Thursday, October 2, 2008

Freak Magnet

OK... for those who don't know me. I am a downtown freak magnet. I don't know why, but they all want to talk to me. Much to my dismay...

In the past, I had a guy, in the dead of winter at the South Hills Junction, ask me if i wanted to go home with him and "drink some booze." When I lived in crafton heights, in front for Gateway center 2 (where EVERYONE waits for buses) there was a guy asking in his distinctive Yinzer accent, for $75 cash to go back "home to atlanta" cause the girl he was with broke up with him after he moved up here. Yeah right dumbass, work on your southern accent... Once on my way to the bus stop to go home, a man approached me with a bunch of roses in his hand and told me that I was "too pretty" and I needed a rose. Except he needed $5 for the rose. I don't think so....

I have tried several methods of deterring these wierdos.... Looking unpleasant, faking turrets syndrome, faking a cell phone conversation, plain out ignoring the weirdo. Right now the preferred method is drowning them out. My Creative Zen Microphoto can get down right LOUD. So, usually, I blast it. People with in 3 feet of me know that I am listening to: Evanescence, 3 days grace, daughtry, linkin park.... You get the point. Its loud.

Today while trying to save my battery for the bus ride, i was reminded that I am a freak magnet. I was walking down the alley past my favorite humorous church. Its 5. There is literally 30 other people in this alley heading for a bus stop like me. Suddenly an older man jumps off the sidewalk and yells at me.

"I know you must be religious! Why do they have the church covered?"


Shocked, I said "I don't know why the church is covered." I walked away very fast. And i don't know. Its got this black netting all over it but I have no idea why. But to proclaim I "must be religious"?? Why must I be? What if I wasn't? I don't wear a blinking sign that says whether or not I believe in god or not. Why me? Why not jump out at the 30 other people walking by??? What made him think I had the answer?? Who the hell is this guy to badger me about the church anyway? Go inside and ask THE CHURCH!! I am pretty sure I'm going to hell for making fun of the church and all my cursing anyway...


I'm making sure that player is charged.

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