Saturday, November 22, 2008

What T F is wrong with people?

You know what? I lied. I did find something that really pisses me off. REALLY.

This article at MSNBC on Parents who needlessly let their children Die.

I hope they all go to jail. And they should not be allowed to have anymore children if they don't intend to care for them. This is unacceptable. Why aren't Pro life people screaming at these parents?

"What struck me was the fact that it was obvious from the expressions on the headstones that the children were loved," Asser said. "So it was especially troublesome they were not afforded the care that most parents would give their children."

Care that would have saved their lives. Maybe a life that could have made a huge difference in the world. Instead, the life is needlessly lost. And what makes my head want to burst, cause I cant FATHOM doing this to my daughter:

In the other Oregon case, Carl Brent Worthington and his wife, Raylene, have pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter and criminal mistreatment in the death of their 15-month-old daughter, Ava, who died at home from bacterial pneumonia and a blood infection, conditions the state medical examiner said were treatable.
Nice. Your child didn't even make it two years and you killed her. How can they look in the mirror? Let me add something from this article:

They belong to the Followers of Christ Church, whose members have a history of treating gravely ill children only with prayer.
What? Only with prayer? Hey, I love God too, but I think he is a little busy and I always thought that as a PARENT, you are that child's answer. YOU are supposed to be the one to care. In a child's eye, Mother is God.
And finally:

The Worthingtons also lost a baby boy in 2001, but an investigation was closed after family members told police the child was stillborn.
Don't spout religion to me. I don't wanna hear it. There is not an argument in this world I will agree with when it comes to getting the proper medical care for your child. I am a parent. and damn it, I love her so much I will seek out what ever medical care she needs, no questions asked. When you have a baby there is an unspoken promise to love, nurture, and properly care for that baby UNCONDITIONALLY. I don't think the bible says let your kids die if modern medicine can cure them. This is not some 3rd world country where you can't get medical help.

That's all I have to say about that.

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