Saturday, August 22, 2009

Retire? Who said I was retiring?

So Mr. "I need a dictionary to learn the meaning of RETIRE" played his first game. Let's look and see how it went:

Off-target Favre debuts for Vikes, who beat Chiefs

Cheered loudly by the same fans who used to loathe him when he played for
Green Bay, Favre played two series and went 1 for 4 for a whopping 4 yards. He
moved around all right and his passes had zip, just no direction.

Well, when you FAKE retire for the last 3 years so you can miss TRAINING CAMP, that tends to happen.

His first pass was off target.... Favre was off the mark twice more on the next
possession, misfiring toward Jaymar Johnson after an apparent route
miscommunication and then chucking one out of everyone's reach on the pressure
by Mays. The holder of every major NFL career passing record knows this version
of the West Coast offense well, but it will take the Vikings time to get in a
groove with the new guy.

Really? Well Training camp helps with that shit too. How many weeks will you suck while all your new team mates were busting ass in training camp, Hmmm?

BTW:: Pronounce your name right for goodness sake its not FAR-ve. What language pronounces a letter BEFORE it appears in the word? Tell me please. Cause until I get a reasonable explanation...
Its FAV-re.

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