Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Shit

First on the list:
I have up and moved AGAIN at work. I am no longer on cast away island, surrounded by a sea of empty cubes and sometimes, darkness when a light burns out. I have now been promoted to sitting with the "cool kids" aka a daylight shift team.
I miss my old team. But I rarely saw them since they were all night and late afternoon shift.
Apparently my new seat is in the vortex of 2 AC vents. It is FREEZING at my desk. ALL the time. I have a blanket and a jacket on. It's 80 outside! So, it either needs to get hotter outside, or they need to turn the AC down a bit. I imagine I'll be using my blanket all the time. The other down side to sitting with people during the day is that when I talk to myself, they look at me funny. HEY- I was alone over on the island, cut me some slack. lol

2nd... Here is my "DUH?!" Headline of the day From MSNBC:

Stub your toe? Say ‘Sh#!’ You’ll feel better
Shouting swear words has a powerful pain-killing effect, study shows

I could have told you that! I used to be the curse queen, I still am to some extent- with a 2 year old i have to be more inventive. (Fraktard, anyone?)

Here is a quote from the article that I did find interesting:
The researchers originally thought that swearing would make pain worse by focusing a person’s attention on the injury and its implications. To prove their hypothesis, they set up an experiment with 67 college students.

The students were asked to plunge their hands into frigid 41-degree Fahrenheit water for as long as they could stand the pain. Half were told to repeat their favorite curse word while their hands were submerged. The other half were asked to repeat a neutral word describing a table, such as solid or brown, while keeping their hands under water. Then the whole experiment was repeated with the two groups switching types of word. (Favorite swear words were, as you might guess, the ones starting with "F" and "S." But since the subjects were British, the researchers also got an earful of "bollocks.")

To the researchers’ surprise, the cursing group not only reported lower levels of pain, but also were able to keep their hands in the icy water longer. The men in the study, for example, were able to keep their hands in the water for an average of 190 seconds while swearing, but for only 140 seconds when uttering a neutral word.

The difference was even more pronounced in women. While men’s pain scores dropped by a point when they cussed, the women’s dropped by almost two full points.
And a story that I think foreclosed home buyers should read:

‘Meth lab home problem’ sickens new owners
Houses with a criminal past are causing serious illnesses and financial ruin

WINCHESTER, Tenn. - The spacious home where the newly wed Rhonda and Jason Holt began their family in 2005 was plagued by mysterious illnesses. The Holts’ three babies were ghostlike and listless, with breathing problems that called for respirators, repeated trips to the emergency room and, for the middle child, Anna, the heaviest dose of steroids a toddler can take.

Ms. Holt, a nurse, developed migraines. She and her husband, a factory worker, had kidney ailments.

It was not until February, more than five years after they moved in, that the couple discovered the root of their troubles: their house, across the road from a cornfield in this town some 70 miles south of Nashville, was contaminated with high levels of methamphetamine left by the previous occupant, who had been dragged from the attic by the police.

My only question is why it took 5 years to figure out it was the house. Don't these people watch TV? One of the first things House M.D. does, is send his people to check the living areas for environmental causes.... sheesh.

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