Friday, September 19, 2008

Wanted: someone to pick up change....

So the other day at work, I found this jewel of an article...

On the website there is an article about a tractor trailer accident. A truck carrying about 3.7 million nickels from the US Mint in Philly (aka the treasury dept), wrecked. $185,000 worth of nickels spilled on the highway. Since the truck hadn't reached the federal reserve in Miami, the coins are still property of the US Mint. So the treasury dept had to send people to pick up all those coins. 3.7 million. nickels. on the ground.

Would that so totally suck to pull coin duty??!!
"yeah, Wilson! I need you to go down I95 and pick up some nickels off the highway."

My favorite quote from the article is this:

Asked earlier how long the southbound lanes of the interstate would be closed, Miller said: “We don’t know. We’ve never picked up $185,000 worth of nickels before.”


Here is the latest update: $185,000 crash kills one on I-95

SCOTTSMOOR -- Federal authorities spent much of Wednesday clearing 3.7 million nickels off a stretch of Interstate 95 in northern Brevard County after an early morning fatal wreck.

NOW- for the record, its sad someone died in this wreck. I am seriously not happy about that at all. I am just amused that some poor employees got stuck picking up all those stupid nickels.

Workers used blowers to move the nickels off the roadway to reopen the highway
to traffic, while Treasury employees had the responsibility of re-packing the
more than 3 million loose coins, which were transported in canvas bags

I think I would quit my job.

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