Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things That Piss Me Off: Ignorant Parents

So, tonight My mom, sister and I, along with my daughter went out. We went to Olive Garden where I am pleased to say that I am sure the server read The Burgh Baby post 7 things all servers should know. She was an awesome server with my 20 month old time bomb.

Afterward we took Julia to South Hills Village Mall to play in that kid thing that they have by Macy's. I'll be the first to say sometimes Julia is bad. That's just how little kids are. But despite no nap, she was behaving. Until the stupid parents showed up. They brought their kid. AND her F%$#ing toys. To place where there is plenty of stuff to play on and little kids everywhere. It was a stroller and a baby. They should have NEVER brought those toys in there.

Julia was not the first kid to grab it an push it around. Nor was she the second. But she LOVES strollers and baby dolls. And she was the youngest 1 to see it and go for it. At 20 months she still thinks its community property if its in her view. And she saw some other girl pushing it and snapped it up as soon as it was let go of by that girl.

And then I had to be the f%$#in bad guy. That pisses me OFF. I had to tell her no it wasn't hers. Yet another little girl ran off with the damn thing. 10 min later Julia had it again when it was abandoned by a 4th girl. I had to *chase* her to get it. Into the mall. Twice. Only to have to take it off her again. Finally, the girl the who own it had it. But Julia had a melt down. She sobbed, threw herself on the ground, and then when i picked her up to try to calm her, She screamed as loud as she could 3 times while crying.

I did what I could. I took her took her to grandma and she held Julia a few minutes until dumb and dumber left with their kid, the stroller and baby doll. We showed Julia the slide and all was well again. Thank god.

The couple sitting close by said they hated when people brought toys because there was always a problem with little ones too young to understand. I agree.
Leave the toys in the freaking car!!
Cause I hate making my kid cry over something like that. Bitches.

now I am off to a pumpkin festival this weekend :-)

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