Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Bunch of Random...

So first up... The List

I am pretty sure with the exception of Twitter (and Friends) Karaoke... nothing else is getting checked off before next year..... So, Haunted House? Done. Karaoke? NEXT WEEKEND!!! WOOO. Anyway.
How can you go insane in under 20 minutes? {mom blogging}

Julia: What is this street's name?
Me: Pioneer.
Julia: Why is that its name?
Me: Cause it is.
Julia: Why?
Me: *brain explodes*

Julia: Why is there 2 green lights?
Me: Seriously? I don't know
Julia: Cause they put them up there.
Me: *brain explodes*

Julia: Where is Greentree Road mommy?
Me: What?
Julia Greentree road.
Me: Its the other direction.
Julia: Are we gonna go on it?
Me: No. We are going this way to grandmas
Julia: Why?
Me: Because This way is faster.
Julia: Why?
Me: *brain explodes*

Julia: Look mommy that police car matches our car
Me: [believe me] I know
Julia: Why is it a different color?
Me: Because police cars are different since they are the police [cut me some slack, my brain was hurting at this point]
Julia: Why does it have those lights in the window? Why we don't have those lights? Where are our lights? You NEED those lights mommy. Mommy how are you gonna get those more lights? Mommy one of the police lights is broke [burned out break light]. Where are all the other cars? Where did they go? Are they hiding from us?.....

Kid 1 - Mom 0 {/end mom blogging}
Dear Steelers and Penguins

Srsly?? Seriously? You all need to get your acts together. NOW. There is only ONE loser sports team in the city and that is the Pirates. Do me a favor.... KNOCK IT OFF.
love, me

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  1. It's OK, the Pens pulled it out last night. There's still hope. Flower can't possible continue to suck in this fashion... (can he?)