Monday, November 17, 2008

Things That Piss me Off: The NFL Refs

Players get fined for all kinds of reasons. They can't say anything or they get fined, they can't tackle too hard or they get fined. But yet, shit like this continues! The game score should be 17-10 Steelers, it will go down in history as the only game in over 12,000 to have a 11-10 score. Here is the moron's explanation:

"Referee Scott Green admitted after the game that his crew not only blew a call that cost Troy Polamalu a touchdown on the final play, but they confirmed it by using instant replay."
Here is the Post Gazette link Bull shit is what it is.

"Green and his crew at the least will have plenty to answer to their bosses today about the last call."
Really? I doubt it. Bad calls continue. Here is another link at ESPN

Green was asked why, since the ball didn't hit the ground during any of the tossing, the officials decided after huddling that the play should have ended.

"We didn't kill it on the field," Green said. "After [the] discussion we decided ... there was some confusion over which pass we were talking about and it was decided that it was the second pass that was illegal that did hit the ground and therefore we killed the play there."

However, the officials realized afterward they erred.

"I know," Green said. "The rule was misinterpreted."

That should be a fine. Fine the refs too. They had instant replay and still could not get it right. The NFL fines players on non penalty tackles and hits, days after the game is over. They send letters of apology to owners and teams. They are basically admitting either their refs are too dumb to make the right calls aleady. Doesn't game speed matter? Sometimes you can't put the breaks on.

To spread the bitching:
Our red zone offense was deploreable. How do you have 2 interceptions and only have 11 damn points? WFT is the problem? Yes, I understand injuries. But damn, tell max starks to earn his 7 million and make room for the running back to get over the goal line!!!

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  1. At least it didn't make the difference between winning and losing, unless you had money on the game. Then you were a TOTAL loser after that awful call.