Friday, January 15, 2010

The Pee Police

I have been at my current job since Sept. I can honestly say I have not really met anyone I couldn't stand. Everyone I have met, is nice and I have liked some more than others...

I am still in training. Hopefully at the end of this month I will be fully graduated from training.
My Employer takes a long time to train employees because they want them to be good. They also expect you to act like an adult, if you don't, they have tons of reports they can run to striaghten your ass up. Employer doesn't play when it comes to certain things. Srsly.
Well in the training area we got a new supervisor. I like my supervisor. This new supervisor? She is not mine (thank goodness) and I do not like her.
She is The Pee Police.

We do a lot of online trainings, and sometimes you can finish them a couple minutes early. If you do, generally, your allowed to get a drink or run to the bathroom before logging back in. It's not encouraged, but its normally not a major issue as long as your not abusing it. The other day, at various times, the people around me were doing OLTs. One girl, B, finished early and got up from her desk to use the bathroom really quick. And The Pee Police, L, stopped her and started quizzing her.

Why are you up?
Where are you going?
Are you allowed to do that?
You should do something else if your done with your training

Gee... I didn't think we were 2!! I also didn't realize we had to schedule offline time to be allowed to step away from our desks to pee if it wasn't a scheduled break or lunch.
Sorry. My bladder doesn't have a f&%$ing watch! I don't think B's does either. B basically blew her off and went pee. The Pee Police proceeded to go and TATTLE to the other supervisors!!! Honestly, its not that huge of a deal. There really isn't much training you can complete in 3 minutes. There is nothing in the performance agreement that says peeing off schedule is forbidden.

Then when B returned a couple minutes later, L "instructed" her the proper log out process for unscheduled potty breaks. It was completely unnecessary and a waste of everyone else's time
I was angry for her. Its a bunch of bullshit. She was mad too. Its not like we wander aimlessly around the call center all the time and need to be reigned in by a sheep dog.

Well, today The Pee Police felt the need to hang out in our section all day. Cause we are so damn much trouble, peeing off schedule and all. About 14 of us all work the same schedule, meaning breaks and lunch are the same. But all day she was questioning every person who had the nerve to leave their seat. At about 7pm when half of us were on break and clearly NOT living in our tiny cubes, she stopped and immediately started questions us. AGAIN!!!
What are you doing?
Why are you up?

Someone quickly spoke up and said WE ARE ON BREAK. (Good grief woman!)

What I wanted to say was, "that we were working on a way to launch you out the 4th floor window with out anybody noticing."

But I like having a job. Damn.


  1. LOL tell me about it and I sit in the front seat npw

  2. What an idiot! My daughter is in kindergarten and doesn't have to go through thsat much scrutiny to go pee!

  3. They did that when I worked for Sprint. They even came in and banged on the stalls once when I was in there and told everyone to "get back in! The calls are queing!"

    When I was pregnant, they complained because I got up to get water too much. I got dehydrated and went into early labor. Came back a week later with a note saying I had to drink a gallon of water a day. Then they complained that I needed to pee too much; got up, followed me to the bathroom. I tried to hold it and went into early labor AGAIN because of the pressure on my bladder.