Saturday, October 2, 2010

Checking shit off the list....

So. First I want to mention that like 12 people Googled how to get rid of stink bugs... or stink bugs in general and then clicked on my previous post : Things that piss me off: Bug Edition

I wonder if they were inspired, amused or horrified by my murderous spree. One which continued with 4 more deaths and 4 that committed suicide when they found out I was coming for their little bug asses the other day.....

Second I want to mention that Strange Sightings tag may get revived. Cause I have seen some strange shit recently. Its amusing. I promise.


Tuesday I get to check off Scarehouse off my list... Now the issue here is I am so jaded that this stuff doesn't normally scare me. It may or may not. I am kinda hoping it does. Srsly.
I have a ticket ordered from Michelle/Burghbaby that votes for Jane Pitt/ThatsChurch to go thru there by herself... I'm sorry Ginny, but if it doesn't scare me, I would like to live vicariously thru you... LOL.

The biggest thing I LOVE about all my twitter friends is their generosity. Both these ladies are raising money for sick and needy kids. Read the posts I linked to. Tell me you have done something this wonderful recently.... SRSLY. They are not the only ones. Just two examples of good people doing good things for kids stuck in a hospital, or ones whose family doesn't have enough money for Christmas presents. Twitter Friends Rule.

I'll be there Saturday, I hope I get to scream from Haunted House for once. And that Ginny does too....




  1. If I were in Pittsburgh, I probably would have voted through Michelle as well, for no other reason than wanting to read about/see pictures and video of Ginny going through Scarehouse. Promises to be an instant classic.

  2. Totally... I can't wait. Oh and ill fix that typo at the end.