Sunday, December 21, 2008

The beginnings of a cult....

Mindbling! Look what you started :-) I got me 3 followers now!!!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

OOHHH 2 followers!!!(updated)

Lookie!! Way down there on the left! I have a Rant Follower. Woohoo Mindbling!!! Your the first official Rant Follower! Thanks!! Love your blog too :-)

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I have a new Love this church pic for you all, but I haven't had a chance to transfer it to the pc from my phone. Will someone fix the F-ing mobile blogger for Tmobile already???


Now I have 2!! I'm on the way to world domination! HAHAHAHA!!!!

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It seemed silly to add another post. So, I am giving a shout out to Erin Patricia!!! Who is also on my blog roll too! Thanks ladies, for making me feel like someone actually reads the crazy shit I post over here. :-)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh Human Race!

In high school, while taking a sociology class my senior year, a study fascinated me so much that in college I took more Psych and sociology classes so I could better understand Human idiots.
To provide a background of understanding to those that don't know me:: I was never in the IN crowd. I was always a little outside the circles of cliques. I was younger than all my peers and at the same time more mature than most of them due to my life experiences.
Also, My mom told me 2 very important things when I was younger::

#1 That if there is something I didn't want do to, Blame her.
#2 There are leaders and followers. Why be a follower?

So, I was used to not conforming, and once I hit high school I made it an art form. I am not talking tattoo, underage drinking and craziness, I just didn't do that stuff because everyone else was. Because they were doing it was not a valid reason to do something for me. In fact, my response to those pressuring me became "I don't give in to peer pressure."
Yeah, that usually made people back off. :-)

So when I stumbled on to this article on my new favorite place to find crazy online, MSNBC, I just have to write about it.

Here is the story: Shocking? Most will torture if ordered.
I recommend that EVERYONE who reads this blog- read the whole article. You should understand the mental pressure to conform is enormous. Also, take time to read about the cliff notes version of the original experiment too. So, learn from it, don't be a moron.

Some things never change. Scientists said on Friday they had replicated an experiment in which people obediently delivered painful shocks to others if encouraged to do so by authority figures.

Seventy percent of volunteers continued to administer electrical shocks — or at least they believed they were doing so — even after an actor claimed they were painful, Jerry Burger of Santa Clara University in California found. The obedience rates in the new study were only slightly statistically lower than in the notorious original experiments, which were conducted in the early 1960s by Yale University professor Stanley Milgram.

Seventy Percent!!??? Stop being SHEEP people! You have a brain. USE IT.

Burger modified the experiment, by stopping at the 150 volt point for the 29 men and 41 women in his experiment. He measured how many of his volunteers began to deliver another shock when prompted by the experiment's leader — but instead of letting them do so, stopped them.
In Burger's modified experiment, 70 percent of the volunteers were willing to give shocks greater than 150 volts.

Hey you-- Human race! Your disappointing me here.

At one point, researchers brought in a volunteer who knew what was going on and refused to administer shocks beyond 150 volts. Despite the example, 63 percent of the participants continued administering shocks past 150 volts.
Even with an example of non-conformity.... you still have the BAAAA factor going on.

Milgram created a documentary film titled Obedience showing the experiment and its results. He also produced a series of five social psychology films, some of which dealt with his experiments. It was these films that fascinated me so. In college, I actually got to watch them in class. I was appalled at how easily a simple statement would get most to continue after being assured that they would not be held responsible or other things like "please continue" in the original version.

So there is my serious side. Don't be a sheep. Think about your personal morals before you just do whatever it is someone tells you too. If your pressing a button and its hurting someone, You ARE responsible. I wish some one had told the researcher to push the button instead. Damn sheep.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some poeple are just CRAZY.

Ok, in my boredom today. I found these articles:

Bury me with my cell phone

All I have to say is Why? Ok I sorta understand why when the article says this:

Some do it for the same reason people have always tucked mementos into a casket (or tomb, as in the case of King Tut). People want to surround themselves (or their loved ones) with the things they hold dear, whether that’s their cell phone and headset or some family photos, a fishing rod, a piece of treasured jewelry.
But this part.... is just totally CREEPY!!

Others do it as a way to provide comfort — both to themselves and the departed.

“I’ve seen family members place iPod earphones on the decedent and play songs as the casket closed,” says Pam Vetter, a Los Angeles funeral planner who helps create more personalized services for families.

I guess maybe cause funerals freak me out a little... But seeing someone *wearing* an Ipod and it playing while they are in the coffin.... *Shudder* Creepy.
And I just don't get this:
“We had a young man die this past summer and they put his cell phone in the casket for the viewing and it rang constantly,” he says. “It was turned to silent, but you could see the phone light up so you knew people were calling. And they were leaving messages. They knew he was dead, but they were still calling.”
Again... Why? Show up and pay your respects. Don't call the dead guy. Its rude in my book. Of course, MSNBC is awesome at linking me to an even creepier story:

Deceased Lawyer Still Takes Calls

And the story is summed up nice and creepy like this:

When Manhattan criminal defense attorney John Jacobs died in 2005, his wife, Marion Seltzer, not only buried him with his phone and a fully charged battery, she continues to pay the monthly phone bill and even calls him on occasion (since the battery’s now dead, the calls immediately go into Jacobs’ voicemail). She also had his cell phone number carved onto his headstone so others can call him
The headstone has the usual markings: his name, birth and death dates, and the words "Rest in Peace."

And, reports Scott Rapoport of CBS station WCBS-TV in New York, it has something else: Jacobs' cell phone number.
HUH? WHY? Can't the guy actually REST IN PEACE? Do you think his spirit might be thinking "QUIT f&*$ing calling me Already!!"
I know I would. Here is my notice. DO NOT bury me with my damn phone. I don't want calls or text messages after I'm gone.

Creepy crazy ass people.

I have added a poll so you can vote. :-)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Love this Church!!

I was so excited when I saw the sign today :-)

OK, so... Know the no??? Is "No" an entity now? Is this like "Know the man?" or is "no" a thing? As in "Know the Trolley?" I want to know what "Know the No" means!!

Love this church!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Randomness!! Pic Edition

Someone at work bought me a calendar full of funny/stupid things. Today I decided to post a couple that truly amuse me.

Working in tech support, I can appreciate this kind of stupidity.

The correct answer is : "Lady, put it back in the box and take the computer back to the store because you are not smart enough to own one."

Here are my new favorite reasons NOT to go to work:

Number 1 is my all time favorite... LOL
I have a bunch more and I'll dig them out and post them here for you to giggle at..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Who is the 3rd world country now?

I saw this article in the Trib. Mandated sick days in focus

I think this is important. Not just because I have kid. But because I spent time working for an employer who had (and may still have) terribly unfriendly family policies. This employer who I will call SlowShip had a policy of giving you sick days, but penalizing your stats for using them. I spent 3 months one winter sick, because everyone kept coming to work sick as HELL, and in the open triangle (no cubes) workspace- it was just a germ free for all. (At least in my current job, I have 3 walls between me and the rest of the office.)

that was when I started looking for a new job. My husband also worked for an employer who offered no sick time at all. Which is just as bad as SlowShip's policy. The reason employers should offer sick days should be clear. When I spent almost an entire 3 months sick, I know my production was not top notch, its difficult to focus when your sinus are about to explode or your throat feels like you swallowed a cactus. Add to that, no sick days. Multiply that by 100.

Now Mr employer. That is 100 people not working their best cause you won't give sick days. Tell me something.... Will you lose more money from the colossal loss of productivity for 3 months or from granting even 5 sick days to let the contagious stay home once in a while and NOT infect your entire workforce??? No lying. I know it cheaper to give sick days.

Here are a few notable stats about sick days from that article:

  • The United States is one of only four countries out of 173 in a recent survey that doesn't guarantee some form of paid maternity leave; the others are Liberia, Swaziland and Papua New Guinea.
  • Sixty-six countries, but not the United States, ensure that fathers either receive paid paternity leave or have a right to paid parental leave.
  • At least 145 countries provide paid sick days, with 136 providing a week or more annually, while the United States has no federal law providing for paid sick days.
This is pathetic. I am glad that my current employer doesn't have such terrible policies. I don't spend months being sick because someone is sneezing and coughing on me. It still happens on occasion. But having a sick day is nice

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, who co-founded the grass-roots, Internet-based group MomsRising three years ago, says policy-makers need to push harder for family-friendly workplace practices reflecting the fact that three-quarters of mothers now work.

"Our labor policies haven't caught up," she said. "Kids and mothers are falling through the cracks, and in a time of economic crisis the pressures will only get worse."

That, as Pitt girl would say, is Church!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Luke!

In honor of PittGirl... I have to post this.

Here in the Trib an article to make your brain hurt: Energy efficiency concepts little bit of hot air, there seems to be a bit of confusion....

As part of that new culture, Ravenstahl said an "energy audit" of the City-County Building is being done to evaluate how much it is wasting in utilities and find ways to make it more environmentally friendly.

Lindsay Baxter, Pittsburgh's new sustainability coordinator, said the audit has not begun.

Huh.... Guess someone forgot to tell her all about it, right? That is his story and he is sticking to it! We aren't done yet:

To cut energy costs, Ravenstahl told the group the city is pursuing putting windmills atop Mt. Washington to generate electricity via wind-driven turbines. He acknowledged such a plan could prove difficult.

"You know how tricky it is even building a building on Mt. Washington, much less building a windmill up there to generate energy," Ravenstahl told the group.

To which Miss Baxter replies::

"That's not something that we're pursuing currently," Baxter said after Ravenstahl's speech. "I think he mentioned that for the symbolism of it."

Instead, Baxter said the city is seeking money to install a solar panel atop a single city-owned building that is relatively energy efficient.

What? Again? OK, Who didn't get the FINAL version of the damn memo/speech?? That person needs fired. SRSLY. Who's blackberry wasn't synced properly? Hmmm? But we aren't done YET. There is more:

He singled out Three PNC Plaza as "the largest mixed-use green building anywhere in the world."

That's not quite right. The 23-story tower is slated to be finished in 2009 and will be "one of the nation's largest green, mixed-use buildings," said Fred Solomon, a PNC Bank spokesman.
dun dun dunnnn!!!

I wanna like Luke, really I do. But when I see dumb stuff like this I just have to shake my head and wonder....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stupid News Stories.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I am particularly bitchy right now. But I have to rant. alot. To feel better. Also, I have a feeling, later this evening, I will be posting my first ever guest rant from a friend of mine....

To make myself feel better, this is the post were I make fun of the stupid stories out there and/or the stupid people in the stories.


First Stupid News Story:

Its not the the story itself is stupid... It is the "DUH!" comments within the story that kills me.

FDIC: Bank overdraft fees hit young, low-income customers

Young and low-income consumers are disproportionately affected by overdraft fees.
DUH!!! Rich people dont have this problem. Cause they have a LOT of MONEY. This is like saying poor people require public transportation more often. Of course they do, they are POOR.

Overdraft fees suck. The new way banks process transactions also sucks. I understand why.... But I still don't like it.


Police discover suspected 'robber' at PNC bank was a cardboard cutout

I have to quote the whole little article. This went on for 90!! minutes. 3 apartment buildings were emptied.... I guess they thought a MIME was robbing the place.

A New Jersey SWAT team stormed a bank branch Thanksgiving night - only to find out the suspect was nothing more than a cardboard cutout person.

Cops first spotted the menacing-looking figure inside the PNC branch in Montgomery Township when they responded to an alarm there.

The first officers saw the shadowy image behind the closed blinds of the bank branch, which was closed for the holiday.

They used bullhorns and telephone calls to try to make contact.

No luck.

After an hour-long standoff, the SWAT team decided to end the impasse. They found no one inside except the life-sized cutout.

All I have to say is: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
An amusing version of the story can be found here on NBC Chicago's web site.


Deer gets revenge after hunter shoots him

Randy Goodman, 49, said he thought two well-placed shots with his .270-caliber rifle had killed the buck on Nov. 19. Goodman said the deer looked dead to him, but seconds later the nine-point, 240-pound animal came to life.
I am going to say that hunting is an important skill we should never lose and its needed in some cases to prevent over population which could lead to accidents and so on.....

My opinion: Get back to the shooting range pal cause you need some practice!!! And I call this "sometimes nature bites back!!!" HA!

I'm sure I will find more later. My last note-- Just cause I got girl parts, doesn't mean I don't know my way around a PC. 3 times in the last month I have had men talk down to me because being female means I must not know anything. You know what stupid men I talked to: I hate you and your sterotypes. I bet I know more about computers than all 3 of those morons put together. My job prevents me from simply telling these men to hang up if they are going to dismiss everything I say. But i can complain here. Jagoffs.....