Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Idiots

I never ever shop on Black Friday. There is always a riot at a walmart over electronics. The traffic is insane.. At $3.09 a gallon my ass is sitting in the chair, shopping at Amazon. Srsly.
Finally... The people are NUTS.
Per the PG:
Shoppers head to the stores early
The first shopper at the North Hills Village Mall Best Buy appeared at noon Thursday for the can-you-believe-it deals that have become as expected this time of year as turkey. At least 300 people had joined nearly four hours later.
Nearby, a crowd of at least 600 people stood outside the North Hills Village Target.
REALLY??? WTF is wrong with people. Don't you spend 1 damn day with your family?? Huh? 1!!
Shoppers pitched tents to brave the rain or stood near store-supplied propane heaters to stay warm in the early hours this morning
You know what I call that? Fuckin.... Nuts.
Its cold. Raining. IT'S THANKSGIVING. Stay Home.
And in the "I can't make this shit up!" Column:
Before I go ANY farther.... WHY THE HELL IS THIS NEWS?????
Are you EFFING kidding me? My brain actually hurts from reading JUST the headline. SRSLY.
Whats next? 
"Pirates Players discover other teams win with low payroll and drink themselves in to comas"?
"OchoCinco realizes he will never see a Superbowl ring and end-zone dances himself in to traffic"?
"Anger over repeated threats for bus service cuts sparks Riders to beat management senseless"
 Oh wait... that last one could happen.... Heh.

I can't even quote the article. The whole story is completely absurd. It makes me so mad I want to spork the AP for even publishing this story ANYWHERE.

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  1. I never EVER do that Black Friday crap. Not only is it a huge time-suck, I just know that after waiting out in the freezing cold with hundreds of other mutants, by the time I get in there, all 10 of the highly advertised HDTVs would be long gone.

    Then I'd have to spend the rest of the holiday weekend in the slam, because of the cleanup I'd necessitate in Aisle 5. And 6. And parts of 7.