Monday, August 31, 2009

Idiot Adventures In Parking

I was at Sam's club the other day when I saw parking retardness at its best. (Yes, I made that word up, it's my blog.)

This is how *this* Handicapped space should be used:

This is How NOT to use it:
The Buick on the right there with the door open? It was halfway out into the aisle. You could NOT drive around it. Realistically, there was plenty of room either side of the stupid Cavalier for that moron to park and not BLOCK the f&%$ing road. That's a van accessible space. It's f&%$ing HUGE.

And to the driver of the Cavalier- HELLO if you couldn't see the f&%$ing lines then you shouldn't be driving. At least have enough brains to re-park your car when you realized just how bad you f&%$ed up that parking job.

Then I spotted this gem of an idiot on the way out of Sam's Club:

Right outside the exit door. There is a HUGE BAY on the right of this picture where this moron could have parked, instead of 10 feet from the exit where I almost walking into your f&%$ing car. If you needed and handicapped spot:

SEE PLENTY OF SPOTS- just in the aisle we were parked in. And, as you can see the bay was empty too. I hate bad drivers. I hate idiot drivers. And finally, proof that they are everywhere and come in all ages:
This idiot was half on the regular driveway and half on the gravel extension. And he almost fell while getting out of his car.


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