Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Pirates are sooooo bad that...

The pirates are sooooo bad that....

A fan tried to off himself at the game when it became clear he wasn't at a PROFESSIONAL Baseball game.

OK. So, that's not the USA Today real headline. But it should be.

The ball did not strike him, but the fan lost his balance as he leaned far over the railing — which is about 3 feet high — and he landed face-first onto the mostly clay track that rings the field. Trainers for both teams immediately rushed to help before several doctors were summoned. The fan, who appeared to be in his 50s but was not immediately identified, was conscious and responsive while being taken off the field on a stretcher, according to the Pirates.

Yeah, Fan, you keep telling that story. We, in Pittsburgh, ALL know this headline is the real reason you took that dive:

Pirates' fundamentals 'embarrassing' in defeat

Here is, perhaps, the most frightening part for these Pirates: The season does not end until the fourth of October.

Two months.

And, if they do not improve quickly -- and dramatically -- on their abysmal showing in the 11-6, 12-inning loss to Arizona last night before 17,311 audibly groaning fans at PNC Park, that will feel more like two years.

"Embarrassing," one everyday player called it, among a few other choice words.

Hell yeah it is. But when you've nothing left but Farm Team talent, what does everyone expect. They are taking SUCK to a new level I have never witnessed before. SRSLY. I am thinking that Andrew McCutchen will be traded next year. We cant have that kind of good talent on our Farm Team.

I want to blog about other stuff. I really have been looking. But I am haunted by the Pirate Suck going on. There is just nothing out there i can flip out about. Steelers are starting, but all that rant is Jane Pitt's territory. She does it best. Oh well. Pirtate Bitching continues.

BTW, I F*&%ing HATE The PBC Management. You Suck.

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