Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Luke!

In honor of PittGirl... I have to post this.

Here in the Trib an article to make your brain hurt: Energy efficiency concepts little bit of hot air, there seems to be a bit of confusion....

As part of that new culture, Ravenstahl said an "energy audit" of the City-County Building is being done to evaluate how much it is wasting in utilities and find ways to make it more environmentally friendly.

Lindsay Baxter, Pittsburgh's new sustainability coordinator, said the audit has not begun.

Huh.... Guess someone forgot to tell her all about it, right? That is his story and he is sticking to it! We aren't done yet:

To cut energy costs, Ravenstahl told the group the city is pursuing putting windmills atop Mt. Washington to generate electricity via wind-driven turbines. He acknowledged such a plan could prove difficult.

"You know how tricky it is even building a building on Mt. Washington, much less building a windmill up there to generate energy," Ravenstahl told the group.

To which Miss Baxter replies::

"That's not something that we're pursuing currently," Baxter said after Ravenstahl's speech. "I think he mentioned that for the symbolism of it."

Instead, Baxter said the city is seeking money to install a solar panel atop a single city-owned building that is relatively energy efficient.

What? Again? OK, Who didn't get the FINAL version of the damn memo/speech?? That person needs fired. SRSLY. Who's blackberry wasn't synced properly? Hmmm? But we aren't done YET. There is more:

He singled out Three PNC Plaza as "the largest mixed-use green building anywhere in the world."

That's not quite right. The 23-story tower is slated to be finished in 2009 and will be "one of the nation's largest green, mixed-use buildings," said Fred Solomon, a PNC Bank spokesman.
dun dun dunnnn!!!

I wanna like Luke, really I do. But when I see dumb stuff like this I just have to shake my head and wonder....

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