Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Pirate Bullshit

I wasn't intending another Pirate post so soon, but a news piece in the PG this morning set me off.

Wilson apologizes for remarks

Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson did an about-face yesterday -- and he insists no one urged him to do it. Rather, he dug down deep within himself and knew an apology was what he should deliver.

Tuesday, in the wake of the latest round of trades made by the organization, Wilson was critical and, among other harsh things about management, he said he was "beyond, beyond tired" of such moves.

Jack, listen to me. You have NOTHING to apologize for. In fact, I want you to go to your agent and ask to be traded. You deserve a better team, better management. Your loyalty to such a piece of SHIT organization should be rewarded with a ticket out of the hell hole.

This is what he said:
Wilson says he is 'beyond tired' of such trades

This time, Wilson, the Pirates' most tenured player, described himself as "beyond, beyond tired" of such moves.

"We know that they're looking to the future, which doesn't say much about 2009," he said. "That's probably what's so shocking. We're five games out, and we lost two or three of our everyday players."

That was a reference to the June 3 trade of center fielder Nate McLouth.

"That's what hits us the most," Wilson continued. "You can understand if it's the end of July."

And then Neal made me want to spork him with this LIE.
General manager Neal Huntington, as he did after the McLouth trade, expressed limited empathy.

"The reality is, anytime you take away one of their friends, you take two or three away in a short period of time, it's unsettling. The human element of the game is something we can't ignore," Huntington said. "But our goal is to put an excellent team on the field and not just a bunch of nice guys out there. We hope to find talented people that are very good people, as well."

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