Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things That Piss Me Off: Ignorant Parents

So, tonight My mom, sister and I, along with my daughter went out. We went to Olive Garden where I am pleased to say that I am sure the server read The Burgh Baby post 7 things all servers should know. She was an awesome server with my 20 month old time bomb.

Afterward we took Julia to South Hills Village Mall to play in that kid thing that they have by Macy's. I'll be the first to say sometimes Julia is bad. That's just how little kids are. But despite no nap, she was behaving. Until the stupid parents showed up. They brought their kid. AND her F%$#ing toys. To place where there is plenty of stuff to play on and little kids everywhere. It was a stroller and a baby. They should have NEVER brought those toys in there.

Julia was not the first kid to grab it an push it around. Nor was she the second. But she LOVES strollers and baby dolls. And she was the youngest 1 to see it and go for it. At 20 months she still thinks its community property if its in her view. And she saw some other girl pushing it and snapped it up as soon as it was let go of by that girl.

And then I had to be the f%$#in bad guy. That pisses me OFF. I had to tell her no it wasn't hers. Yet another little girl ran off with the damn thing. 10 min later Julia had it again when it was abandoned by a 4th girl. I had to *chase* her to get it. Into the mall. Twice. Only to have to take it off her again. Finally, the girl the who own it had it. But Julia had a melt down. She sobbed, threw herself on the ground, and then when i picked her up to try to calm her, She screamed as loud as she could 3 times while crying.

I did what I could. I took her took her to grandma and she held Julia a few minutes until dumb and dumber left with their kid, the stroller and baby doll. We showed Julia the slide and all was well again. Thank god.

The couple sitting close by said they hated when people brought toys because there was always a problem with little ones too young to understand. I agree.
Leave the toys in the freaking car!!
Cause I hate making my kid cry over something like that. Bitches.

now I am off to a pumpkin festival this weekend :-)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bathroom Accomplished!

The Bathroom is done. I was just too lazy to post these sooner....

This pic shows my shower curtain. It has the wall color and the tile color in the stripes.

TA DA :-)

One Word!

Hmmm... I guess the $10 word was too hard this week!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why i love this church.

Nothing sums it up better what it feels like to take customer service calls during a full moon. After being stuck on a call for over an hour- 45 minutes past the end of my day, causing me to miss 2 possible buses- repeating instructions that are being ignored, this is exactly what i feel. Lucky for me, bus number 3 was late.

The worst people to talk to are the ones who *think* they know what they are doing- but actually are SO dumb you wonder how they remember to breathe. And to top it off- i have to work tomorrow. I need a drink!

Wanted: someone to pick up change....

So the other day at work, I found this jewel of an article...

On the website there is an article about a tractor trailer accident. A truck carrying about 3.7 million nickels from the US Mint in Philly (aka the treasury dept), wrecked. $185,000 worth of nickels spilled on the highway. Since the truck hadn't reached the federal reserve in Miami, the coins are still property of the US Mint. So the treasury dept had to send people to pick up all those coins. 3.7 million. nickels. on the ground.

Would that so totally suck to pull coin duty??!!
"yeah, Wilson! I need you to go down I95 and pick up some nickels off the highway."

My favorite quote from the article is this:

Asked earlier how long the southbound lanes of the interstate would be closed, Miller said: “We don’t know. We’ve never picked up $185,000 worth of nickels before.”


Here is the latest update: $185,000 crash kills one on I-95

SCOTTSMOOR -- Federal authorities spent much of Wednesday clearing 3.7 million nickels off a stretch of Interstate 95 in northern Brevard County after an early morning fatal wreck.

NOW- for the record, its sad someone died in this wreck. I am seriously not happy about that at all. I am just amused that some poor employees got stuck picking up all those stupid nickels.

Workers used blowers to move the nickels off the roadway to reopen the highway
to traffic, while Treasury employees had the responsibility of re-packing the
more than 3 million loose coins, which were transported in canvas bags

I think I would quit my job.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So close!!!

All the tile is glued!

And the grout is 99% done. It needs some touch ups and to dry. At least I have use of the rest of the bathroom now. YAY!

The new faucet needs put on, the bathroom needs scrubbed, and the stuff put back in the bathroom.... soon soon :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Progress... Finally.

Progress on the bath room. Finally.

But damnit. It is still not done.

But there is progress! Its mostly tiled...

Still no plumbing yet.

Maybe sunday. plumbing and grouting.... hoping...

Now, I know your looking at the color of the wall and the tiles an saying "this don't match." It does though. I have a striped shower curtain that has all 3 colors and ties it all together.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homeownership can suck!

So, this is part my vacation. A broken up bathroom.

We discovered that previous owners did a terrible job fixing the first time. The back wall was soaked and later we found out the faucets were leaking too, which led to this pic... cause that wall had to be taken out partially too.

I thank god, I got the house with 2 full baths. I just hope its fixed before i return to work.

In other news, I took my 20 month old daughter AKA "the terrorist", to the childrens museum for the first time today. She loved it. She was so well behaved that i told her many times how pround of her i was.

Her favorite things were the big spinning discs with sand. She would stand there an watch me spin them, the sand fall and put her fingers in it. It was awesome. I have have video too. I am just too tired to upload it....

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, I have slacked. I have good reasons.

No funny stuff from the church i walk by, nothing to seriously piss me off and cause a rant. At least nothing I can post here and not jeopardize my job. Exhaustion from my kid and fighting off sickness...

I started my vacation today. So i have high hopes for this next week. :-)