Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some poeple are just CRAZY.

Ok, in my boredom today. I found these articles:

Bury me with my cell phone

All I have to say is Why? Ok I sorta understand why when the article says this:

Some do it for the same reason people have always tucked mementos into a casket (or tomb, as in the case of King Tut). People want to surround themselves (or their loved ones) with the things they hold dear, whether that’s their cell phone and headset or some family photos, a fishing rod, a piece of treasured jewelry.
But this part.... is just totally CREEPY!!

Others do it as a way to provide comfort — both to themselves and the departed.

“I’ve seen family members place iPod earphones on the decedent and play songs as the casket closed,” says Pam Vetter, a Los Angeles funeral planner who helps create more personalized services for families.

I guess maybe cause funerals freak me out a little... But seeing someone *wearing* an Ipod and it playing while they are in the coffin.... *Shudder* Creepy.
And I just don't get this:
“We had a young man die this past summer and they put his cell phone in the casket for the viewing and it rang constantly,” he says. “It was turned to silent, but you could see the phone light up so you knew people were calling. And they were leaving messages. They knew he was dead, but they were still calling.”
Again... Why? Show up and pay your respects. Don't call the dead guy. Its rude in my book. Of course, MSNBC is awesome at linking me to an even creepier story:

Deceased Lawyer Still Takes Calls

And the story is summed up nice and creepy like this:

When Manhattan criminal defense attorney John Jacobs died in 2005, his wife, Marion Seltzer, not only buried him with his phone and a fully charged battery, she continues to pay the monthly phone bill and even calls him on occasion (since the battery’s now dead, the calls immediately go into Jacobs’ voicemail). She also had his cell phone number carved onto his headstone so others can call him
The headstone has the usual markings: his name, birth and death dates, and the words "Rest in Peace."

And, reports Scott Rapoport of CBS station WCBS-TV in New York, it has something else: Jacobs' cell phone number.
HUH? WHY? Can't the guy actually REST IN PEACE? Do you think his spirit might be thinking "QUIT f&*$ing calling me Already!!"
I know I would. Here is my notice. DO NOT bury me with my damn phone. I don't want calls or text messages after I'm gone.

Creepy crazy ass people.

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  1. I can totally understand wanting to get buried with your cell phone. I freak out when I don't have mine. Sad, but true!

  2. death brings out the craziy in people.