Friday, November 28, 2008

People Suck.

This article on MSNBC.... Makes me hate people. This is why I NEVER shop on Black Friday. I hope that the morons who felt it was **necessary** To kill a man to get a F&$*ing Deal... all rot in hell. I hope the dvd player or Tv that they killed for was worth it. In fact, I hope it breaks the day after the warranty expires. I hope they drop it the night before Christmas and they can't get it replaced.

Wal-Mart worker dies after crowd rushes store

A co-worker said the clerk was "bum-rushed by 200 people," according to the New York Daily News. "They took the doors off the hinges," said Jimmy Overby. "He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too ... I literally had to fight people off my back."

Unconfirmed reports said a pregnant woman also miscarried as the crowd rushed in. Police added that "a 28-year-old pregnant female was also transported to an area hospital for observation."

I hope Karma comes back and kicks them all in the ass. To the people who trampled a PREGNANT Woman and killed a guy: If its bad and it could happen. I hope it does. To you.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., in Bentonville, Ark., would not confirm the reports of a stampede during the day-after-Thanksgiving bargain hunting, but said a "medical emergency" caused them to close the store.
SRSLY!!! A stampede? Are we Cattle? I guess so, apparently we are acting like it!!! WTF is walmart giving away that you have to hurt or kill someone for it? Crack? Barrels of money? WHAT!!!???

My brain is going to explode.....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Piggies and Kitkats

I bought Julia bathtub markers.... Only I spent more time drawing her piggies and kitkats than she did playing with it. She would then scribble it out an ask "where go?" and hand me the marker to start all over again.

Don't make fun of my drawing!

Love this church....

There will be a couple more church pics. Hopefully, I can get them friday morning before they change the signs. Its too dark when I leave work to get good pics... Now, onward with the silliness:

Do not aspire, do not dream. Dont bother.... HA!!

This, to me, is hilarious.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tennis Shoes are for sissies!

I will be the first to tell you that I am a poster child for Klutz. I fall. Frequently. Everybody falls. I am the rare person who admits it. I have tripped and fallen in south hills junction during the height of morning rush hour while trying to get to the trolley. I fell once, two houses up from where I live, heading to the bus stop and a lady in her car actually stopped to see if i was ok. I was 4 months pregnant and tripped in my own yard trying to get out of the rain. I have tripped on rocks and damn near landed in traffic. Bottom line is that if there is anyone who should not wear heels... Its me. :-)

However, I am going to take this moment to make fun of people who wear tennis shoes and socks to work. (disclaimer: if there is snow on the ground all fashion rules are out the window cause falling in snow sucks.)

Its almost a classic scene out of "9-to-5" Big hair, power suit/skirt (dark maroon), full make up and tan pantyhose. That is what I see sitting on the bus when she gets on. Ok, the hair is not 80's huge, but fluffy nonetheless. And then I see it. The super white sensible shoes and white socks. I just want to burst out laughing. She has got what could amount to luggage on her shoulder which I hope has some heels in it. Cause if she doesn't whip out some killer stilettos-- that outfit will be an epic FAIL.

The summer version of this are the women my age and younger who wear their flip flops, no pantyhose and they are chic right out of H&M. I am sure their dainty bags had Jimmie Choos or Manolo Blahniks in them. They don't look ridiculous. Even their flip flops are bejeweled or other wise glittery.

I am no fashionista, but this lady... was not chic. The white shoes were so dollar store cheesy. I would have taken a pic for everyone, but I just couldn't embarrass her more than she already should be. Walking through town today, I noticed that I was not the only one who wears the same shoes through out the entire work commute. Hell, I rarely walk out of the house in anything less than 2 inch heel. (that has more to do with me not liking that I am 5 foot tall and that makes all my pants too long) Downtown is not so big that you need walking shoes just to get to work. Not when the bus does a loop right through the middle of town and crosses close to the trolley stops.... Hey, If I can do it. Any one can. :-)

So, the moral of this story. "Tennis shoes are for sissies"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

What T F is wrong with people?

You know what? I lied. I did find something that really pisses me off. REALLY.

This article at MSNBC on Parents who needlessly let their children Die.

I hope they all go to jail. And they should not be allowed to have anymore children if they don't intend to care for them. This is unacceptable. Why aren't Pro life people screaming at these parents?

"What struck me was the fact that it was obvious from the expressions on the headstones that the children were loved," Asser said. "So it was especially troublesome they were not afforded the care that most parents would give their children."

Care that would have saved their lives. Maybe a life that could have made a huge difference in the world. Instead, the life is needlessly lost. And what makes my head want to burst, cause I cant FATHOM doing this to my daughter:

In the other Oregon case, Carl Brent Worthington and his wife, Raylene, have pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter and criminal mistreatment in the death of their 15-month-old daughter, Ava, who died at home from bacterial pneumonia and a blood infection, conditions the state medical examiner said were treatable.
Nice. Your child didn't even make it two years and you killed her. How can they look in the mirror? Let me add something from this article:

They belong to the Followers of Christ Church, whose members have a history of treating gravely ill children only with prayer.
What? Only with prayer? Hey, I love God too, but I think he is a little busy and I always thought that as a PARENT, you are that child's answer. YOU are supposed to be the one to care. In a child's eye, Mother is God.
And finally:

The Worthingtons also lost a baby boy in 2001, but an investigation was closed after family members told police the child was stillborn.
Don't spout religion to me. I don't wanna hear it. There is not an argument in this world I will agree with when it comes to getting the proper medical care for your child. I am a parent. and damn it, I love her so much I will seek out what ever medical care she needs, no questions asked. When you have a baby there is an unspoken promise to love, nurture, and properly care for that baby UNCONDITIONALLY. I don't think the bible says let your kids die if modern medicine can cure them. This is not some 3rd world country where you can't get medical help.

That's all I have to say about that.


I have been trying to come up with something to write. I got nothing. Not having Pittgirl around blogging as left me a bit uninspired. I have like two "Love this church" pics in my phone. But mobile blogger is still broken for me. At night, I just haven't had the energy to get the pics off the phone, upload them and then write something funny at 1230 at night. Not when the house needs cleaned, the laundry and dishes need done and I have to check my email...


I have a 22 month old who likes to take late afternoon naps and not go to bed until 11pm. I just can't even turn on my computer while she is awake.... "oooo whatisthat mommy?"

Other than traffic, snowy roads and a cold ass bus, even light up night was uneventful. I think my new blue coat doesn't attract the freaks like the tweety yellow one used to. Who knew?


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Things That Piss me Off: The NFL Refs

Players get fined for all kinds of reasons. They can't say anything or they get fined, they can't tackle too hard or they get fined. But yet, shit like this continues! The game score should be 17-10 Steelers, it will go down in history as the only game in over 12,000 to have a 11-10 score. Here is the moron's explanation:

"Referee Scott Green admitted after the game that his crew not only blew a call that cost Troy Polamalu a touchdown on the final play, but they confirmed it by using instant replay."
Here is the Post Gazette link Bull shit is what it is.

"Green and his crew at the least will have plenty to answer to their bosses today about the last call."
Really? I doubt it. Bad calls continue. Here is another link at ESPN

Green was asked why, since the ball didn't hit the ground during any of the tossing, the officials decided after huddling that the play should have ended.

"We didn't kill it on the field," Green said. "After [the] discussion we decided ... there was some confusion over which pass we were talking about and it was decided that it was the second pass that was illegal that did hit the ground and therefore we killed the play there."

However, the officials realized afterward they erred.

"I know," Green said. "The rule was misinterpreted."

That should be a fine. Fine the refs too. They had instant replay and still could not get it right. The NFL fines players on non penalty tackles and hits, days after the game is over. They send letters of apology to owners and teams. They are basically admitting either their refs are too dumb to make the right calls aleady. Doesn't game speed matter? Sometimes you can't put the breaks on.

To spread the bitching:
Our red zone offense was deploreable. How do you have 2 interceptions and only have 11 damn points? WFT is the problem? Yes, I understand injuries. But damn, tell max starks to earn his 7 million and make room for the running back to get over the goal line!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sleep? Where? What is that?

Most people know I am a Mom. Right now, I am a tired one.

My daughter and I have a unique bedtime routine. This has been since she was about 15 months old and showed her extraordinary climbing abilities. My fear of her cracking her head off the floor meant I removed the front rail of her crib and replaced it with a child's twin bed safety rail. It allows her to get out of bed without diving over the top. but she won't lay in her bed alone ad go to sleep. She likes to lay next to me and I refuse to let her sleep in our already snug full size bed.

Our routine consists of getting a bath, jammies, a warm sippy cup of milk and her snuggle(s). We head up to her bedroom around 930-10pm, close the door with just her night light and the radio on low, and lay on the fluffy rug my mom made for her that is right next to her bed.

Now the fluffy rug is made of very thick hook latched yarn. It's soft. I have 2 pillows, 2 blankets (1 for me. 1 for her) Ideally, she drinks her warm milk, lays down and falls asleep next to me. After the required waiting period, I pick her up, put her in bed and go on about my business for the rest of the evening. What usually happens, is that she plays a little, we talk and then she falls asleep.

Lately its not been working. Instead of sleeping by 1030, its more like 1130- midnight. And this is just not working for me. I need to clean, do laundry, and still like to get a nice quiet hour to myself (usually at the PC) before I crash. Last night. It was 230 am!!! Because she fell asleep in the car for 20 minutes. On the way home from my stepsister's.... I blame winter for this. I blame shorter days for this. I don't know if I can do this any better. Its hard to reason with a 22 month old about bedtime. I really don't mind our routine. We get this special mom/daughter time. I just wish it wouldn't last all freaking night. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Misc. Things that are currently Pissing me off.

On my list today (and its a big rant) is some old favorites--- People who don't listen. The conversation went like a lot like this:

ME: "In the Online Banking center window, at the bottom, it says 'Items Received'. Click on the 'View' button next to it."

DUMB ASS: "Do I click 'Go Online'?" (not looking at the bottom cause she apparently doesn't know her top from her bottom)

ME: "No. Look at the bottom next to where it says "Items Received." There is a View button. Do you see it? Click on that."

DA: "The button says 'go online'..."

ME: (sick of repeating myself an using the same tone I do with my 21 month old now) "Look at the b.o.t.t.o.m. of the box, where it says 'Items received.' Not 'Items to send' at the top."

DA: "Ok. I see that."

ME: "Click on the 'View' button on the right"

DA: "I click the 'view' button?"

My head was very close to exploding. I declared I hate people. I don't understood how this kind of dumbness remembers to breathe.

Other items on the list.

  • People who dislike the new president simply because of his racial heritage.... You know what? Its 2008. Get over it. Shut up and move to Canada if you don't like it.
  • Mobile Blogger. SRSLY!!! Fix it already. Its been broken since Oct 19th. This is seriously impacting my ability to blog. It annoying me and today, its pissing me off! I don't get on my home pc until 11pm sometimes and by then i usually forget what it was i wanted to write or my phone needs charged more than I need to transfer pics to my PC. In case. fix it. please.
  • Port Authority wants to strike cause 3% increases aren't enough? Really? Get real. In the real world, I can't come to work late 13 times and not get in trouble. In the real world I can't call off 60, yes 60!!!! times and still have a damn job. In the real world I contribute to my health insurance for my family, and it goes up every year. In the real world I have to work over 40 hours in a week to get paid overtime. In the real world I don't make $23.00 an hour, which is why I take the freaking BUS to work. See that conversation above? I should be making that to deal with such stupid people. I offer this quote from This Must Read Post Gazette article::
    "With Port Authority drivers getting the highest top hourly wage in any metro area when adjusted for cost of living, with four times as much spending on retiree health care as Philadelphia's system (even when SEPTA has three times the employees) and with full retirement benefits awarded to employees after only 25 years of service with no age requirement -- this is a system doomed to financial failure."
    Really? You think? I wonder. The 20 Union board members (yes a ridiculous 20!)... Do you still get paid when the drivers (that get my ass to work most of the time) strike or get locked out? What are you really doing for them? Who are you in it for? I think the union is stuck in the past. And 1 final question.... If PAT goes belly up- Who is gonna pay for all your shit then?
  • And finally. The end of Daylight Savings Time pisses me off. I hate that it is dark when I come home