Saturday, August 15, 2009

Songs (and singers) That Piss Me Off: Part 2

I did it again, I listened to the stupid radio today. And some shit pissed me off....

  • Katy Perry. I hate your "I kissed a girl" song (because little girls were singing it and should not have been) and I hate your "Vegas" song(cause i heard how bad you sound singing it live). I have heard it 4 times today while making zucchini bread (B94, HELLO? your play list needs to be BIGGER) and I have *hated* it all 4 times.

  • Any song with the words "disco stick" Really Lady Gaga? Was that the BEST dick metaphor you could come up with? My sister wants to spork you in the eye every time she hears one of your songs. BTW- your outfits are stupid.

  • Any song that the singer's voice is synthesized through the *whole* song. What that says to me is that your singing is SO BAD that the only way it can be marketable is by completely changing it. Remixing won't even help your sorry ass like it does Brittany and Katy. American Idol contestants that were in the top 24, sing better than you. Yes, better than Brittany and Katy too.

  • Any song called "Parton Tequila" with words like are "Imma have you drunk and throwing up..." or "Who wanna get fucked up" You know what ladies? It's called Alcoholics Anonymous. TRY IT. Sobering up will really go a long way towards helping you think of MORE WORDS and REAL SENTENCES. All that song is really about is how you ended up in a girls gone wild video or in web porn doing [insert vulgar terminology here]. I don't care how pretty your are, when you sing that song - you are all LOSERS.
Everyone make note of that?

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