Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who's Angry?

I saw this headline in the PG today:

Steelers trying to erase doubts

Really? How about not LOSING TO THE F&$%ING BROWNS!!?? I know that would go a long way towards erasing my doubts that the whole team caught varying degrees of "Pirates Syndrome." WTF is wrong with everyone? The BROWNS!?

I firmly believe this stops with the players. Hey guys? You DON'T GET PAID TO PLAY WORSE THAN THE BROWNS! I meant it! lately everyone has SUCKED. I can't even point out 1 failure because I would be here all NIGHT pointing out the bullshit. That is twice we won a superbowl and twice we have been hideous the following season. That isn't Tomlin's fault.

How about the 27 steelers with TV, radio, Internet, print media, CB radio, podcast, Morse code, and drunk jailhouse shows and appearances focus more on PLAYING and less on f&%$ing around in the spotlight. SRSLY. If you people would spend less time in the media, maybe you wouldn't SUCK so bad on the field. GAWD.
The motivation for the players this week comes in different forms.

"Play for pride"
"Play for the fans"
"Play for your family."

How about playing for the million dollar contracts you f&%$ing signed??? HUH??!! That's not motivation enough?

How about NOT letting the quarterback get sacked 8000 times a game?
How about the quarterback lose some fucking weight and get back it the shape you were in 2 yrs ago?
How about NOT letting opponents run kickoff and punts past the f&%$ing 30 yard line?

How about playing like you give a shit?


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