Saturday, February 27, 2010

SnOMFG! I am SICK of SNOW!!!

I swear to god, I have **HAD** it with snow.

We have MORE snow than freaking Alaska!!! Thats just WRONG.
I saw these tweets from Jeff Verszyla (
@verz) Friday night. He is Kdka's weather man. (that I love cause he tweets me back):

Snowapalooza stats...feb 5-26...13 days w/ measurable snow, snow total = 42.2
(in 3 weeks!)...avg high = 34 (normal hi is 41) about 9 hours ago via web

AND Later in the evening:

Ready 2 close snow shop for business 2day...latest total for feb 2010, for season 73.8"...please stop, now! about 2 hours ago via web

I am sick of the "death grip on the steering wheel" drive this month or the near death experience of sliding across route 228 because despite the heavy traffic on the road... it SUCKS every. single. time. it snows. I saw 4 accidents on the way home tonight on 79 & 279.

I think we should be grateful that PennDOT put up all those weird little bars, with and with out the cables along 79 and 279. I predict that when the snow melts, FINALLY, that we will see how many cross over accidents they prevented due to this Shitty, Stupid, F&%$ing Snow.

I *promise* that when its humid and 90 in a couple months, you wont hear a PEEP of complaints from me.
Or scrape it off your car, or fall in it and get dirty wet snow all over you. Or skid and slide the whole way home from work.
Cause dumb people wont stop in the middle of the highway (asshole) because its TOO SUNNY. (I didn't make that up.)
Proof that really happened from the PG:

"At least she wasn't texting" Feb 12, 2010

From the Beaver County Times: Since the snow started falling last Friday, local emergency officials have sent a consistent message: If you don’t have to go out on the roads, or you’re afraid of driving in the snow, just stay home. PennDOT spokesman Jim Struzzi said the best example why officials have been urging that happened shortly after 9 a.m. Wednesday. As the heavy snow was winding down, a woman was driving a small car in the right lane on I-376 in Robinson Township, near the off-ramp leading to The Pointe at North Fayette and Robinson Town Centre.

Struzzi said the woman, who wasn’t named, apparently became frightened because of the poor road conditions and didn’t want to drive anymore, so she simply stopped her car in the right lane.
That created problems for other motorists who were sliding on slush to get around the woman, Struzzi said. PennDOT crews saw the car on surveillance cameras and sent out a member of the agency’s Parkway Service Patrol to help the woman.

Struzzi said that when a member of the patrol arrived, they found the woman sitting in her car, reading a book, waiting for storm conditions to improve.

That's right kids, read that again.... SHE WAS READING A BOOK ON THE HIGHWAY. I think my brain wants to implode. What makes a person think that it is SAFE to stop in the MIDDLE of the highway EVER, and throw it in park??? And THEN whip out a book!!!???
I would love to find that lady and CLUB her in the head with that f&%$ing book. She is too stupid to be allowed to drive. Or even breathe. The highways have a shoulder to pull over on for a reason for goodness sake.

Btw, I disabled Anonymous comments on my blog because people were calling me racist and a coward over a sarcastic guest post from a reader, but were too much a coward to IDENTIFY themselves.
SO, F&%$ You. You want to call me names in comments??? OWN UP TO IT. BITCH.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pittsburgh SnOMG!!!!

The links below are to the same pics, but if you prefer one over the other, I put both up. The Picasa site doesn't have all the captions though... I'll work on it. Right after it *doesn't* snow 6 more damn inches on Tuesday. I literally don't have any place else to put snow. The piles in my yard are nearly 5 1/2 foot high now. I'm afraid to throw my kid in the yard... I may lose her. (lol)

Public Facebook link:
SnOMG Feb 2010 Pictures

Picasa Link:
SnOMG Feb 2010 Pictures

Its the 4th worst storm in Pittsburgh history.
21.1 inches at Pittsburgh International. (which was closed for like 24 hrs. That NEVER happens)
20 inches in my yard.

Next 24 hours 'important' in city's efforts to clear streets

With nearly three decades of snow removal experience, Mr. Kaczorowski said this is the worst snow he has had to battle.

"This is the worst," he said after 36 hours on duty. "This is worse than '93."

This weekend's snowfall of 21.1 inches was, according to the National Weather Service, the fourth highest accumulation in Pittsburgh since 1876, when the agency began keeping records. The third biggest snowfall, with 25.3 inches, was March 12-14, 1993.
The difference between the 1993 blizzard and this one? This snowfall was wet and heavy, '93 was a dry snow. I hate this shit. It broke our shovel. It was a bitch to clear.
And there is more coming.