Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stupid Hall of Fame: Moron Edition

***Now I know there are some dire happenings in Haiti right now. You can head over to That's Church for those updates on current efforts. I am just here to provide some amusement and escape from all seriousness***

I know all 47 of my fans have missed Stupid Hall Of Fame updates... So, I have a good one for you today.

From the PG
Hairdresser sentenced for shooting dissatisfied customer

Now normally, if you don't like your hair, you get it re cut, or a refund... but apparently something went horribly wrong here. The most important part of this story is the defense.
A Washington County hairstylist who claims she didn't know a .38-caliber handgun was a "deadly weapon" will spend five to 20 years in prison for shooting a dissatisfied client in the lower back.
Ms. Reed says she fired two shots because the Ms. Newton sisters jumped her and didn't realize "a .38-caliber could be considered a deadly weapon."

From MSNBC, (whom I have missed using for countless stupid hall of fame posts since I started working these crazy ass hours.)

Woman charged in McDonald’s rampage
She’s accused of trashing the restaurant because of a burger problem

In the video, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times online, a customer is seen throwing a sign and a water dispenser over a counter and pushing three cash registers to the floor.

OK. OK. I know this seems TOTALLY insane, but how about nicely ASKING for them to remake it the right way?? I know this shit works. But maybe I am the crazy one.... Second, maybe its a BAD idea to wreak the restaurant with a CAMERA aimed right at you!
On Tuesday, the Jackson County prosecutor's office charged 19-year-old Alesha McMullen of Kansas City with Class D felony property damage. Police say McMullen told officers her order was prepared wrong and the restaurant refused to give her a refund.
So, you trashed the McDonald's over about $5? Really? That angry, that you will now spend HUNDREDS in fines, court costs, a lawyer and restitution? You have a PROBLEM then. You need some damn Prozac or anger management or something to CALM your ass down. SRSLY.

And not to be outdone, Here comes the winner for Worst Parent of the Month:

Police: Conn. mom left kids in car while tanning

I didn't even read the story before I said "WHAT THE F*&% is wrong with that bitch!?" Connecticut in January?? Clearly the tanning bed burnt ALL her brain cells away.

ENFIELD, Conn. - Police in Connecticut say 28-year-old mother (Candy Ann Rock) is charged with leaving her two young children in her car in freezing temperatures while she went tanning in a salon.
Enfield Police Chief Carl Sferrazza told the Journal Inquirer that Rock left her two children — ages 3 and just under 1 year — in the parked car, which was not running, for 18 minutes during her tanning session at about 9 a.m. Monday. He said weather reports showed the wind chill was 19 degrees at the time.
Thank GOODNESS the kids were OK. But OMFG! Really? 19 degrees and you thought it was OK to just leave them in there?? Really? SRSLY? I think my brain might explode. I want to punch her in the head for leaving a BABY and Toddler ALONE, in the car, EVER. At 28, she should be smarter than a rock. I swear I hope they take those kids away. Or she drowns in a puddle tanning lotion.

Yes, her name is Candy Rock. Awesome.

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