Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homeownership can suck!

So, this is part my vacation. A broken up bathroom.

We discovered that previous owners did a terrible job fixing the first time. The back wall was soaked and later we found out the faucets were leaking too, which led to this pic... cause that wall had to be taken out partially too.

I thank god, I got the house with 2 full baths. I just hope its fixed before i return to work.

In other news, I took my 20 month old daughter AKA "the terrorist", to the childrens museum for the first time today. She loved it. She was so well behaved that i told her many times how pround of her i was.

Her favorite things were the big spinning discs with sand. She would stand there an watch me spin them, the sand fall and put her fingers in it. It was awesome. I have have video too. I am just too tired to upload it....

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