Monday, August 10, 2009

Gamblers are so dumb

So, I am watching KDKA NOON news today and the casino reporter says ::

"We tried to interview people for our story and they kept hiding from us. When we were finally able to ask them why, they said they called off work and were avoiding their bosses!"

HELLO! Dumb asses!! The CASINO IS OPEN 24 F&%$ING HOURS A DAY. You can go AFTER WORK. It will still be there. I know what a f&%$ing concept- going somewhere after work. I never gamble (losing money pisses me off since i don't have money to piss away like it's nothing.) and even I know its open 24 hours. Have you never seen the show Las Vegas?

I hope you don't win a f&%$in thing for being that dumb.

And for the people who did interview. Listen, If you don't like the machine cause its newer than the "ones at the meadows...." Then GET OFF YOUR ASS and drive to the meadows and play. Quit bitching about how your losing all your money and you don't like the machines if your going to keep dumping money IN THE damn machine!!!

BTW, The purpose of a casino is to TAKE YOUR MONEY. Not for you to win it all. Don't forget that. Sometimes you'll win, but odds are, most of the time you will LOSE.


  1. Well, it's that whole thing about being "among the first". I probably won't ever step foot in the casino. Ever. I was in Vegas and spent $30 and probably won't ever gamble again. Unless you count the lottery, that is. And I only play once in a great while...

    They say gambling is a tax on the stupid. I'm beginning to see why...

  2. Yeah, they were probably talking to my MIL or some one she knows . . . honestly, people have no freaking sense.

  3. Hay, don't they have free drinks? Can't ya just hang out at the penny poker table, and sip martinis all night?

    I didn't think we needed a casino, though it will bring lots of business from out of state, given Pittsburgh's sorta centralized location. I didn't find a link to casino density in the US.