Monday, November 24, 2008

Tennis Shoes are for sissies!

I will be the first to tell you that I am a poster child for Klutz. I fall. Frequently. Everybody falls. I am the rare person who admits it. I have tripped and fallen in south hills junction during the height of morning rush hour while trying to get to the trolley. I fell once, two houses up from where I live, heading to the bus stop and a lady in her car actually stopped to see if i was ok. I was 4 months pregnant and tripped in my own yard trying to get out of the rain. I have tripped on rocks and damn near landed in traffic. Bottom line is that if there is anyone who should not wear heels... Its me. :-)

However, I am going to take this moment to make fun of people who wear tennis shoes and socks to work. (disclaimer: if there is snow on the ground all fashion rules are out the window cause falling in snow sucks.)

Its almost a classic scene out of "9-to-5" Big hair, power suit/skirt (dark maroon), full make up and tan pantyhose. That is what I see sitting on the bus when she gets on. Ok, the hair is not 80's huge, but fluffy nonetheless. And then I see it. The super white sensible shoes and white socks. I just want to burst out laughing. She has got what could amount to luggage on her shoulder which I hope has some heels in it. Cause if she doesn't whip out some killer stilettos-- that outfit will be an epic FAIL.

The summer version of this are the women my age and younger who wear their flip flops, no pantyhose and they are chic right out of H&M. I am sure their dainty bags had Jimmie Choos or Manolo Blahniks in them. They don't look ridiculous. Even their flip flops are bejeweled or other wise glittery.

I am no fashionista, but this lady... was not chic. The white shoes were so dollar store cheesy. I would have taken a pic for everyone, but I just couldn't embarrass her more than she already should be. Walking through town today, I noticed that I was not the only one who wears the same shoes through out the entire work commute. Hell, I rarely walk out of the house in anything less than 2 inch heel. (that has more to do with me not liking that I am 5 foot tall and that makes all my pants too long) Downtown is not so big that you need walking shoes just to get to work. Not when the bus does a loop right through the middle of town and crosses close to the trolley stops.... Hey, If I can do it. Any one can. :-)

So, the moral of this story. "Tennis shoes are for sissies"

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