Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I have learned..... and other shit

I am sorry for going so long between posts... It just has not been in the cards for me...

What I have learned:
Even though i wear my contacts 355 days a year, (I know! Bad bad... but I am practically blind and life is much easier this way.) Sleeping in contacts while being attacked by a wicked sinus cold is a BAD thing. So bad that I scratched my right eye and irritated the shit out of my left eye. I haven't worn glasses in FOREVER and when I pulled them out... I vowed to live with wearing 1 contact and just suffering. Anything to keep from looking like Harry Potter's sister. Srsly. As I write this, I still only have 1 contact in, but my eyes are not a new shade of red anymore... thank goodness.
I am hoping in the next couple days my eyeballs will stop hating me and my F&%$ing Halloween cold will clear the rest of the way out....

What I have learned:
That 7 weeks of classroom training still doesn't prepare you for the brain explosion of taking calls alone (sorta). All the shit you learned now needs to be more than just theory.... and that's a challenge in my new line of work...

What I have learned:
No matter what I try, my almost 3 year old kid refuses to stay potty trained. She will do it for my mom and sorta for me, but not at all for her daddy. She KNOWS. She just refuses, so if you got tips, tricks, ANYTHING, please share. I need HELP.

What I have learned:
That there is a real life Dennie the Menace and he has moved for a 40 acre farm in Virgina to 2 houses down from me. And while he appears to be destruction with feet, its my neighbor I feel for. He has become the unwitting "Mr Wilson" stuck in the role of giving the kid juice boxes to go away when he is working in the garage, dealing with him climbing and hitting the metal fence between the yards, and other annoying shit...
His dad is trying to adapt, but this is the city and your kid is 7. You just cant send him outside and NOT check on him for HOURS. SRSLY.

I'm gonna rest my eyeballs now.

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