Sunday, June 19, 2011

A life worth living.

[Mom blog post]
At the last minute last week, I decided that I was taking Julia to kennywood. Just the 2 of us. It was a great afternoon. I have some adorable pics that I will put up on Facebook soon. We got there later than I wanted, but we rode everything we could ride. And a couple things, we rode twice.
She was pure joy and so well behaved.... And I left behind all that has been stressing me out.
I try to make all my time with her count.
I think about all I have gone thru in the last year. How I have survived thru it an become a stronger person. How its helped me to have her. How its helped me to be a better mom.
I hope it has.
My job maybe a pain in the ass. But it pays me enough money that I can do things like that with her. What is life worth living without love, laughter, and someone (even just a 4 1/2 yr old) to hold your hand? Something we should all strive for... Maybe then... This world would be a less angry place.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

#PoolTour2011 South Park Wave Pool

Last week I decided we were going swimming damn it.
My sister suggested the south park wave pool since she was over that way.
Admission is the same price as north park.
DAYTIME Adult 5.00
Senior Citizen 3.00
Junior 4.00
Youth 3.00
Children 1.00
The changing area was fairly clean. The concession stand was pretty extensive, but chaotic... Because it was kinda of self serve, if they were out of something you had to wait. This caused a bit of confusion. The prices were not too bad and the food was pretty good.
There was a good bit of seating though outside the concession area, thought not a lot of it was shaded with table umbrellas. There is a reasonable sized play area for toddlers and a larger tree just inside the gates. But there is no baby pool.
The wave pool was clean, has a sloped entry and the waves seemed to be turned on randomly. A bell would ring as warning. The towel area was covered in indoor/outdoor grass carpet and rafts could be rented for $4 + $1 deposit.
Over all we had fun. It was Julia's first wave pool experience. She got a pretty big kick out of it. The water was a bit cold. But at 90* you tend to welcome the numbness from the cold. And waves tend to take care of getting you wet fast.
I would give it a B. Because the tables were missing their umbrellas and lack of kiddie pool