Tuesday, July 7, 2009

iPhone killer? Shut up already!

I am a regular follower of cell phone news. Partly because it helps me with work and partly (read:mostly) cell phones fascinate me. Ever since I got teased about my Nokia Luv a couple years back with my admittedly ghetto phone at the time, I have made it a point to start following the industry. When I needed to know more about phones for work- my obsession blew up.

I follow 7-8 website sites now to keep track of reviews, what is new, what sucks... You get the point. Well one thing I am getting extremely tired of seeing is this term: "iphone killer"

Phones called possible "iphone killers" in the recent past
Nokia 5800 music express
BB Storm
LG Viewty (come on LG- that is such a stupid name)
Nokia N97 (with out an official US carrier- no)
HTC Touch
Palm pre (jury is still out)
Toshiba TG01 (this is their 1st cell and it's not released yet, I don't see it killing anything)

The latest? LG's new Chocolate/Prada has been assigned the designation

There is no such device.
It will never exist.
Nothing has killed the iPod, nothing is going to kill the iPhone. This is a special brand of people, they put up with At&t's shitty service, overpriced rates and other bullshit just for that stupid phone.

To be an iPhone Killer. You have to do EVERYTHING better than Apple. That is just not possible. People are brand oriented. Apple is coolness. Coolness simply happens. You can't fight coolness. You can't DO coolness better than Apple.

So shut up already with the iphone killer shit. Quit being delusional.

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  1. Mobile devices are like wine. There's good wine, and bad wine, and it's all pretty subjective.

    However, that being said, when the media uses the term "iPhone killer" they simply reinforce the idea that the iPhone is the device to beat. In other words, it's the best mobile device on the market.