Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Rant

Christmas Fail= Awesome.

Part 1 of Christmas Fail started with my family eating dinner before I even got off work and then pretending the COLD food has JUST been eaten. I'm not a moron people. When I state that "I get done work at 6," I don't mean, "serve dinner at 530." So, I had the wonderfully UNCOMFORTABLE moment of microwaving Christmas dinner and standing in the kitchen to eat cause there was not a damn place to sit down. THANKS!!

I am just happy the death threats had ceased by the time I got there even if it would have made this post WAY more entertaining.

Then Kodak proceeded to make me HATE them to death. (Proof of that is forthcoming)

Christmas Fail Continued with Tim getting an EXACT SAME gift that he got last year, that he has never even taken out of the box. In the person's defense, they may not be aware that it was purchased last year. Still... fail for other family members who didn't speak up.

Santa brought me a new Nikon. (Proof of that is forthcoming)

More Christmas Fail didn't occur until Part 4. That's when CSIL brought the Bitchmosphere (Yes, I made it up) to Christmas, by declaring that she was taking all the gifts back for 3 of her 5 grand kids because her oldest daughter felt bad at not buying presents for the other kids and didn't want to come.
That's right.
Punish the grand kids for their mother's shortcomings. AWESOME. Thankfully, she didn't actually do that because I might have had to say something (not nicely) about it.

All in all it wasn't a bad Christmas. There were just parts where I wanted to strangle someone. Tomorrow I will Post Why I hate My Kodak Camera. 2 posts in one night might give someone of you a heart attack.


  1. Not waiting dinner for you when they know when you're coming is inexcusable. Very Un-Christmas-Spirity.

  2. yeah I thought it was a little screwed up too...