning. So, there!

I am a huge Steeler Fan, but I don't start hard core following until the first preseason game. Why? Well cause nothing in training camp really matters. Its all about what you do ON THE FIELD. That's when it counts. If we play a shitty game this season, expect to see a rant about it here. I love my team, but I'll tell them when they are being stupid even if nobody reads it.

I am not like the ASSHOLES in Philly who make up bullshit stories about "shooting parties."
It was 3 years ago!! I have seen all the original pics. Philly Newspapers need to learn to actually CHECK their facts first. Whatever. It all really comes down to one thing though.
The Eagles SUCK.
How many Superbowl Trophy's do you have, huh? How many have the City of Losers won? I cant f&%$ing HEAR you? Oh that's Right!!!! 0 NONE ZIP NADA

So, Shut the hell up.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Gamblers are so dumb

So, I am watching KDKA NOON news today and the casino reporter says ::

"We tried to interview people for our story and they kept hiding from us. When we were finally able to ask them why, they said they called off work and were avoiding their bosses!"

HELLO! Dumb asses!! The CASINO IS OPEN 24 F&%$ING HOURS A DAY. You can go AFTER WORK. It will still be there. I know what a f&%$ing concept- going somewhere after work. I never gamble (losing money pisses me off since i don't have money to piss away like it's nothing.) and even I know its open 24 hours. Have you never seen the show Las Vegas?

I hope you don't win a f&%$in thing for being that dumb.

And for the people who did interview. Listen, If you don't like the machine cause its newer than the "ones at the meadows...." Then GET OFF YOUR ASS and drive to the meadows and play. Quit bitching about how your losing all your money and you don't like the machines if your going to keep dumping money IN THE damn machine!!!

BTW, The purpose of a casino is to TAKE YOUR MONEY. Not for you to win it all. Don't forget that. Sometimes you'll win, but odds are, most of the time you will LOSE.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Pirates are sooooo bad that...

The pirates are sooooo bad that....

A fan tried to off himself at the game when it became clear he wasn't at a PROFESSIONAL Baseball game.

OK. So, that's not the USA Today real headline. But it should be.

The ball did not strike him, but the fan lost his balance as he leaned far over the railing — which is about 3 feet high — and he landed face-first onto the mostly clay track that rings the field. Trainers for both teams immediately rushed to help before several doctors were summoned. The fan, who appeared to be in his 50s but was not immediately identified, was conscious and responsive while being taken off the field on a stretcher, according to the Pirates.

Yeah, Fan, you keep telling that story. We, in Pittsburgh, ALL know this headline is the real reason you took that dive:

Pirates' fundamentals 'embarrassing' in defeat

Here is, perhaps, the most frightening part for these Pirates: The season does not end until the fourth of October.

Two months.

And, if they do not improve quickly -- and dramatically -- on their abysmal showing in the 11-6, 12-inning loss to Arizona last night before 17,311 audibly groaning fans at PNC Park, that will feel more like two years.

"Embarrassing," one everyday player called it, among a few other choice words.

Hell yeah it is. But when you've nothing left but Farm Team talent, what does everyone expect. They are taking SUCK to a new level I have never witnessed before. SRSLY. I am thinking that Andrew McCutchen will be traded next year. We cant have that kind of good talent on our Farm Team.

I want to blog about other stuff. I really have been looking. But I am haunted by the Pirate Suck going on. There is just nothing out there i can flip out about. Steelers are starting, but all that rant is Jane Pitt's territory. She does it best. Oh well. Pirtate Bitching continues.

BTW, I F*&%ing HATE The PBC Management. You Suck.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I wanted to say sorry to all my faithful 30-some readers. I just haven't had it in me recently.
I had unexpected upheaval in my work life that left me with out a job and very necessary health insurance. (BTW- F*&% You Former Employer.)
My kid went temporarily insane for 2 weeks, probably due to my stress.
I had to rewrite my resume. twice. (thank you to my bestest friend for helping me the 2nd time)
And I had to look for a new job with my temporarily insane kid practically attached to me.

*sigh* Rough.

So, the good news, I quickly found a job that starts in Sept (it sucks that its a pay cut but it is a hell of alot better than NO job), turns out Obama made my cobra premiums for insurance affordable, and my kid has mostly stopped acting insane. Mostly. I still have to make it through this month, and I will. So, I am going to hit MSNBC next and see if there is any good shit to make fun of.

Let's face it. You guys miss the funny shit right? I thought so. :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Minor League Baseball

From Bob Smizik's Blog on the pg:

The deal marks Huntington’s continuing demolition of the Pirates, and that’s
also no surprise. Since becoming general manager in September, 2007, Huntington
has traded every position-player starter except second baseman Freddy Sanchez,
who could be dealt at any minute. That list includes Ronny Paulino over Ryan
Doumit as catcher. When Huntington was named, Paulino, not Doumit, was
considered the starter. Other starters traded by Huntington are outfielders
Jason Bay, Xavier Nady and Nate McLouth, first baseman Adam LaRoche and third baseman Jose Bautista.

Note: Sanchez is gone, Traded to the Giants only hours after Bob posted and days after the Pirate Management claimed to the PG that they weren't trading Wilson and Sanchez.

Other note: Good for you Jack Wilson. I am glad you got out of the loser's hell hole created by management so that we can lose for "3-4 more years" while they "build" the cheapest team that they can and still profit.
On the bright side, I don't have to hold up my bet with PittGirl/Jane Pitt and write an "i love pirates" post since they will never be above .500 ball this season. Or next.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Songs that Piss me off

After spending the morning listening to the radio, (something I NEVER do) I have compiled a list of songs B94 plays that get on my last nerve.

  • Any song with the words "do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips." I want to spork the singer immediately.
  • Any song where the female lead sings about being so good "in bed" that every guy wants to "do" her. I want to tell her to shut the hell up and quit being slut.
  • Any song that comprises of 3 single line verses repeated over and over, usually all about getting laid. Come on! Are you that devoid of creativity? Loser. I wouldn't "do" you if you were the last man on earth because I wouldn't want the rebirth of mankind to be saddled with your stupidity.
  • Almost every Katy Perry song that I hear. And BTW Katy, you Sucked on American Idol so bad that you would have never made the top 12. Srsly.
Oh DVE? Your in this too.

  • Any song that is more than 6 months old is not NEW anymore. So quit playing that god-awful Metallica song and calling it "New." It's not f&%$ing new any more and the end of that song pisses me off because it doesn't go with the REST of the damn song.

Finally, leave the Taylor Swift songs alone! They sound STUPID with a pop beat replacing the original music. You can tell its not the original recording track that she sang too and it drives me nuts.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pirates Ball Club of SUCK

Smizik's blog said this today:

Has Jack Wilson lost his mind?

If Jack Wilson is serious in his rejection of a Pirates contract offer that would pay him $8 million for two seasons, he’s either taken leave of his senses or was being somewhat dishonest when he maintained through all the trade rumors that he wanted to remain with the team.

Wilson will not get that kind of offer in free agency. He might not come close.

Ah, NO, Bob. He is just following my advice from this post: More Pirate Bullshit
I told him to get out of loserville cause anything has to be better than losing all the fucking time. (yes f-bomb is intentional) I am sure his agent knows where he can get his player signed.

And really, Bob- "dishonest" should be applied to Pirate Management when they claim to want to put a winning team on the field. Now there is a bunch of lying bastards. Why?
Because they really low balled Sanchez and sorta low balled Wilson:
It looks almost certain the Pirates will be without Sanchez next season and possibly without Wilson. Although there are no players in the Pirates farm system ready to replace them, on his Sunday radio show general manager Neal Huntington said he felt confident at least adequate replacement could be found and stated the money saved could be used to bolster other positions.

HA, that's the funniest shit I have heard all week! Bolster, my ASS!

Pirates pull offers to Wilson, Sanchez
Huntington cites lack of counter-offers; Wilson says none were sought.

Huntington pointed to the lack of counter-offers as pivotal.

"Typically, in a negotiation, you get a counter-offer. That's how conversations continue. We've not gotten that to this point. We felt pretty strongly that our structure was in place but that we were open to some adjustments off it. Not huge differences in years or dollars. But if there was something that added value to the player, we're open to that."

Odle and Cobbe declined comment, as did Sanchez. But Wilson responded, solely on the topic of counter-offers.

"Answer me this: How can we respond with counter-offers when we were told that those were take-it-or-leave-it offers?" Wilson said. "How do you counter that?"

The Pirates' terminology in issuing the offers, according to multiple sources, was "best-shot."

Again. I am not shocked. I think Wilson should find a team that wants to win, and go there. The Pirates have no desire to win or spend money. And despite what Neal said in his radio show- I totally believe the contract offers were a PR stunt.

Pirates Notebook: Snell denies he prefers minors

No, he prefers WINNING. I think that they are winning in the Minors right? Why go back to loserville and watch everyone one you know get fuckin traded away?

Losing seasons don't deter Pirates faithful
"And if the yinzers, and that is what they are, if the yinzers who aren't coming now start coming to games when the Pirates win, they are hypocrite bandwagoners," Nemanic said. "That's what happened with the Penguins. They couldn't get anyone to go to games five years ago, they started winning and, all of a sudden, everyone is a fan. Whatever.
"That is why we are here now. That is why the people who are here now are true fans."
That "true fans," as Nemanic calls them, are still coming out to the ballpark even through all the losing isn't lost on management.

I partially disagree with this. You might think your "true fans" but all you do its prove to management that they can trash your team line up over an over and they will still make a profit. And while the Pens games weren't sellouts when they struggled - people were still going.
"One of the best things we have going for us is the passion of these fans; it is something that drives us," Huntington said. "We are working to build a winner because these people deserve it. If you cheer for a team as passionately as these people have, and you lose for 16-going-on-17 years, I absolutely understand their frustration.

Oh, I want to spork him. Liar. Oh for the record:

Because what so many in the fan base see as the first item on the to-do list -- finishing at least at .500 -- Huntington doesn't acknowledge as a goal.
"Eighty-one wins is meaningless," he said. "It is a step in the process, but that is not where we are ultimately headed. We have larger objectives. We just ask that people remain patient with us."

There you have it, "Larger objectives" should be replaced with "money to make from the profit of these idiots who still come to games."

Asshole is the word I'm thinking of here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Shit

First on the list:
I have up and moved AGAIN at work. I am no longer on cast away island, surrounded by a sea of empty cubes and sometimes, darkness when a light burns out. I have now been promoted to sitting with the "cool kids" aka a daylight shift team.
I miss my old team. But I rarely saw them since they were all night and late afternoon shift.
Apparently my new seat is in the vortex of 2 AC vents. It is FREEZING at my desk. ALL the time. I have a blanket and a jacket on. It's 80 outside! So, it either needs to get hotter outside, or they need to turn the AC down a bit. I imagine I'll be using my blanket all the time. The other down side to sitting with people during the day is that when I talk to myself, they look at me funny. HEY- I was alone over on the island, cut me some slack. lol

2nd... Here is my "DUH?!" Headline of the day From MSNBC:

Stub your toe? Say ‘Sh#!’ You’ll feel better
Shouting swear words has a powerful pain-killing effect, study shows

I could have told you that! I used to be the curse queen, I still am to some extent- with a 2 year old i have to be more inventive. (Fraktard, anyone?)

Here is a quote from the article that I did find interesting:
The researchers originally thought that swearing would make pain worse by focusing a person’s attention on the injury and its implications. To prove their hypothesis, they set up an experiment with 67 college students.

The students were asked to plunge their hands into frigid 41-degree Fahrenheit water for as long as they could stand the pain. Half were told to repeat their favorite curse word while their hands were submerged. The other half were asked to repeat a neutral word describing a table, such as solid or brown, while keeping their hands under water. Then the whole experiment was repeated with the two groups switching types of word. (Favorite swear words were, as you might guess, the ones starting with "F" and "S." But since the subjects were British, the researchers also got an earful of "bollocks.")

To the researchers’ surprise, the cursing group not only reported lower levels of pain, but also were able to keep their hands in the icy water longer. The men in the study, for example, were able to keep their hands in the water for an average of 190 seconds while swearing, but for only 140 seconds when uttering a neutral word.

The difference was even more pronounced in women. While men’s pain scores dropped by a point when they cussed, the women’s dropped by almost two full points.
And a story that I think foreclosed home buyers should read:

‘Meth lab home problem’ sickens new owners
Houses with a criminal past are causing serious illnesses and financial ruin

WINCHESTER, Tenn. - The spacious home where the newly wed Rhonda and Jason Holt began their family in 2005 was plagued by mysterious illnesses. The Holts’ three babies were ghostlike and listless, with breathing problems that called for respirators, repeated trips to the emergency room and, for the middle child, Anna, the heaviest dose of steroids a toddler can take.

Ms. Holt, a nurse, developed migraines. She and her husband, a factory worker, had kidney ailments.

It was not until February, more than five years after they moved in, that the couple discovered the root of their troubles: their house, across the road from a cornfield in this town some 70 miles south of Nashville, was contaminated with high levels of methamphetamine left by the previous occupant, who had been dragged from the attic by the police.

My only question is why it took 5 years to figure out it was the house. Don't these people watch TV? One of the first things House M.D. does, is send his people to check the living areas for environmental causes.... sheesh.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Piggy Colony

Sorry, I can't figure out how to rotate this stupid image from where I am. I didn't think my post made it to blogger last night.

This is a colony of Piggies that I found at the Rite Aid down the street from my house a couple weeks ago. I actually forgot the pic was in my phone until last night. I bought an extra one and tucked it in my drawer. Insurance. I don't want another Piggy incident. EVER.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things That Piss Me Off: I'm Bitchy Today Edition

Its a full moon and the crazy is out. I will admit I am a little crazy myself. (Hello? I made the bed at 230 am so I could sleep in it.) But I am also a whole lot of pissed off at stupid people and stupid shit. Here is a brief list of things that are pissing me off today:

  • People who send emails with out subjects. I **hate** that. It takes 10 seconds to put something in there for goodness sake. Especially at work. When I have to search emails and i have a bunch with no subject, I want to scream.
  • AOL and the idiot customer base that they enable to sign on the the web. I shouldn't have to explain that ".com" is an important part of the website address. If i have to explain that- you should not be allowed to access the web and AOL should be punished for letting you dial in, in the first place.
  • Iraq. You wanted us to start pulling out of the country. So, we finally start and what do you idiots do? You start blowing yourselves up again. WTF! STOP IT!! Its like grounding siblings for fighting and the minute they are ungrounded- they start brawling again. You can't have it both ways Iraq! We can't be there and not be there. Get your shit together and figure out how to stop being a whiny bitch and start policing your terrorists! Maybe its the 10,000 degree heat that makes you act retarded... I don't know.
  • My Headset. I hate it. I hate that the cord gets in my way. I hate that it pulls my hair, tangles it, frizzes it out. I can't stand having this thing attached to my damn head all the time. I want a wireless one.
  • Pirate Management. I saved the best for last. Having so far traded away what they could- they are trading away another player. Why? Because he is good enough to be on the All Star Team. What management is really doing is trying to field the best Minor League team they can for as little money as possible. You morons prove me right over and over again and i hate you for it. In fact, I think people should boycott a game as protest. Just 1 game where not a single person goes would be nice. Don't buy tickets. Don't go. If only.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

iPhone killer? Shut up already!

I am a regular follower of cell phone news. Partly because it helps me with work and partly (read:mostly) cell phones fascinate me. Ever since I got teased about my Nokia Luv a couple years back with my admittedly ghetto phone at the time, I have made it a point to start following the industry. When I needed to know more about phones for work- my obsession blew up.

I follow 7-8 website sites now to keep track of reviews, what is new, what sucks... You get the point. Well one thing I am getting extremely tired of seeing is this term: "iphone killer"

Phones called possible "iphone killers" in the recent past
Nokia 5800 music express
BB Storm
LG Viewty (come on LG- that is such a stupid name)
Nokia N97 (with out an official US carrier- no)
HTC Touch
Palm pre (jury is still out)
Toshiba TG01 (this is their 1st cell and it's not released yet, I don't see it killing anything)

The latest? LG's new Chocolate/Prada has been assigned the designation

There is no such device.
It will never exist.
Nothing has killed the iPod, nothing is going to kill the iPhone. This is a special brand of people, they put up with At&t's shitty service, overpriced rates and other bullshit just for that stupid phone.

To be an iPhone Killer. You have to do EVERYTHING better than Apple. That is just not possible. People are brand oriented. Apple is coolness. Coolness simply happens. You can't fight coolness. You can't DO coolness better than Apple.

So shut up already with the iphone killer shit. Quit being delusional.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear Twitter, I'm Sorry.

That is right. I said I was sorry to twitter. I discovered a program on facebook called Selective Twitter. And I made some friends on twitter too. (That helps.) I am firmly in the "twitter is cool" camp now. Don't judge me.

When I wrote about twitter here: Odds N Ends I didn't really understand it. My problem was I was trying to use it the way it was presented. "What are you doing?" That, I learned is the stoopid way. Now, I am a twitter fan girl, but I am not a power user like some of the people I follow who use hash tags, post pics, and such. I use twitter like AIM/YAHOO IM.

I talk to my new friends. I post my blog links. I rant (when I can, and believe me that takes some thought and creativity when you only have 140 characters). I give advice. I cheer for my team.
I can't wait for football season now. LOL.

You got me twitter. :-)