Thursday, October 14, 2010

Strange (and scary) Sightings.... Random Edition

Resurrecting the Strange Sighting tag on the blog tonight... woo!!! lol 
I have a few things to show you tonight.... The first up::

Hideous Dress Courtesy Of Scarehouse Scott (pictured with said dress) He is the Creative Director of Scarehouse... and I would love to know where he found this....

Scott and the freaky bunny next to him enjoyed tormenting Burghbaby with that dress Ryan Secrest Style. Even though she eventually put it on. (Your welcome for me not posting the pic with you **in** the dress standing next to him. I have a few of those.... but they are too scary to post here lol...)

The dress?? **shudder**

From reader Beth:
I don't want to ask. I really can't imagine how desperate you are to work to BE IN this musical. Do you think the company who made this sign for the bus giggled the whole time??? Do you think the drivers were all: "I'm not driving the Menopause bus!! You drive it." Is there a union rule that says you don't have to drive the Menopause bus if you worked at PAT for at least 10 years???

Also from Beth:

As you see.... Proof that sometimes... the smart kids have WAY WAY too much time on their hands.... And no girlfriend....

And Finally.. All I'm gonna say is that they were doing their hairz out there the other night with hair dryers and curling irons.

Yes. Its a floor lamp. Yes, there are car cleaning products on the porch wall.... Yes, they started painting and then stopped. No. I am definitely  NOT gonna ask.

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