Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Penn DOT and Asshole Drivers

Penn DOT seems to be on a mission to piss me off. It's working. Now that I work for New Employer, I have to travel up 279 and 79. Two recent Friday afternoons we got stuck in traffic for miles going home. Why? I'll tell you why. Cause even though it was POURING rain both Friday's....
They decided to patch concrete.
Starting at 5PM on a FRIDAY EVENING.
5!!! Hello!!! You got bright f&%$ing lights, cant you start... I don't know... AFTER rush hour? Like 7??? What makes it worse is that the only concrete on 279 is on bridges, but they have it down to 1 lane from the 79 (aka The Highway that will NEVER be done) split to well past Camp Horne rd On Ramp. For 1 bridge that is closer to the Camp Horne ramps. Really? you need ALL that blocked? SRSLY?

Well it turns out that now they want to do this NIGHTLY. But starting a 6. OK. Fine. Except I had to stay till 630 for a work function tonight. It was bad enough that traffic was backed up for about 2 miles on 79 because Penn DOT workers felt the lane block needed to start 7 miles before the actual work site. (assholes)
Somehow, an ASSHOLE in a black Cadillac Escalade got in front of us. The driver had me so pissed off that I was about to call the police and report them for reckless driving. And I wasn't even driving. My husband was.
First, he/she cut us off to get in front of us at the merge point, then the SUV was weaving between the single lane and the shoulder of the highway. The driver would speed up and then slam on the breaks, causing us to do the same on several occasions. I thought about 10 times we were going to hit the caddy or be hit from behind. I also speculated that the driver was trying to cause an accident. At one point on 279, the SUV slowed down to about 30 mph, started riding the middle of the shoulder and lane. There was enough room for 3 semi's to fit between the SUV and the car in front of it. He/she hit their breaks for no reason and we almost plowed in to it. When we finally reached the area where actual work was happening, the asshole driver nearly STOPPED TO LOOK! At construction workers?! Then the ass floored it out of the work zone, which was only 1/2 a mile longer amazingly enough.

I am sure I dropped every swear word I know during that time. Thank goodness Julia was not there. There was another section of blocked lane and I could see the asshole 10 cars in front of us, still driving erratically. I was relieved when we got of of the work area. Relieved.

So, Penn Dot Do me a damn favor and really decide if you need 15 miles of highway blocked off for 1 bridge. I don't think I can take another asshole in front of me like that. The Friday work? Can't you start that later? Damn. People want to get the f&%$ home from work ya know....

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  1. Just for that reason, (slow or erratic driver in front of you), I always thought you should have a water cannon mounted on your hood.

    I don't see why it couldn't even be toggle-controlled from the inside, for side shots.

    Some drivers just need to be hosed down. And the same goes for those people that dawdle along when crossing the street in front of your car against the light.