Monday, August 17, 2009

Stubborn 2yr olds....

So, Saturday I was invited to a little thing at BurghBaby's Awesome new house. Yes, it is totally awesome. I baked some fresh zucchini bread, and after the kid took a nap, we (husband, kid and I) ventured out to her new place.

I confess I was nervous. These were mostly (I think) people I talk to on twitter, and I had never met anyone of them face to face. And I was bringing the Mistress of Destruction with me. Yeah. Nervous.

If adorable Alexis ever had a polar opposite - it was Julia on Saturday. Alexis seemed shy from all the people and kids. Julia, however, did not care. she dived right in to the play room with several other kids since we were the last to arrive. Tim settled in to keep an eye on her in the play room while I tried socialize. Its a little like being the new kid, striking up the conversation is the hardest part. I ventured downstairs and helped with peeling pizza dough off the wax paper (I held) and made small talk.
Not long after Julia came bursting out of the back door, my husband sends me a text "I cant find our kid" LOL. She played "park" and (sorta) with other kids.

But I know her. She finds trouble. It should be her middle name. My mom called me once to check on the splinter from hell situation, and i jinxed it all by saying julia was being pretty good...

I shadowed her the rest of the evening worried she would do something awful to BurghBaby's awesome house. Once she tried to go wandering around their 2nd floor. She climbed onto a water table (no water) and stuck her head through the kids sized basketball hoop. Twice. I am pretty sure she is partly responsible for the bomb that went off in the playroom.

The 2 worst moments of the evening went like this--
Moment # 1 was when she spotted the trampoline in the next yard. I had to chase after her and retrieve her from the damn thing. Immediately she brought out the child psych warfare. (It worked on her daddy in the dr's office once and this was the 3rd time recently she did this to me.) Julia began screaming stuff like: "ouch, it hurts, your hurting me" etc and crying. Loudly. All I was doing was herding her up the damn hill side. :-( I don't even want to think everyone there thought I was hurting her. But I pleaded silently for her to just go back to the party and she eventually did.

Later she discovered the trike in the basement and by the time I convinced her to come upstairs, everyone but 1 person had left. (of course) Finally at 9 came the 2nd moment. I had to make her leave. She wanted to be Alexis's new best friend and I don't think Alexis was feeling that at 9pm. I forewarned everyone still there. I knew what she would do. There is NOTHING I can do to stop it, but be MORE stubborn than her. (Just like the going to sleep in her bed thing. I won that round tonight, but that is another post)

Moment # 2 was when I forced her to leave. Practically tackling her, and picking her up and she screamed and cried right up to with in inches of the front door. I let her open the door. Then she left normally and we got in the car with out further incident. How is it, that ALL the other kids left with out a fight and my kid has to make a SCENE!!??

So, I am truly sorry for my little terrorist. I hope that I'll be invited back again despite my crazy ass kid. Next time, I'll wear a name tag that says "My twitter name is rantpittsburgh" on it.


  1. ALL 2 year olds are stubborn at some point in time! And I'm sure Alexis was just more comfortable because it was her house.

    Hey...I'm going to try to go to PodCamp, even if only for 1 of the days. I'll wear my twitter name ;)

  2. I know how you felt not knowing anyone. Luckily I had met AllisonB several times before and our boys are close in age (though they will NOT play together *sigh* toddlers). I didn't know what to say to others beyond asking Allison "who is that?" "do I know her/him?" Next time I'll know I know you! :)

    Oh, and ya, I'm pretty sure anyone watching at one point thought I was too rough with Peanut. He was in the playhouse outside, screaming like a banshee "MIIIINE" something so I reached in through the window, grabbed him by his overalls and pulled him out through the window. I was careful not to let his head hit anything but anyone watching probably didn't notice that. And then I told him he couldn't play unless he played nice. I hope he learns that soon...

    It was nice to meet you, even if we didn't actually meet!! =D

  3. I totally missed all the escape artists and dragging and such. Darn!

    Thanks for coming out! Alexis says your bread is, "Nummy."

  4. @hdowney I hope that i can make it to a podcamp too someday

    @Chasingalittlelion:: Oh i was standing sight there when you pulled him out of the play house. Julia was also in there screaming MINE! too! lol

    @burghbaby i am glad Alexis likes the zucchini bread :-)

  5. Ummm, yeah. So why Boy Child has to be rationed when we not so often accept invitations to normal people's homes. This is my everyday experience. Welcome to my world.