Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pre-Christmas Rant

(yay for a steelers win!! woohooo)

I hope that in 2 days I can take back everything I say now... but somehow I doubt it.

Recently I ranted about family members who continue to buy themselves stuff well into December, thwarting everyone else's attempts to get then Christmas gifts. It pisses me off.

Well my Christmas is celebrated in 4 parts over the 24th and 25th. (not in this order) At my house, my moms house, my dads house and his mom's house. This is because we just cant visit all these places in 1 day. It's not possible. (We tried. And my house its a bit too small to have EVERYONE come here.) Even more so now with a a nearly 3yr old child.

Sadly enough 1 of the 4 parts has become infamous for Christmas/Holiday Fail. Lost gifts, the completely wrong gifts, Clearly thoughtless gifts. (special edition Chinese checkers anyone??), non assembled gifts for small children who then burst out in tears when its taken away to put batteries in.... It doesn't matter, every year its something. And while I am hella excited to hear Julia say (again) "Thank you my present, I LOVE it!" I also quietly fear Christmas Fail because its the one time during the holiday that gets me srsly upset.

Also me and the Kodak are on non speaking terms because of its fuckin FAIL at taking a decent picture or even having the damn flash go off when it is supposed to. Also add to it, the new problem of it not holding a charge.. I am generally ready to kick it to the curb. So, who knows what kind of pics I will get out of this holiday. :-( I have been having more trouble with it lately and that translates to less pics of my Julia. (Though I don't take near as many as Burghbaby) Which leaves me rather pissed because this year Julia understands presents better even if the Santa Claus concept is still not being grasped yet.

I love the Kodak printers. HATE the Kodak cameras.... HATE.

Here is hoping there is NO Christmas Fail this year.

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