Sunday, October 4, 2009

There is always one....(that pisses me off)

I am 2 weeks in to my job with New Employer and even in our tiny training class... There is one girl, we will call her "Baltimore" (Which is SO damn fitting if your a Steeler Fan), who has managed to annoy me to DEATH.

My co worker that sits next to me, says that things like this work themselves out, meaning she will either get with the f&%$ing program or she will fail out. Either way, I still need to bitch about her to keep my head from exploding.

The first (and worst) thing that Baltimore does is CONSTANTLY play with her iPhone. We are learning a TON of stuff on how to do our job and she is over there with 1 ear bud in listening to f&%$ing Pandora. ALWAYS. It's like she would not be able to *breathe* if her iPhone wasn't attached. I understand you need to stay awake in class, but you also have to PAY ATTENTION to class too. She really doesn't go ANYWHERE with out it attached to her ear. SRSLY.

We were giving mini presentations the other day and she completely ignored everyone and sent text messages almost non stop for 40 minutes. While listening to Pandora.

We watched a video and she spent the whole video, texting. While listening to Pandora.

A speaker from Quality came in for 2 hours to go over stuff with us and she did not participate even once the whole time. While listening to Pandora.

When the guy came back a few days later she practically harassed him for participation "gems" our trainer gives out. While listening to Pandora.

Our trainer talks about active listening. And this bitch is NOT actively listening to anything that's not coming thru the ear bud implanted in her f&%$ing ear. Anyone who has worked in call center customer service knows the term IVR. Interactive Voice Response system AKA That F&%$ing Automated System. But since Baltimore doesn't pay attention, she starts asking us all these stupid questions when we are all trying to work. I have a feeling she is not going to do well on the tests where we are not allowed to talk to the person beside us.

When we do research activities out trainer has started playing HR Appropriate Pandora (inside joke), which is nice. Well, Baltimore gave all these suggestions of shit she likes, but when the trainer puts the music on, BOTH ear buds go IN!! This wouldn't be so bad if she didn't f&%$ing SING ALONG to her own music, creating a distraction. I actually think our trainer told her to stop that Wednesday.

The other day, we had a 5 minute mini break, 1 minute before we start class she decides to call AT&T and bitch about the fact that she have overages on her bill. HELLO?! PUT THAT DAMN IPHONE DOWN FOR 5 MINUTES!! She then hung up on the rep at AT&T when class had to start back up. She did call them back a couple days later at the end of lunch and get the unlimited plan cause good lord, she needs it.

We had a fire drill the other day, she disappeared and then claimed she was "standing by the parked cars" near us. UH, No you weren't. There is a reason they tell us where to go, you idiot.

Her iPhone addiction has gotten to the point that she has been charging it at work now. And she skipped out early on class Friday cause she was "sick." I'm sure that the reason she got this job was because after the 4th try, she figured out what to say that would get her hired. She is young and stupid. She doesn't ever socialize with the rest of us, even though we are all cool and fun as hell. But that's okay with me. That means I am less likely to smash her stupid iPhone just to see if her heart stops when Pandora does.


  1. What puzzles me is why she's still there? Didn't anyone in charge notice her unprofessional behavior?

    Either way, she'll wash out soon enough. There's no way she'll be able to keep up once the actual job starts.

  2. I don't see her making it here 6 months. Apparently our next supervisor is a bit of a hard ass. Unless she starts taking her job seriously, I don't see her lasting long.