Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Asshole Drivers... n'stuff

First, I will cover the "n'stuff"
I'll call this "Stating the obvious."

From the Columnist Section of the PG:

WAIT!! Don't click it yet. I'll sum it all up in 2, yes 2 sentences and save you some time.

The defense has become epic fail, even more so with out Troy.
They LOST to Cleveland. DONE.

Now if you still want to read a full page column saying all that with more words? Go for it.

Ron Cook: Here's why Steelers failed

Second. Asshole Drivers? You really really piss me off.
Before I flip out, I will confess my driving habits just so we are all clear:

My disclaimer: I use my turn signals 99.5% of the time. I stop at red lights and stop signs 99% of the time. I do NOT drive slower than the speed limit if it is at all possible. And unless the highways are bad, my average speed is 65. I don't text and drive, sometimes I wont even answer my phone while driving. I don't cut people off. I don't tailgate. I try to be a safe driver. More so, because its been 6 years of riding the bus in to town and now I have a regular commute to Cranberry.

Clear? Good.

With the weather being bad you would think people would driver safer on the highways.
You would be wrong. I have been tailgated so close several times in the last 4 days that sometimes I can't see their headlights, or they were blinding me. I USE cruise control. I was going 65-70-- GET OFF MY ASS!!!
Some people would slow down as punishment for tailgating. but 930pm, on a dark highway alone... I got out of the damn way. Still It pisses me off.
Tonight, while in the passing lane, I passed an SUV. I was going 65. 10 min later this SUV is suddenly UP MY ASS out of nowhere. I don't know where he came from, but if it had been light outside, I would have slowed to 55. To prove a point.

The other thing that really gets me angry are the people who drive slower than the speed limit, f&%$ing up traffic all over the place, and then RUN A RED LIGHT!!


How about if you drove 45 instead of 30, you wouldn't have to run the red light asshole! Running the light defeats the whole "I'm not in a hurry, so I will just go WAY slower than everyone else" tone you have set by going 10 miles hour UNDER the speed limit.

So we are clear, if you see an Impala rocking out to Lady Gaga on 79/279? Just leave me alone. K?



  1. Rock on, Angie. I see the same crap here in Baltimore and it drives me batshit crazy!

  2. lol i dont know how familiar you are w pittsburgh, but I saw a moron make a U-turn in the middle of the Liberty bridge last night. its a 4 lane wide bridge, but he almost caused an accident. all to avoid some tunnels... people stayed off my ass tonight though.