Sunday, September 20, 2009

Haters suck

Lately I have noticed that people leave the RUDEST comment on other blogs. I have never had a rude one, but since Ginny came out, they have been very mean on her blog. I just don't like that at all.

It pisses me off. ALOT.

They were mean before calling her a coward and other names for being anonymous and now- for some reason- even though they hate her blog even more- They STILL f&%$ing read it!!

STOP READING IT if you hate it so bad that you NEED to leave mean comments. Go find somewhere else to piss on. Why do you people think its OK to say things like::
"We get it! You hate pigeons! For each time you write about them I will
not vote to save a child. Fair?"
What? NO. MORON. Kids are way better than those rats with wings.
"I hate you. And your hair is ugly, too."
HUH? This must have been a 3rd grader. That's the lamest insult ever.

"I'm finding myself bored with your blog....."
Really? Then do us all a favor and GO AWAY LOSER.

Just a few samples of morons.... I am just amazed how people act. Would you say that to her face or do you just have PC Balls?? (You know- you only have the balls to say it on the computer.) I think these people have empty loser lives and that's why they post mean things. I also think that they are truly cowards in real life.

I'll tell you right now. Mean spirited comments here- will be met with a big giant F&%$ YOU. And I won't censor that. If you don't like my blog- quit f&%$in reading it. AKA GO AWAY.

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  1. Amen! No nastiness from me... lol...

    I can't get over how people will read blogs of those they don't like or respect and complain about it. It's not like Ginny comes and punches her site up on someone's computer and drags them by the lapels to the monitor. Don't like it? Don't read it. End of problem. It's kind of like campaigning about a TV show you don't like... I mean, how hard is it to change the flippin' channel? Why do you have to ruin someone else's day?

    True about PC balls. Very prominent affliction, especially on political blogs.

    Anyway, I hope Ginny takes to heart that she has a ton more people that love her blog than hate it. And we that love it will defend her to the end.