Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I learned at Scary Crazy....

I learned that some people will do ANYTHING for a good cause. Like running (yes running.) through a haunted house that terrifies her. Or putting on the most hideous dress and make-up I have ever seen in my life. They both looked like they wanted to puke and/or cry. But they sucked it up for KIDS.

Scary Crazy raised $6,299 to split between the 2 charities (see prev post)


Here is a taste. Trust me. Listening to this through Ginny's wireless mic in the VIP/RIP room? Hilarious! (For the record. Ginny went in it *a second time* w friends which I didn't know until later)

And From Unclecrappy... Our point of view....

Now that your done laughing.... What I learned....

I learned that I am not a screamer. ScareHouse made me jump out of my skin a several times. But I never screamed. Apparently, I have to be truly terrified to scream. Haunts just dont because I am too f*&%ing "its not real" about the whole thing. Only giant roller coasters  scare me enough to scream. Case closed. I lived vicariously through Ginny's screams.... Thanks hon. :-)

Also I learned that I am still the biggest klutz. EVER. Ginny might have lost a shoe... I freaking FELL on an uneven spot when I got too close to a rail near the end.  I felt it, but I was reacting to someone yelling at me and had no chance to save myself from ending up on my hands and knees.  And I missed doing a header into the opposing rail by hairs.

I was the head of the the group of 6. So 4 Scarehouse Actors, 2 ladies I didn't know, 1 reporter w camera man, and 1 twitter friend saw me bite it GOOD. My knee is killing me. I took 2 layers of skin off in one spot.

Now that your done laughing.... I would go again. It was pretty cool. I'll watch out for the rail next time... or maybe just not wear heels to disguise how freaking short I am.

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