Thursday, October 14, 2010

Strange (and scary) Sightings.... Random Edition

Resurrecting the Strange Sighting tag on the blog tonight... woo!!! lol 
I have a few things to show you tonight.... The first up::

Hideous Dress Courtesy Of Scarehouse Scott (pictured with said dress) He is the Creative Director of Scarehouse... and I would love to know where he found this....

Scott and the freaky bunny next to him enjoyed tormenting Burghbaby with that dress Ryan Secrest Style. Even though she eventually put it on. (Your welcome for me not posting the pic with you **in** the dress standing next to him. I have a few of those.... but they are too scary to post here lol...)

The dress?? **shudder**

From reader Beth:
I don't want to ask. I really can't imagine how desperate you are to work to BE IN this musical. Do you think the company who made this sign for the bus giggled the whole time??? Do you think the drivers were all: "I'm not driving the Menopause bus!! You drive it." Is there a union rule that says you don't have to drive the Menopause bus if you worked at PAT for at least 10 years???

Also from Beth:

As you see.... Proof that sometimes... the smart kids have WAY WAY too much time on their hands.... And no girlfriend....

And Finally.. All I'm gonna say is that they were doing their hairz out there the other night with hair dryers and curling irons.

Yes. Its a floor lamp. Yes, there are car cleaning products on the porch wall.... Yes, they started painting and then stopped. No. I am definitely  NOT gonna ask.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I learned at Scary Crazy....

I learned that some people will do ANYTHING for a good cause. Like running (yes running.) through a haunted house that terrifies her. Or putting on the most hideous dress and make-up I have ever seen in my life. They both looked like they wanted to puke and/or cry. But they sucked it up for KIDS.

Scary Crazy raised $6,299 to split between the 2 charities (see prev post)


Here is a taste. Trust me. Listening to this through Ginny's wireless mic in the VIP/RIP room? Hilarious! (For the record. Ginny went in it *a second time* w friends which I didn't know until later)

And From Unclecrappy... Our point of view....

Now that your done laughing.... What I learned....

I learned that I am not a screamer. ScareHouse made me jump out of my skin a several times. But I never screamed. Apparently, I have to be truly terrified to scream. Haunts just dont because I am too f*&%ing "its not real" about the whole thing. Only giant roller coasters  scare me enough to scream. Case closed. I lived vicariously through Ginny's screams.... Thanks hon. :-)

Also I learned that I am still the biggest klutz. EVER. Ginny might have lost a shoe... I freaking FELL on an uneven spot when I got too close to a rail near the end.  I felt it, but I was reacting to someone yelling at me and had no chance to save myself from ending up on my hands and knees.  And I missed doing a header into the opposing rail by hairs.

I was the head of the the group of 6. So 4 Scarehouse Actors, 2 ladies I didn't know, 1 reporter w camera man, and 1 twitter friend saw me bite it GOOD. My knee is killing me. I took 2 layers of skin off in one spot.

Now that your done laughing.... I would go again. It was pretty cool. I'll watch out for the rail next time... or maybe just not wear heels to disguise how freaking short I am.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Checking shit off the list....

So. First I want to mention that like 12 people Googled how to get rid of stink bugs... or stink bugs in general and then clicked on my previous post : Things that piss me off: Bug Edition

I wonder if they were inspired, amused or horrified by my murderous spree. One which continued with 4 more deaths and 4 that committed suicide when they found out I was coming for their little bug asses the other day.....

Second I want to mention that Strange Sightings tag may get revived. Cause I have seen some strange shit recently. Its amusing. I promise.


Tuesday I get to check off Scarehouse off my list... Now the issue here is I am so jaded that this stuff doesn't normally scare me. It may or may not. I am kinda hoping it does. Srsly.
I have a ticket ordered from Michelle/Burghbaby that votes for Jane Pitt/ThatsChurch to go thru there by herself... I'm sorry Ginny, but if it doesn't scare me, I would like to live vicariously thru you... LOL.

The biggest thing I LOVE about all my twitter friends is their generosity. Both these ladies are raising money for sick and needy kids. Read the posts I linked to. Tell me you have done something this wonderful recently.... SRSLY. They are not the only ones. Just two examples of good people doing good things for kids stuck in a hospital, or ones whose family doesn't have enough money for Christmas presents. Twitter Friends Rule.

I'll be there Saturday, I hope I get to scream from Haunted House for once. And that Ginny does too....