Monday, February 8, 2010

Pittsburgh SnOMG!!!!

The links below are to the same pics, but if you prefer one over the other, I put both up. The Picasa site doesn't have all the captions though... I'll work on it. Right after it *doesn't* snow 6 more damn inches on Tuesday. I literally don't have any place else to put snow. The piles in my yard are nearly 5 1/2 foot high now. I'm afraid to throw my kid in the yard... I may lose her. (lol)

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SnOMG Feb 2010 Pictures

Its the 4th worst storm in Pittsburgh history.
21.1 inches at Pittsburgh International. (which was closed for like 24 hrs. That NEVER happens)
20 inches in my yard.

Next 24 hours 'important' in city's efforts to clear streets

With nearly three decades of snow removal experience, Mr. Kaczorowski said this is the worst snow he has had to battle.

"This is the worst," he said after 36 hours on duty. "This is worse than '93."

This weekend's snowfall of 21.1 inches was, according to the National Weather Service, the fourth highest accumulation in Pittsburgh since 1876, when the agency began keeping records. The third biggest snowfall, with 25.3 inches, was March 12-14, 1993.
The difference between the 1993 blizzard and this one? This snowfall was wet and heavy, '93 was a dry snow. I hate this shit. It broke our shovel. It was a bitch to clear.
And there is more coming.

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