Friday, August 7, 2009


I wanted to say sorry to all my faithful 30-some readers. I just haven't had it in me recently.
I had unexpected upheaval in my work life that left me with out a job and very necessary health insurance. (BTW- F*&% You Former Employer.)
My kid went temporarily insane for 2 weeks, probably due to my stress.
I had to rewrite my resume. twice. (thank you to my bestest friend for helping me the 2nd time)
And I had to look for a new job with my temporarily insane kid practically attached to me.

*sigh* Rough.

So, the good news, I quickly found a job that starts in Sept (it sucks that its a pay cut but it is a hell of alot better than NO job), turns out Obama made my cobra premiums for insurance affordable, and my kid has mostly stopped acting insane. Mostly. I still have to make it through this month, and I will. So, I am going to hit MSNBC next and see if there is any good shit to make fun of.

Let's face it. You guys miss the funny shit right? I thought so. :-)

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  1. I had totally forgotten about the Cobra legislation. Look at Obama being all helpful, n'at!