Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pittsburgh is still traumatized...

So a funny thing happened the other day.
It got gawd damn COLD.
In 24 hrs it went from 50 to 30. I know!! I was in shock. My freaking car has been groaning for the last 3 days because it was in shock too...

EVERYONE who lived even remotely NEAR Pittsburgh in February 2010 knows about SNOMFG aka Snomageddon... I wont say another word. Doesn't need introductions. Ever.

On my way home from Cranberry the other day... I discovered just HOW badly Pittsburgh was still messed up from... well, you know. Snow flakes started blowing lightly (not landing or sticking) in the air and the next thing you know, EVERYONE is doing 45. On 79 south.
Nobody EVER does 45 on that stretch. But damn, I could practically hear all the screaming going on  in the traffic around me from the mere SIGHT of snow flakes.
*sigh* Its gonna be a long winter.