Thursday, August 13, 2009

Football? Where? Where!!!!????

So, now that I have been in a sports withdrawal sine the Pens won the Cup, (that's right pirates- minor league baseball DOESN'T count) I am excited to start football!!! Go Steelers!!! I am pulling out the Steeler purse i bought last year, cycling in the Steeler charm to give the Pens charm a rest, (tomorrow hopefully) trekking to Target for Steeler Clothing for Julia (she out grew everything we had here) before the game starts....

Yes. I am well aware it is technically Thursday already (WOOO) But in my calendar, its not Thursday till I go to bed for the night and wake up in the morning. So, there!

I am a huge Steeler Fan, but I don't start hard core following until the first preseason game. Why? Well cause nothing in training camp really matters. Its all about what you do ON THE FIELD. That's when it counts. If we play a shitty game this season, expect to see a rant about it here. I love my team, but I'll tell them when they are being stupid even if nobody reads it.

I am not like the ASSHOLES in Philly who make up bullshit stories about "shooting parties."
It was 3 years ago!! I have seen all the original pics. Philly Newspapers need to learn to actually CHECK their facts first. Whatever. It all really comes down to one thing though.
The Eagles SUCK.
How many Superbowl Trophy's do you have, huh? How many have the City of Losers won? I cant f&%$ing HEAR you? Oh that's Right!!!! 0 NONE ZIP NADA

So, Shut the hell up.


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