Saturday, September 26, 2009

What I learned...

I learned......
That I really really HATE protesters that destroy property- public and private- in the name of a "protest." I refuse to listen to a word your saying now. I have exactly NO respect for you. G-20 or not. I wish you assholes would go home and quit f&%$ing up the city. All the important people LEFT. Idiots. And Pitt Students- COME ON! You need to knock your shit off too. SRSLY.

I learned......
I fidget **endlessly** while sitting in a training room for like 8 hours a day. Really. I can NOT f&%$in sit still for more than 5 minutes. I get on my own nerves. But I can't help it. Sitting still and listening was never my strong suit. Show me and then let me do it.
If you didn't know, it turns I had to take Job B when they offered it to me because Job A called me with some bullshit about not being able to afford to hire new employees. I am pretty happy with Job B AKA New Employer at the moment. :-) I am glad Job A made my choice easier. I started monday which is why I have been MIA from twitter, blogging and facebook. Sorry about that, but the trainer frowns upon that while she tryin to teach some shit to us. lol

I learned......
That my internal clock really needs to adjust to me working again. I am still awake after 1:30am.... and I can't keep that up beyond this week. 1:30am is bedtime. Or I'll be a zombie.

I learned......
I really am a huge technology geek. And Technology can be complicated. And fun as hell. And damn addictive (read: blackberry). By mid next week, I will be carrying around two (what I call) "rent-a-phones" from New Employer, plus my own cell. That is damn ridiculous!! But I don't care. I don't care if I need a separate purse to carry my phones. Not one bit. Cause this is fun as hell.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Haters suck

Lately I have noticed that people leave the RUDEST comment on other blogs. I have never had a rude one, but since Ginny came out, they have been very mean on her blog. I just don't like that at all.

It pisses me off. ALOT.

They were mean before calling her a coward and other names for being anonymous and now- for some reason- even though they hate her blog even more- They STILL f&%$ing read it!!

STOP READING IT if you hate it so bad that you NEED to leave mean comments. Go find somewhere else to piss on. Why do you people think its OK to say things like::
"We get it! You hate pigeons! For each time you write about them I will
not vote to save a child. Fair?"
What? NO. MORON. Kids are way better than those rats with wings.
"I hate you. And your hair is ugly, too."
HUH? This must have been a 3rd grader. That's the lamest insult ever.

"I'm finding myself bored with your blog....."
Really? Then do us all a favor and GO AWAY LOSER.

Just a few samples of morons.... I am just amazed how people act. Would you say that to her face or do you just have PC Balls?? (You know- you only have the balls to say it on the computer.) I think these people have empty loser lives and that's why they post mean things. I also think that they are truly cowards in real life.

I'll tell you right now. Mean spirited comments here- will be met with a big giant F&%$ YOU. And I won't censor that. If you don't like my blog- quit f&%$in reading it. AKA GO AWAY.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open Letters....

I've decided to sum up my recent adventures in the form of Open Letters to those that annoyed me:

Dear Ghetto Kennywood Mom:
Matching your underwear to your outfit is cute- except when EVERYONE can see your BLUE polka dot underwear thru your WHITE shorts. ( I tried really really hard to get a pic.) Also, the $30 you spent buying food at McDonald's for your 3 kids (to eat cold later and fight with you about it), you could have spent on HOT food at Kennywood. They probably would have fought with you less.

Dear Ghetto Kennywood Mom #2:
Just cause my 2yr old kid doesn't stand quietly in a long ass line like your 8 yr old does, it doesn't give you the right to give me a dirty look when I send a text message. She isn't hurting anyone so, like I said: SHUT UP. Again.

Dear Kennywood Patron #1753 & #1754
When we ALL stand in the food line for 25 f&%$ing minutes and you STILL cant decide between the 5 choices, get the HELL out of my way. Or I will stab you with my fork. 2 year olds don't have patience for 35 yr old idiots who want meal 1 with side from meal 3 and a the gravy from meal 4. This isnt f&%$ing Burger King, pick something and MOVE IT.

Dear Random Drivers:
USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS! They are on EVERY CAR. I am sick of dodging assholes who cut me off, turn unexpectedly at me or in front of me, or drive like grandma on Sunday in her Blue Boat Cadillac. This pisses me off so badly I was ready to start sporking people the other day. Stop driving like ASSHOLES!! I don't give a shit what state your from or what they do there. srsly. IN PA YOU FAIL your driver's test if you DON'T use the damn things. 10 years later the rules HAVE NOT CHANGED.

Dear Rude Ghetto Pedestrian:
I know in PA you have the right of way. MOST of the time. However stepping out in a busy street- NOT in a crosswalk-and SLOWLY meandering your way across the road will you pretend ALL cars are invisible is F&%$ING RUDE and STUPID. Someday, I hope a car runs your ignorant ass over when you do that. 4 times this has happened to me recently. I hate all 4 of you.


Angie (aka that ranting bitch) :-)