Friday, August 28, 2009

Choices..... (A semi serious post)

So... I may have 2 possible choices ahead of me. I became unemployed back at the end of July. The "Why" doesn't matter. But I may have 2 job offers on the table and I might have to choose between them. I am getting unemployment so I have a little luxury of not NEEDING an immediate job. But still needing one.

The economy still generally sucks, all the 8-5 jobs are impossibly hard to find and since I lack a degree, I am generally screwed despite my ability and skills. The other thing that annoys me is that employers seem to want Harvard Quality Customer Service reps and only want to pay High School drop out prices. I had to turn down 1 offer and a couple interview requests simply because their base rate was absurdly low.

Seriously- Employers, when you look at my monster profile and my resume- that field called SALARY RANGE- its not a joke. I am not kidding. Don't call me with an offer $2-3 less than that. Please. And where it says type of work- I really mean FULL TIME and I really mean PERMANENT. Don't call me with a 3 month contract. If I wanted contract work, I would have selected that option. SRSLY. So, all that time I spent filling all that shit out on monster, why don't you take 5 freaking minutes to READ IT.


Job A is a lock.
I may have to work nights -till 11pm in downtown and at least 1 day every weekend. Job A is not being forth coming about my schedule, or other benefits because I have to go thru a STUPID temp agency to get it. Its a pay cut. I'd still have to pay for a $75 bus pass, worry about bus schedule and fare changes, the fact that it takes an hour to get to and from town on a bus when I live in freaking Brookline. Let's not forget $400 for cobra insurance for at least 90 days. If I take Job A, I could move up to a daylight shift, but possibly still have to work weekends and holidays. Who knows how long it would take to achieve the pay rate I had previously.

I interviewed for Job B today, and I go back Monday for interview 3. IF, IF I am offered Job B, I have a choice I have to make.

Job B is still a maybe.
Job B is not even in an industry that I have worked in before. Job B told me I would sure as hell be working nights till 11. I would probably start off on weekends too. I would surely work holidays. But then they followed it up with this: Health ins immediately, pay is starting at almost the exact same rate I had, 2 weeks vacation after 6 months, annual raises & performance bonuses, shift differentials and growth opportunities. The down side is I have a 2 yr old and working nights for a year would suck. But seniority shift bidding means I could eventually get off the night shift. I hope. They are also in Cranberry, about 45 min away with no traffic, with traffic probably an hour. No bus pass here, but more in gas. It was suggested I may find someone nearby to car pool with after training. It would also not be $400 a month to insure my family.

Job A & B both have good and bad points. If I have to chose between them, I am going to have to figure out what trade offs I can live with. Of course if Job B declines to offer me a position, this is all moot.

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